Vaccinate Your Damn Kids

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TL; DR: Vaccines are safer than the alternative.

I’m going to lose some friends over this; the thing is that I don’t mind. There’s a chance that I’ll save some people from horrific, preventable diseases, or even death. Frankly, anyone who wants to get angry at me for that…well, let’s just say we are at a philosophical impasse.

Pregame: Why it might seem weird that I am pro-vaccination.

In nearly all other ways, I am a very crunchy, hippie mom. We buy local, organic, sustainably raised meat and produce. I wear my baby in a sling – heck, we don’t even own a stroller. Cloth diapered the older kid, still hoping to work out the logistics to do the same with the younger kid. No spanking, and we even try not to yell. Co-op preschool. I even ferment my own kombucha!

I’m a hippie mom – and I vaccinate on the standard schedule.

You know why? Because I love my kids, and I don’t want them to suffer through an awful disease. Moreover, I believe it is our civic duty to keep our vaccinations up-to-date.

And one more thing, and this is where I’ll really get in trouble:

Unless there is a medical reason that prevents you from getting your kids vaccinated (like an allergy to a vaccine component or a compromised immune system), if you choose not to vaccinate your children, I believe that you are a dangerously selfish person.

My reasons? Science and math.

I’m going to focus on the TDaP and MMR vaccines, since those are the ones that most anti-vaxxers skip.

Don’t Whoop On Me

TDaP stands for Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis. In the anti-vaccinating crowd, most people indicate that they skip this one due to the presence of “toxic chemicals,” most often specifically citing the presence of formaldehyde and aluminum. While it’s true that the vaccine does contain these ingredients, the amounts are miniscule, and their relationship to disease states is overblown. In short, they don’t pose a threat, even to an infant. You’ll find about 50 times more formaldehyde in a pear than you will in a TDaP vaccine. You heard me, in a pear. And don’t try to pull some kind of silly, “yeah, but you don’t inject a pear into your bloodstream,” argument, because a) you don’t inject vaccines into your bloodstream, either, those are intramuscular injections, and b) your body naturally produces formaldehyde, in amounts much higher than are found in any vaccine. It’s in the metabolic pathway for DNA synthesis, for crying out loud.

So, how about the aluminum? Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease, right? Well, actually, no, that’s not really clear. Back in 1965, some scientists injected aluminum directly into the brains of lab animals and found that their neural tissue broke down in ways that were reminiscent of Alzheimer’s disease. Then there was an outbreak of dementia among dialysis patients whose dialysis fluids contained aluminum, and another researcher noticed that in areas where tap water was high in aluminum, there was a higher prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease. But then, when researchers directly compared the amount of aluminum in the tissues of people with Alzheimer’s to age matched controls who did not have the disease, they found no difference. In fact, since roughly the early 1980s, attempts to link aluminum to Alzheimer’s have been unreliable. And, frankly, even if aluminum does cause Alzheimer’s, I’d rather have my kids live full lives that end in a few years of awful dementia than have my kids die of a preventable disease before they even get a chance to grow up.

In fact, I’m willing to exchange a few years of horrible dementia for my kids just to keep your kids from dying in their youth.

It’s Just a Measly Disease

Okay, up next, MMR. The anti-vaccination crowd suggests that the MMR vaccine causes autism. I’m going to put this in bold text because it’s important that you read this. The MMR vaccine does not cause autism. Autism is a genetically-based developmental disorder. That’s why it runs in families. That’s why it’s more common in boys than girls. That’s why researchers have documented autism symptoms in infants before they even reach the age when the first MMR booster is given. That’s why you can safely vaccinate your damn kids, because autism is a genetically-based developmental disorder that cannot be caused by a vaccine. So, what about Dr. Wakefield’s work linking autism to the MMR vaccine? Yeah, it turns out he misrepresented or straight up falsified the data from all 12 patients in his study. And the studies that have since debunked that work? Included thousands of patients, and produced replicable results clearly demonstrating that there is no link between vaccines and autism. So, if you choose not to vaccinate your kid as a result of your fear of autism, you’re really only increasing the odds that your autistic child will come down with a nasty case of the measles. Good luck with that.

Surely This Can’t Happen to Me.

Next, some of you will suggest that the risk of these diseases is so low that there is really no reason to vaccinate.


Perhaps you aren’t aware of the huge measles outbreak in the UK this year? Or the one in Texas? Did you know about the confirmed cases of measles in Boston, New York, Orlando, and Seattle? How about the 9,000 folks who were diagnosed with whooping cough in California in 2010? And, can I say for the record that both the 2010 pertussis outbreak and the current measles outbreak have been linked to low vaccination rates, with the highest rates of disease found in those communities with the lowest vaccination rates? That’s the thing; your choice to forgo vaccination doesn’t just affect your family. By increasing the odds that someone carrying one of these diseases will come in contact with another person lacking immunity, you not only increase the risk to other unvaccinated and under-vaccinated people (like, you know, newborns, old people, kids with allergies, and kids with cancer), you also increase the risk that the efficacy of existing vaccines will be reduced by giving the viruses and bacteria an opportunity to mutate. So don’t try to pull some ridiculous excuse that your vaccination choice is just between you and your doctor when you’re actively putting my kids at risk.

“Well, yeah, I had a cough for 4 months, but it wasn’t that bad.”

But enough debunking. Let me talk about these diseases for a few paragraphs, because kids are dying, and suffering horribly, and the parents of this generation have the luxury of not knowing what these diseases do to people because vaccination so effectively eliminated them from our experience. These statistics and symptom lists are all from the CDC:

Tetanus: Tetanus is a bacterial infection that you can get when a cut or puncture wound is exposed to dirt, feces, or spit (so, basically, any cut a kid gets). Symptoms include headaches, painful muscle cramping of the jaw, muscle spasms throughout the body, and seizures. The muscle cramps are intense enough to break the infected person’s bones and can make it impossible to breathe. 10-20% of patients will die, usually as a result of this breathing difficulty.

