When Moms Meet: 10 Things You Can Do For Your Mom Friend to Show Her You’re the Real Deal


moms meet

When moms meet, that’s only the first step! Do you let your mom friend know she’s the bomb diggity? Have you brought her your latest holiday craft or hot fudgy brownies? Why the heck not? You’ve only got a few things in this world that keep you sane during your mom journey, and your best mom friend is definitely on the list – so pull it together and show her some love. Here’s what you can do to show your mom friends they’re the best:

Watch Her Kids

This is a no-brainer. We all secretly want to escape from our littles at one point or another. And it’s typically that exact moment when the babysitter isn’t available. Your mom friend will love you if you do this. LOVE you. And if you’re lucky, she might just turn around and take your kids off your hands for a few hours.

Tell Her She’s an Amazing Mom

We ALL secretly hope someone will notice how hard we are working to be the best mom for our kids. We sort of expect the compliment to come from our partners or our own moms, but good luck with that. And there is something extra special about it coming from someone who isn’t family. We never forget it.

Bake or Cook for Her

If you are a pro in the kitchen of course. If you’re me, maybe skip the kitchen and hit up your nearest bakery or wine store. Drop it on her doorstep with a note (if cookies) “You know you want them.” or (if wine) “I figured you could use the break”. You’ll be her biggest mom crush within seconds.

Make Something for Her (or Her Child)

Again, if you’re like me, you might want to just go ahead and skip this one all together. But if you’re the Pintrest powerhouse, know that you will wow your mom friend if you throw “just a little something” together for her. Your “just a little something” blows moms like me away, every single damn time.

Stop Judging Her

Guilty. All of us. It may be subtle, but stop. Next time you think she is doing something wrong or you’re looking at her sticky counters, think harder about it and take a good old fashioned look in the mirror. Your mom friend is in your life for a reason. And that reason is not to be judged by you.

Ask Her Questions, Then Listen to the Answers

Like real genuine questions, not just small talk. And when she answers, pull yourself together and listen. As professional multi-taskers, a lot of us moms don’t even realize we are half listening to our friends. When she sees that you really care, your friendship will grow stronger. We all need to vent sometimes!

Invite Her over for Wine or Coffee

‘Because it’s all-a-bout that booze, bout the booze, no treble.’ Okay, not really, but it is all about wine/juice Fridays over in my town, and it’s pretty much obvious which mom is the most stressed in the gang because she is the first to call the party. And let’s not forget prime coffee time after preschool drop off. Invite your mom friend to your favorite cafe and you’ll suddenly feel like you’re on an episode of FRIENDS.

Take Pictures of Her WITH Her Kids

Especially if she looks awesome that day. And take a lot of them really quick – try not to be creepy if you can pull it off. Then pick the most flattering, maybe even add a magic filter and text it to her with compliments.  We are all so busy taking pictures of the kids, we forget that we exist. Getting to be IN the picture for once is a gift!

Share a Secret

We all have them and there is a pretty solid chance you share the same secrets. Like, say, you want to secretly saran wrap the toilets if your partner leaves the lid up one more time. Or you let your kids eat ice cream for dinner because you just had to check out the newest inventory at your favorite local boutique. I’m sure you have better ones and I know I do, too, but I’ll save those ones for my closest mom friends.

Tell Her You Love Her

Like use the L word. Why do I feel like I need to add a disclaimer to this one? If using the L word is too awkward, just find a way to let her know that you appreciate having her in your life… “I’m so glad you were able to come over. I was going mad stir crazy and needed some serious gal time with a mom I actually enjoy hanging with.” Close enough!

How do you show your mom friends you care?

moms meet



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