Viral Photo Warns Parents: Expect the Unexpected

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It happens to the best of us, right?  Baby throw up all over your new car. Your toddler randomly streaking at the most inappropriate time. The marker all over your dining room walls…the list goes on….

“Expect the unexpected,” some captain obvious once warned us. And over and over again, he proved himself right.

The following photo series of Ted Ferguson and his new baby proves (oh my gawsh, does it prove) that despite our best intentions, baby rules the nest. Why? Well, because sh#%t happens. That’s why. From the moment they come into our lives, they continue to surprise us over and over and over again.


Just when you think you’ve captured that perfect moment…. 


Photo: Kirsty Grant/REX USA


Your little bundle of joy “smiles” and the rest is history…


Photo: Kirsty Grant/Rex/REX USA


And it just so happens, the perfect moment looks a bit different than you anticipated. 

According to ABC News, at first, this dad wasn’t exactly thrilled…

“It’s not the kind of carpet that can be cleaned particularly easily,” said Ferguson, who stood in shock as the remnants dripped off his arm. “But the photographer did an amazing thing — she reached down for a nappy [diaper], picked it up, then went to put it over Ted’s bum to stem the flow. And she still got the shot.”

Later, however, even he couldn’t deny the humor of the situation when photographer, Kirsty Grant, delivered the unexpected gem photo which she managed to capture, just in the nick of time. And after sharing it with BabyCentre UK, that priceless photo went viral. Obviously.

Do you have priceless photos to share of those unexpected moments when your baby/child decided to do things his/her way? Let’s see them! Include a link in the comments, email them to noreply at mommeetmom dot com, or post them to our Facebook page. We will share our favorites! 

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