Diphtheria: Diphtheria is horrifying. Someone coughs or sneezes, exposing you to the bacteria. You get a fever for a few days, then suddenly your body starts to produce a grayish green coating in the back of the nose and throat that is so thick that you lose your ability to breathe or swallow. 10% of patients die. The good news is that vaccination has been particularly effective for diphtheria, with fewer than 5 cases reported annually, as compared to the 100,000 cases and 15,000 deaths each year before vaccination was common.

Pertussis: You have a cold – runny nose, maybe a mild fever for a couple of weeks. Then the coughing starts. The coughs come in fits, and it can be hard to breathe, and you might even throw up. The coughing fits last for two months, or sometimes even longer. Babies are particularly vulnerable to pertussis, with half of those infected ending up in the hospital, 1 in 8 ending up with pneumonia, and 1 in 200 dying. It’s no picnic for older kids or adults, either. Symptoms typically last 6-8 weeks, and can include coughing so intense that you lose bladder control (1 in 4), pass out (1 in 20) or break a rib (1 in 25).

Mumps: Admittedly, the mumps are pretty mild. You get a fever and a headache, and your salivary glands swell up painfully on both sides of your jaw. Every once in a while, someone might get encephalitis. Slightly more commonly, male patients end up with tender, inflamed testicles.

Measles: You feel a little run down with a sore throat and a cough for a few days. Then, suddenly, your temperature spikes, and you get a rash all over your body, spreading from the head down. One in 20 kids will end up with pneumonia. One in 1,000 will develop encephalitis. One in 1,000 will die.

Rubella: Rubella is an interesting one. The disease is pretty mild – a low fever, a rash that lasts a few days. No big deal, right? Unless, of course, you catch it while you are pregnant. Among pregnant women who get rubella, as many as 85% will give birth to a child with birth defects. Congenital heart defects, mental retardation, and deafness are the most common.

Did I mention that my mom was deaf?

Show Me the Money!

One last thing. Some of you will retort with, “All of your sources were funded by big pharma!”

Okay, here’s the thing: producing the MMR and TDaP vaccines? That’s not profitable for big pharma. In fact, until the avian flu scare ten years ago, investment in vaccine research and development was dropping off dramatically precisely because there simply weren’t profits to be made in the vaccine business. It was only the demand for flu vaccines and the development of new vaccines like Gardisil that allowed a resurgence in interest in the vaccine market. Second, whose data, exactly, would you trust? If you’re unwilling to accept anything short of Jenny McCarthy in a lab coat (and, incidentally, upon learning that her son didn’t have autism, Ms. McCarthy reversed her stance against vaccination), then you are essentially putting forth a complete unwillingness to accept any scientific support for vaccination. Let me put it plain: you are accepting the intuitions of celebrities over the data of research scientists, and it is costing children their lives and their happiness.

Like Gavin Norton, who died of pertussis when he was barely 10 weeks old. He contracted the disease before he was eligible for his first TDaP vaccination.

image credit: natalie norton, used with permission

Like 7-year-old Alijah Williams, who cut his foot, and ended up with a tetanus infection so severe that he was put into a medically induced coma. He hadn’t been vaccinated because his parents believed what they read online about the risk of adverse reactions to vaccines.

Used with permission, from

Like Dakota Colfer-Williams, who lost her dad at the tender age of 4. He died of measles earlier this year; fortunately, she survived because he had recently brought her in for vaccination.

Father of Dakota, posted by Daily Mail

My youngest daughter, Isabelle, is still 7 months away from her first scheduled MMR vaccine.

One of those confirmed cases of measles in the Seattle area is a kid known to have visited my town while contagious. That kid? Not vaccinated. And now, every time my baby gets a rash, I have to wonder whether she’s going to end up with encephalitis.

Vaccinate your damn kids. Please.


  • The Value of Vaccination – World Health Organization –,d.cGE
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434 Responses

  1. Peter Ravn Rasmussen

    Well said.

    If I were to add one thing, it is this: everybody seems to believe that the anti-vaccination problems only affect the people who aren’t vaccinated. This is not true. Your vaccination does not guarantee perfect immunity — it drastically reduces your chance of infection, and will reduce the severity of symptoms if infected, but it is not a magical shield.

    Perfect immunity only exists in fiction.

    Our protection from falling ill of the commonly-vaccinated-against diseases is a combination of the defense provided by our vaccination status, and by the fact that everybody else is vaccinated (“herd immunity”). This combination is a double whammy: not only are you resistant to infection, but so is everybody else, and therefore you are almost never exposed to infection in the first place.

    But if exposed, you CAN catch the disease, EVEN if you have been vaccinated.

    So when people aren’t vaccinating their kids, they aren’t just threatening the lives of their kids and other non-vaccinated individuals. They are a direct threat to all of us. More importantly, they are a threat to me and my kids (even though we are all vaccinated).

    I have no patience with fools who refuse vaccination.

    Stop living in ignorance, and vaccinate your damn kids.

    • What if you have sweet children instead of damn children?

      • Then protect the little sweeties, and other peoples little sweeties, and vaccinate them :)

        • Wow…talk about dam kids you just keep poisoning your kids with that crap..I thought for my self had D.N.A test done…What a bunch of liars you all are my kids have more problem’s because of the dam shots then if I would have left it alone …There are cures for all sickness!!!!!. Brought on by shots bad food on the market G.M.O …nothing new this has been going on for years no good nutrition means many sickness and disables. WOW you remind me of all the Sheep-people out there bow down to your god and then die nice and young ..You are so stupid !!! been there done that!!!

          • I’d put more stock into what you’re saying if you knew how to spell and simple grammar rules.

          • SO why don’t you keep to the point. And not worry about my bad grammar??Like the mercury,or thimerosal poison I got as a child. Makes you feel good to talk shit on people don’t it….liar keep to the point..

          • Sydney – On Saturday, it was reported that an Australian boy suffered severe brain damage, including seizures and encephalopathy or swelling of the brain, after a doctor in Australia accidentally administered an adult version of the CSL Fluvax shot.

            In The Sunday Telegraph of The Australian, it was reported that Lachlan Neylan was given an adult version of the CSL Fluvax shot that is currently banned for children under five in Australia.
            Lachlan’s parents said that after receiving the vaccine in March 2012, the child’s temperature soared and he began having fits within seven hours after given Fluvax. The boy’s father told The Australian that the boy’s doctors thought that their son would not make it through the weekend after the boy collapsed and started having seizures. He also said that Lachlan had been a toddler who walked and talked before he had been given the vaccine but after receiving the vaccine his son became like a three month old who could not sit, walk, or use his arms.
            The vaccine that the toddler was given was the ­contraindicated Fluvax, which was banned for children under five in 2010 ­after mass injections triggered febrile ­seizures at 10 times the expected rate. The GP who administered the vaccine has admitted the medical error. The Australian government’s adverse events report also admits the error.
            The Neylan family has moved to Sydney and have turned their rented western Sydney home into a ­rehabilitation centre for Lachlan, now  three years old and learning to crawl again. The family currently is paying for the cost of rehabilitation until they receive compensation. ( THIS IS WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FAITH????WOW VAC>YOUR DUMB ASS KIDS

          • Doctor-Attorney Mayer Eisenstein, Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, special guest Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and impromptu call-in guest Dr. Paul King, Ph.D., discuss problems with healthcare worker vaccine exemptions, Dr. Tenpenny’s new Vaccine Research Library FaceBook page, problems with plans to vaccinate millions of children in Syria with the polio vaccine, consequences of the Salk polio vaccine contamination, a doctor’s critique of flu vaccine policy in the British Medical Journal, how making a country’s children sick with vaccines may serve a population control agenda, how the repeated administration of single antigens eventually leads to autoimmunity, how repeated vaccination in young children may lead to an anaphylactic shock from gummy bears, data from the World Health Organization that shows more harm than benefit from polio vaccines, research that found that flu vaccines may increase the risk of non-influenza respiratory illness by a factor of 4, where healthcare workers can go to get help with vaccine exemptions, and more!

          • How Important is Hepatitis B Vaccination at Birth?

            Ian 1 Managing Editor’s Note: Below is the tale of Ian Gromowski, a boy who lived 47 days after his at birth Hepatitis B vaccination. Thank you to his mom Deanna for sharing her agonizing story with us. I am proud that Age of Autism is here to publicize stories like Ian’s. (And there are many more stories. I’m thinking of a darling girl in NJ named Gianna who succumbed to her vaccinations.) Autism One Radio featured Ian’s story last week. Download Deanna GromowskiFINAL

            Deanna and her husband have a healthy baby boy named Vance. Deanna is now battling thyroid cancer. You can read more of Ian’s story here:

            By Deanna Gromowski

            There are days I cannot believe what happened to my son Ian Larsen Gromowski.

            It almost seems as though it was a bad, horrible nightmare that I cannot wake up from. My name is Deanna Gromowski and I am just a mom.

            Ian born

            I live in Wisconsin and have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UW-Milwaukee and my husband Scott has his bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from UW-LaCrosse. I work in Human Resources and he decided to get a 2nd degree in Fire Science and is now a full-time fire fighter. We dated for 3 years and then got engaged and a year later married in Hawaii in 2005. We decided to hold off on children for the first year to enjoy married life.

            We ‘did everything right in life’, we planned and prepared and educated ourselves about all our major life decisions.

            Then June 25, 2007 and our son Ian was born completely healthy. Well, there was a slight mishap at birth and it is very common. Ian swallowed meconium (his stool) as he came through the birth canal. He was originally brought back to our room with us, but then the nurses noticed he was having trouble breathing.

            The meconium is like tar and it was in his lungs. So Ian was admitted to the NICU, discharged the next day to our room, but yet again went back because he hadn’t worked all of the meconium out quite yet. Scott and I were worried, as new parents, who wouldn’t be, but we knew it was common and we were told this many times. Some babies need 2 to 3 weeks to work the meconium out of their lungs.

            Ian was having a hard time getting this tar worked out, but you cannot imagine our JOY when the doctors told us on his 5th day of life, June 30th, 2007, that he would be able to go home. All he needed was his hearing test and his Hepatitis B vaccination.

            Moms kiss

            We couldn’t wait for both of them to happen so we could go home. Looking back Scott and I get frustrated because we weren’t really given an option about the vaccine. We were told to sign a form (in which we were not given any instructions on vaccines) and I remember it seemed strange because the form we signed didn’t have an area for a parent signature, the nurse had to physically write in “Parents Signature” and “draw a line”. Hardly seems professional or right, but I signed it anyway. I look back on that form to date and still get sick to my stomach.

            Dads kiss

            Ian was given his Hepatitis B vaccination on July 1st, 2007 even though he was fighting off the meconium, even though he had a fever ABOVE 100 degrees on June 30th, and even though he had a fever above 100 degrees the day of July 1st they STILL VACCINATED HIM. It states on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website this : “Some people should not get hepatitis B vaccine or should wait.

            Ian dying

            Anyone with a life-threatening allergy to baker’s yeast, or to any other component of the vaccine, should not get hepatitis B vaccine. Tell your provider if you have any severe allergies.

            • Anyone who has had a life-threatening allergic reaction to a previous dose of hepatitis B vaccine should not get another dose.

            • Anyone who is moderately or severely ill when a dose of vaccine is scheduled should probably wait until they recover before getting the vaccine. Your provider can give you more information about these precautions..”

            Ians face 4

            So how are parent’s to know if their child is allergic to baker’s yeast? Do you want to just risk it? I would consider Ian moderately ill because he was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and still had a fever. Shouldn’t the experts know this information. Isn’t it there job? Well, that is all hindsight and immediately after Ian was vaccinated the following happened:

            Ian mom and dad

            FACT: After receiving the Hepatitis B shot these symptoms also appeared:

            • Platelets dropped from 248,000 to 131,000 – severe thrombocytopenia
            • Scalded-like rash appeared
            • Seizures noted
            • Irritable, crying non-stop
            • Stopped eating
            • Viral-like symptoms

            His pictures speak a million words. Within 12 hours of his vaccination he had the rash, within 24 hours the severe thrombocytopenia set in, and then he was in a fatal state from then on. NO DOCTORS, NURSES, STAFF would even consider the vaccination as the source.

            Ian rash 3

            Nothing else happened, no medicines of any kind because he was supposed to be going home! It even lists on the CDC website that 1 in 1.1 million have a severe reaction and on the Merck website it indicates that thrombocytopenia is a typical reaction of a person with a vaccine reaction. Why didn’t they know this? Why wouldn’t they consider the vaccination? It is possible. It even states so on the form from the CDC that they were SUPPOSED to give us and didn’t!!

            Ian lived for 47 days. My son suffered nearly his entire life. Look at the pictures. Imagine watching your child going through this pain and not being able to do anything. No one would listen to us….we are just parents, what do we know? We didn’t leave his side for one moment. We lived at the hospital, literally. I couldn’t save my first born son, I couldn’t make the ‘ouchie’ better. I sat there day in and day out and watched this vaccination destroy his organ one at a time.

            But I want you to know that Ian was an old soul. He had a peaceful presence about him. He received edema massages 2 times a day for his swelling and he loved it! The therapists said most babies in his situation do not do well with massages, but he was relaxed, peaceful, and accepting. He fought so hard. He is the strongest person Scott and I have ever met. He took our admiration to a level we didn’t know existed in the world. He was and is our little Sunshine, but more importantly he is OUR HERO.

            We now are blessed with another son, Vance. Vance shares his brother’s blonde hair and has blue eyes that glisten like the sky. Vance is almost 6 months old and Vance is not vaccinated yet. Pending on the future of vaccines, we don’t know if he ever will be. Hopefully Ian’s story will touch the lives of others including people who care for children. His case is not as rare as one would think.

            Ian Larsen Gromowski
            June 25, 2007 – August 10, 2007

            Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
            Resided In: Brookfield Wisconsin USA
            Funeral Home: Max A. Sass & Sons Funeral Home
            Visitation: August 14, 2007
            Service: August 14, 2007

            Gromowski, Ian Larsen

            Returned safely to the arms of Jesus on August 10, 2007. Precious son of Scott and Deanna Gromowski. Cherished grandson of Lawrence (Pamela) Gromowski and Gregory (Anita) Lehrkamp. Beloved great-grandson of Eugene Gromowski, Patricia Larsen and Bill Betlinski. Loving nephew of Paul (Amy) Gromowski and Melissa Waszak. Further survived by other relatives and many amazingly dear friends.

            A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Tues. Aug. 14, 7:30 PM at ST. JOHN VIANNEY CATHOLIC CHURCH, 1755 N. CALHOUN RD., BROOKFIELD. Visitation AT THE CHURCH on Tues. from 6 PM until time of Mass.

            Special thanks to the NICU nursing staff of St. Joseph�s Hospital and Children�s Hospital. Ian was a fighter with a strong spirit. He will be forever loved and never forgotten.

            Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know.
            You will always be our sunshine.

          • You lack of ability to spell or formulate coherent sentences makes me sad for you children that you refuse to take care of.

          • Hippy Mom ProV

            I beg to differ: there is not a treatment for all illness. Prevention is better than cure. Furthermore after decades of limited exposure to diseases like polio and the like the medical field are less likely to diagnose and treat correctly or even in the required early stages to prevent long term effects and death.
            PS if there is anyone in the family who has bipolar or manic depression there is a higher correlation to Autism than to any vaccine causing it!

          • There’s no mercury or thimerosal in vaccinations. Where are you getting your information, 1872?

          • Jessica

            I am a single mom, and I am also in the medical field. This is written with not only facts but with emotion as well. I have two people in my family who are immunocompromised. For those who don’t know that is where there is not a well-functioning immune system. The common cold could hospitalize him because his body cannot fight the bacteria and viruses like it should.
            First off the reason more diseases are accuring isn’t that they weren’t always there it has to do with new technology that can detect it, longer lifespans (because things like polio aren’t affecting us), and new “enhanced foods”. Pesticides cannot rinse off of things like apples and peppers the skin absorbs them.
            People like to place blame everywhere but themselves. It is easy to think that in a community someone gets sick that they didn’t catch it from you it was probably from someone else. But there is always a first. What’s to say you weren’t the first?
            To those of you who choose to whine and cry about how dangerous vaccines are and how it will cause more damage than any benefits check this out. In japan it is law that certain vaccines are mandatory and their infant mortality rate it 2.5. Guess what Americas infant mortality rate are 6.7 and vaccines are optional here. I personally know someone who lost their 2 month old daughter due to measles because another woman didn’t believe in vaccines. Her daughter caught the disease at the doctors.
            For those of you, who don’t believe in vaccines, tell me what would you do if you had to hold and watch that baby die a slow horrible death because you didn’t feel like protecting not only yourself but your community as well. If you knew without a doubt that you are the reason that baby died. Isn’t that a form of murder to knowingly choose to take that risk. If there is just medical concern for avoiding vaccines I understand (like allergies my brother is allergic to the pertussis shot.) however; choosing to not do it just because it’s the new fad is wrong.
            There are pros and cons to every decision I understand that biologically speaking the vaccine is not for everyone and I feel that there should be tests done before a vaccine is administered to make sure that the baby won’t have an adverse reaction, but the vast majority will and have been fine. Just look at the millions of Americans (or even the billions worldwide) who are not autistic or anything else you claim vaccines do.
            To the claim that “all diseases have cures” then tell me why do people still die from diseases? Thank god for the vaccine for polio that horrific disease has killed so many and thanks to the vaccine America has not had a case of polio since 1979. Polio does not have a cure! You get it you will eventually die! Look at some of the photos or articles about those poor children in like India who have polio. In the last few years since they started their mission to give all families in India the vaccine there have been no new cases since 2011. Please read about it it’s amazing the difference. India is even about to be awarded with being polio free. In a few cases some parents rejected the vaccine, ask those parents how they feel after they refused the vaccine to now hold their paralyzed child in their arms. There is a documentary showing this check it out.
            It is your civic duty to keep disease away from the community. If people would remember that even things like the common cold would not be so rampant instead you get people who are sick with a fever going to the store, or movies, or don’t want to miss work for a day. If you choose not to get the pertussis vaccine are you willing to stay away from the community for 3 months until you are no longer sick? If you are not then you are knowingly and intentionally infecting the community. It only takes a couple of days to create a pandemic. If we all stop the vaccines what is going to protect us.
            The families that do get vaccines are the ones who are protecting you who don’t because the disease cannot survive in us and therefore cannot get to you. But what is going to happen if we stop who is protecting you then. You are not taking any precautions in protecting you or your family. The people who are getting the vaccines are who are limiting your exposure.
            Maybe the reason some of you are so against vaccines is because you never had to witness what life was like without them. Where children died all the time. Where a family with 7 kids would only have 3 children survive. Where when a disease was introduced into the community everyone was a host because no one had immunity against the disease. Families were torn apart by disease. Parents lost children and children lost parents. But now we don’t experience that because we fought back. We found a way to overcome the disease and we took it.
            When your son or daughter is lying in bed crying because they are sick and can’t get better what are you going to tell them. How are you going to explain that you choose not to give them that precaution against the disease? Stop placing blame elsewhere if you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

          • Katie

            Clearly no one here is interested in facts. As Modern Alternative Mama says (look up her “Vaccine Pushers” post), bullies are not interested in facts.

            We won’t waste our time. Spend it pleading with those who will listen.

        • Actually i decided not to vaccinate when i read the vaccine inserts ….Did any one ever study the inserts ? Even though these diseases are bad ..Vaccines are not risk free !

          • Christa

            The risk of a bad reaction to vaccines is, to give one example, much lower than the risk (for a child) of dying in an automobile accident. Do you avoid automobile travel because it’s not risk free?

      • I couldn’t agree more Grandma, hence the reason why I did not read much more than a paragraph of this article. Doesn’t make the writer sound very educated does it?

        • Because putting an article down for the sake of your pride is an ‘educated’ way of going about things…

          • Uploaded on Apr 19, 2009


            A look at the FDA report on Gardasil, in May 2006, which highlights an INCREASED risk of Cervical Cancer when Gardasil is given to those who have already been exposed to the HPV strains that the vaccine prevents.
            Also, a look at the percentage of people who have already been exposed to HPV and the 4 strains in question, as investigated in an NHS report on the Human Papillomavirus. This is the percentage who are at risk of getting cancer if they take the vaccine.

            HPV is a sexually related virus, which is passed via skin to skin contact, not via body fluid/semen.
            It can be passed from mother to child during childbirth.
            It often has NO symptoms.

            For this reason it is impossible to be entirely confident that the children and young adults who are being vaccinated are not already carrying the disease.

            HPV usually is suppressed by the body’s immune system and causes no ongoing ill effects.
            Cervical cancer is already on the decrease.

            So why put people at risk?

            HPV vaccination is already mandatory in the state of Texas. MANDATORY! Other states and countries are pushing it to be made mandatory. This is a potential death sentence, which they don’t give you an option on.
            WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!

        • I have an autism spectrum disorder. You know how it often gives people an extreme focus on a narrow range of interest? For me, its microbiology.

          ive been studying it for most of my life. And know what I’ve found, direct from the words of a scientist obsessed with microbiology?

          You’re a total nutjob!

          • I have been trying to research whether or not the CMV virus in infants is related to the mother being given the Gardisil vaccine. My young granddaughter gave birth to a sweet little guy in whom doctors discovered CMV. Granddaughter’s mother (my daughter) had/has HPV, which means she probably passed it to my granddaughter, although it’s not proven. My great-grandson was born via C-section. Her doctor has told my granddaughter neither she nor her older boyfriend did anything to cause the baby’s illness. All they have told her is that he will have it the rest of his life. It’s been so unsettling to look up the effects of CMV and we watch our great-grandson for any signs. My hubby is a child psychologist, so we both know about a child’s development. Our little guy has struggled with gaining motor control, is almost a year and cannot crawl, though he wants to. He can sit up but sometimes still falls over. When I try to pull him up by his hands, he seems to have almost no arm strength and not much in his legs, although he’ll jump for a time in the bouncer (he tires easily). My granddaughter sent a picture the other day of him standing by some furniture. He didn’t pull himself there, but she had him up and balancing. He, physically, is a calm baby and a big boy. He will usually sit on our laps with his hands at his sides, rarely becoming active until being put on the floor. He can patty-cake, peek-a-boo, clap, push himself backwards, maneuver small food like cheerios into his mouth, and is the best baby with ready smiles. He can even say a few words he’s heard over and over. My concern is the lack of strength in his arms and legs, AND the fact that he seems to be sick a lot. Just this week, he was back in the ER for the umpteenth time after vomiting all day and becoming dehydrated. They couldn’t find a vein so he was sent home with his mom and dad. They were told to get Pedialite into him and if he wouldn’t take it, or threw it up, to bring him back in. Fortunately, he guzzled it, but he is still not himself. From research, I’ve learned that my granddaughter might have or had an outbreak of CMV before pregnancy when the doctors thought she might have mono. She was tired, enlarged glands, no energy . . . Since the baby, she’s developed a thyroid disease just like I did after my first child. My concern in all this is whether or not the Gardisil vaccine she was given to protect her was actually the cause of the CMV in her child. Of course, none of this can be undone, but what if there’s a relationship and it shows up in other people. I’m a worry-wart Nana and wonder about a connection.

          • CeeGee

            This entire post about whether Gardasil, a vaccine that has only existed for a few years, was the cause of transmission of Cytomegalovirus, a virus that was discovered 70 years ago (and is almost always latent / symptom-free), doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

            This is the kind of uneducated, knee-jerk, fear-based blame-placing that is essentially at the heart of all antivax claims.

            First of all, CMV is a herpesvirus. CMV is not the DISEASE herpes, it simply belongs to that virus family, herpesviriae, which hints that it is far more ancient than it’s discovery in the 1950’s. This is the same family of viruses responsible for chicken pox, shingles, mononucleosis via both EBV and CMV (but more often EBV), and, of course, herpes 1 & 2. Simply because of the history of these diseases, there is NO FEASIBLE WAY IN REALITY that the Gardasil vaccine has anything to do with the epidemiology of this virus family.

            Second, Gardasil prevents against a mere 4 strains of HPV. That is, Human Papilloma Virus. HPV IS NOT RELATED TO HERPES, OR THE HERPESVIRUS FAMILY, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. I repeat, HPV and the Herpesviridae are two completely separate virus families that do not cause the same subset of diseases.

            So not only is it impossible for the HPV vaccine to have time-traveled back several centuries to corrupt the planet with a host of HSV-related diseases and disorders, but also, the two virus families have nothing to do with each other.

            And finally, even if Herpesviridiae family and Human Pappilomavirus WERE from related virus families, WHICH THEY ARE NOT, the strains that Gardasil vaccinates against wouldn’t be able to cause a completely separate infection of a different virus. Or even those 4 strains of that particular virus. But especially not CMV.

            You quite literally believe — and are now trying to teach people! — that Gardasil, once in your granddaughter’s body, spontaneously mutated into a live virus that coincidentally already exists in something like 75% of the population.

            Replace ‘CMV’ with ‘chickenpox’ and reevaluate your beliefs. CMV is an exotic-sounding virus that most people don’t know about because it usually never harms anyone even though almost everyone has been exposed to it. On the contrary, everyone knows about chickenpox, CMV’s cousin. Would your conspiracy theory still exist in your head if you tried telling yourself that her Gardasil vaccine caused him to catch chickenpox as a child? Definitely not.

            This vaccine fear is completely out of control.

    • I feel this information does need to be considered into any decision.

    • A bad case of mumps in boys can cause sterility.

    • Not a really well informed articles considering all your information came from the government, try reading news sources,articles,and science info that hasn’t come from the government. The companies that make vaccines(like monsanto)are not drug companies but pesticide companies,that develop such products as”agent orange”.Have you researched how people cure cancer without chemo or radiation(toxins,poisons). Why did you leave out the link to the vaccine court compensations? You can see all the hundreds of cases that our government awards to families of kids who are damaged by vaccines. Where’s the link for Bill Gates polio vaccine and the children of India? Where’s the clip of Bill Gates stating that through the use of vaccines they hope to bring down the world’s population by 10-15%! I know this info is wasted on pro vaccine people, I am a mother of 4, I’m anti toxins in the body,anti-bs,and pro educate yourself, My blog would have to be called ”Read a damn Book!”

    • Great post. It’s amazing not vaccinating children is a safety hazard for them as well as everyone else. I think a problem is that people do not know how serious these diseases can be and that death can result.



    *MIC DROP*

    • Jennifer Graham

      It has been determined that it is NOT true…most outbreaks occur in populations of vaccinated children..the outbreaks that have been referenced in comments here were in populations of fully vaccinated children…

  3. Attorney At Large

    Preach it, sister science.

  4. Lisa Kaplin

    Yes to this! People please listen to reason, research, and years of evidence that vaccines save lives. Please, please, please do not listen to fake research that has not been validated in any way. Ask your pediatrician if she vaccinates her children and she will tell you YES. Why, because vaccines save lives and she knows this with hard core evidence to prove it. This article is well researched and can be validated thousands of times over. I’m begging you to listen to it and to keep your children and the children of others safe.

    • Chris Relko

      There was once a time when the “experts” said Asbestos was safe too…

      • Are you really comparing years of epidemiological and empirical data in vaccine safety and efficacy to asbestos?? Get real.

      • Yvonne McDonald

        Supposedly “Smart” Meters are safe too yet there is rapidly growing evidence to suggest otherwise, but, I will not take a chance on my weakened immune system nor my daughters by not having these vaccines done. Example; my daughter was immunized for chicken pox back in 2009, her school had a chicken pox outbreak with some of those children being hospitalized they were so sick. My daughter did catch the chicken pox due to her weakened immune system but I know that because she was vaccinated she only had a mild case of it. Three of her classmates were hospitalized with the disease and looked like train wreck victims when they returned to school once they were allowed to return. Glad I got her immunized. If everyone had they might not have been in hospitals seeking treatments for diseases with no cures.

        • kids were hospitalized with chickenpox?
          do you have super chickenpox in the states?
          i am 44 and have NEVER heard of someone being hospitalized with chickenpox until today.
          i had it, a lot of my peers had it, my younger sister, her peers etc.
          a rash and a week off school.
          hospital? get real

          • I know someone, personally, who was hospitalized with chicken pox. He didn’t get it until he was 21, and compounded with the grief he was suffering due to the untimely death of his father, he was in the hospital for weeks and missed two months of university. So get real.

          • Jennifer

            I met a woman last week who was 62 years old and had the chicken pox when she was four years old. She is mentally challenged because of the chicken pox disease. She only says three phrases and does not take care of herself.

          • I love it when someone says “I have never heard of ____” because of course, if YOU have never heard of it then it must be unreal or untrue. Close the door to your box the light might get in.

          • There’s this site called google…I know I know, it’s obscure & hard to find, but if you stumble across it just type “severe chicken pox cases” in the search bar & see what comes up.

        • Lulubelle

          You just admitted that your daughter go the chicken pox vaccine and then surprise! got the chicken pox. Why on earth did you subject her to the risks of a vaccine when vaccines are ineffective? What a fool.

          • Enough name calling! Each mother/father is entitled to his/her own choice over this topic. There is no need to belittle others simply because you disagree.

            If you read her comment she said that because her daughter got the vacc she did not get chicken pox as strongly as her peers. Her peers were hospitalized, she was not. This mom, thus, felt she made a wise choice

          • Seriously?? I am sure you know many peoplewho have the flu and not died as well.Does that mean that hundreds of peopledon’t die from the flu every year because they do. Dying from chicken pox I’d rare but happens every year. I guess you don’t believethat thoughbecaude you and your sister didn’t die from it. Give your head a shake!

          • Because (hello?) with some vaccines – like chickenpox – it lessens the severity of the disease even if you are exposed and contract it. Of COURSE responsible parents get their children vaccinated… Have you other people lost your minds?? You are making life threatening decisions for little human beings who cannot make these choices for themselves and who should be able to count on you to take care of them in the best way possible. VACCINATE for heaven’s sake… not doing so puts everyone at risk.

          • the purpose of a vaccine isn’t to make you magically immune, it is to help prevent disease. like another reply to your post says, you may still get the flu with a flu shot but it won’t be more severe. IF you had read the post she said her daughter was not as bad off as the other kids because she had the vaccine to help her fight the disease.

          • Vaccinations don’t give 100% immunity. What they do is reduce the chance of getting the disease & generally reduce the severity if the vaccinated person gets the disease.

        • You may want to consider long term implications of someone not being able to develop the proper natural immunity and coming down with the infection in adulthood…?

        • diseases with no cures???. This is what closed minded people think. There are cures for all diseases. Shots don’t help they only help bring on more sick-ness and death. Its funny how you all don’t post any thing from vaccine damaged kids and death of baby’s after getting .hepatitis b vaccine. And another girl Age 7 died in her moms arms after getting childhood shots..Close minded people. What gods are you listening to?? Makes me sick!! you want to see what happen after shots get a D.N.A test done and not by biased test…sure wont have ‘pro’ ‘vaccine’ doctor’s will to do it..

          • Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam

            by Brent Lambert • July 16, 2013 • Business, Health, Science • Comments (0) • 481

            inShare.Submit to redditShare via email Share
            Dr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™. She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the devastating consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines. Dr. Harper made her surprising confession at the 4th International Converence on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia. Her speech, which was originally intended to promote the benefits of the vaccines, took a 180-degree turn when she chose instead to clean her conscience about the deadly vaccines so she “could sleep at night”. The following is an excerpt from a story by Sarah Cain:

            “Dr. Harper explained in her presentation that the cervical cancer risk in the U.S. is already extremely low, and that vaccinations are unlikely to have any effect upon the rate of cervical cancer in the United States. In fact, 70% of all HPV infections resolve themselves without treatment in a year, and the number rises to well over 90% in two years. Harper also mentioned the safety angle. All trials of the vaccines were done on children aged 15 and above, despite them currently being marketed for 9-year-olds. So far, 15,037 girls have reported adverse side effects from Gardasil™ alone to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and this number only reflects parents who underwent the hurdles required for reporting adverse reactions. At the time of writing, 44 girls are officially known to have died from these vaccines. The reported side effects include Guillian Barré Syndrome (paralysis lasting for years, or permanently — sometimes eventually causing suffocation), lupus, seizures, blood clots, and brain inflammation. Parents are usually not made aware of these risks. Dr. Harper, the vaccine developer, claimed that she was speaking out, so that she might finally be able to sleep at night. ’About eight in every ten women who have been sexually active will have HPV at some stage of their life,’ Harper says. ’Normally there are no symptoms, and in 98 per cent of cases it clears itself. But in those cases where it doesn’t, and isn’t treated, it can lead to pre-cancerous cells which may develop into cervical cancer.’”

            Although these two vaccines are marketed as protection against cervical cancer, this claim is purely hypothetical. Studies have proven “there is no demonstrated relationship between the condition being vaccinated for and the rare cancers that the vaccine might prevent, but it is marketed to do that nonetheless. In fact, there is no actual evidence that the vaccine can prevent any cancer. From the manufacturers own admissions, the vaccine only works on 4 strains out of 40 for a specific venereal disease that dies on its own in a relatively short period, so the chance of it actually helping an individual is about about the same as the chance of her being struck by a meteorite.”

            For LIVE updates of these and other stories like it be sure to follow FEELguide on Facebook and Twitter.

            SEE ALSO: Swedish Cinemas Implementing Gender Bias Ratings For Movies With Bechdel Test
            SEE ALSO: 60 Minutes Meets Trotsky’s Great-Granddaughter, Brain Scientist Curing Addiction
            SEE ALSO: The Case For Treating Big Finance Like Big Pharma: Test New Financial Products Like New Drugs


          • Boopbeep

            Are you kidding me? Seriously. I contracted HPV about 5 years ago. It’s a highly common disease, especially in sexually active adults. There are no symptoms for men or women. By the time my OB/GYN caught it, the cells had already become precancerous lesions, and I had to have them burned off. Yep. I had my cervix burned to remove cancer cells from a disease that is HIGHLY preventable via the Gardasil vaccine. Had this been avaliable to me when I was young, this may not have happened to the severity that it did for me. People like you are toxic, ill-informed, and just plain stupid. These “experts” never include their last names or any way to verify the authenticity of their medical degree. My husband is a physician who actually does good for people, and the lies you spread are such an insult to him and the medical community. People like you should put in a cage away from people you could potentially harm.

      • and doctors used to recommend Malboros.

      • Hmmm…I don’t think they ever said it was ‘safe’…they just didn’t believe it wasn’t…until they got the scientific evidence to prove it and then the lawsuits rolled in ..and in…and continue to roll in. There will be just as many dollars going into proving a link between vaccinations and autism, etc, if the legal system thought they could find one…they would be looking…and probably are. Funny how they can’t seem to find anything that will hold up in court.

      • It’s been well documented that the danger of asbestos was well-known to experts for most of the 20th century but it was kept quiet because if it’s usefulness and wallet-friendliness. Experts never believed it was safe – it was well known to be unsafe.

        People lied. If you’re claiming the same for vaccines, feel free to provide proof or at the very least, motive (considering how many vaccines are essentially loss leaders).

    • Yeah, there are those of us who don’t use pediatricians. For a doctor’s thoughts on keeping kids AWAY from doctors most of the time, check out How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor.

      Many, many doctors have deep misgivings about vaccines. Some let on; many would put their careers at risk by telling you they didn’t vaccinate their own children.

      But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter all that much. Doctors aren’t gods. They are one type of healthcare professional among many.

    • Darlene

      Amen Lisa! Please everyone, keep your (and your children’s) vaccinations up to date.

  5. James Cooper

    My 6 year old grandson is being treated at Dana Farber for Birkitt’s Lymphoma. (Look it up, it is very nasty)
    Between bouts of chemo he is able to go to school (and is doing well)
    But there is one kid in his class that is not vaccinated.
    Do you have any idea how dangerous this is to him?

    • Actually, if it’s just one kid, the additional risk is probably vanishingly small. The point where it would become dangerous would really be if he had enough unvaccinated classmates (well, really if the community as a whole had enough unvaccinated children) to drop below the herd immunity threshold:

      I’m not trying to justify the anti-vax behavior, nor am I trying to minimize what you’re going through. As someone who wants kids eventually (but doesn’t have any), I’m not even in a position imagine how stressful and scary it would be to have a grandchild going through this.

      But that’s one point where you can breathe a little bit easier at least, I hope.

      And I’m glad he’s doing well.

      • You should be worried about the children in his class who have recently gotten vaccines as any live vaccines (MMR, chicken pox, flu) all contain live viruses, which can shed for days to weeks. this means that those newly vaccinated children are contagious for days to weeks through shedding of the very disease that they have been vaccinated for. One of the comments from the blog post below states, “I was told not to have any recently vaccinated children near my husband when he was dying of cancer; a close friend who had an organ transplant was told to stay away from his grandchildren if they were recently vaccinated. Where is the herd immunity in this admonition? Obviously the recently vaccinated child is a huge risk to the immunocompromised person than the child who has never been vaccinated when the shedding and transmission of disease is taken into consideration.”

        • Most vaccines are given before children start school. My son who is in grade 5 is having his first vaccine at school this year. He is getting the Hep B, and the girls will be getting the HPV shot… so as long as you you vax on schedule, then there should be no risk in class for ANY of those mentioned in the article above.

          • I stopped vaccinating after my 4-month old daughter suffered 8 seizures after her shots and was autistic at 5-months old.

        • Mary, you are absolutely correct. When my husband was in stage D cancer, I was told to keep all newly vaccinated children away from him.

          Nothing about non vaccinated children.

          • Aime, I strongly suggest that you watch the documentary, The Greater Good before you decide to give your daughter the HPV vaccine. That stuff is poison.

          • Boopbeep

            Yep Mary. It’s poison all right. *sarcasm*. Just let women get cervical cancer instead to further push your “toxins” and “traditional medicine” agenda. I wish it had been avaliable to me in the past so I didn’t have to have cancerous cells burned off my cervix thanks to HPV. You suck.

        • yea I cant believe the above lady is worried about the one person not vaccinated in the class. Kids who are vaccinated are courageous for atleast a week after. Your precious child is surrounded by the live virus everywhere. The unvaccinated kid is probably the safest one to be around. . I know a dad who gave his kid measels after coming home having had the vaccine.

    • There is no vaccine herd immunity. How many adults do you know who are up to date on their vaccines? Better never leave the house!

      • John Small Berries

        There is no vaccine herd immunity.

        Right. Medical experts say there is, backed up by plenty of data; some random person on the Internet says there isn’t, with no citations or credentials to back up the claim. I know which one seems more likely to be correct.

        How many adults do you know who are up to date on their vaccines?

        Both my wife and I are. Are you?

        • I’m up to date on my vaccines. No excuse for the adults not to get them done just to be safe.

          • Bahahahaha!!! I haven’t had a vaccine in years and am healthy. I know tonnes of adults who are not up to date with their vaccines. And really, Angie you’ve had an MMR, chickenpox, Dtap, Hep A & B, polio, pertussis, rotavirus, tetanus, flu shot in the last 10-15 years? I call BS.

          • Brandi

            There is no thing as “herd immunity”. It is a theory, unproven. And does not pertain to vaccines but natural immunity and measles. Vaccines are not 100% effective and they do not last a lifetime. Vaccine shedding is dangerous and better keep recently vaccinated kids away from babies and the elderly unless you want them to catch the disease.

            Bill Gates uses vaccines for eugenics saying they can lower the population by 10-15%.

            If you google some of the ingredients of vaccines some of them are listed on the EPA’s website as hazardous to the environment. I dare you to break a vial of a vaccine in your doctors office. You’ll be evacuated out of the building. They have to follow HAZMAT procedures to clean it up just like the BP oil spill in 2010. I have long time family friends who are doctors that have not vaccinated their own children. Just like most doctors will not do chemotherapy if they have cancer themselves. Synergistic toxicities are extremely dangerous and basic chemistry. fluoride in foods, water and toothpaste make aluminum far more toxic to the body. Now add in the mercury from the flu shot and its thousands of times more toxic. There are more cases of vaccine induced polio than wild polio. Polio is quite like meningitis and often gets misdiagnosed. Bill Gates has paralyzed/killed more innocent people in India with the oral polio vaccine in ONE YEAR than polio killed/paralyzed naturally in its worst year in the US which was 1952 I believe. It’s personal preference to inject our children with these chemicals if we see the benefit or not. There are zero double blind studies on long term on a single vaccine much less 6 years of vaccines combined. It has never been studied. Many countries delay vaccines until the children are several years old. There is no increased “preventable illness” deaths in those countries unless it is a third world and does not have the proper running water and sanitation. Think twice. Google each ingredient. Go to the EPA website and enter ingredients. The great game of statistics have fooled you.

          • Brandi

            Here’s another one too. Countries with higher vaccine rates have higher infant death mortality! Other countries who do not vaccinate as much have lower infant death rates, lower SIDS, and have longer lifespans than us Americans.

          • Jennifer Graham

            I haven’t had vaccines since I was a child, 45 years or so….neither have my parents or their parents….most adults aren’t vaccinated…unfortunately I was one of children that the CDC has admitted has cancer cells in it, the polio vaccine…also I was hospitalized at age 6 because I suddenly couldn’t walk..of course the hospital could never “find” what was wrong with me..but nothing else in my life except vaccines..I have discussed this with many others around my age..and same thing happened to them…Also it is known that pharmaceutical companies have falsified data to make thier vaccines “look” like they are effective…it’s shameful what they will do for dollars…if anyone here is doubtfull about how dangerous vaccines are..look on the CDC website under VARS..look into how many people have won settlements against the government(because it is now unlawful to sue any doctor or pharm company if there are adverse reactions including death)..see how much money has been paid out after the courts have determined that the causation was directly linked to vaccine injections…that is very telling and just might change minds of the most ardent pro vaccine advocate, I would think..there is so much more I could say here, but it would turn into a dissertation, but please, people, do your own research..there are actually doctors, MD’s, that understand the dangers of vaccinations…so if you think that any particular study is the end of any argument against vaccination, you would be wrong.

          • Brandi

            Oops forgot my linky



        • No not me, not my husband, not my father nor my mother. My sister has never had a booster shot and neither has my brother. I know my husbands mother and father haven’t had their boosters either…I don’t know one friend, not one that has had their booster shots….hhmmm so where does that leave us in terms of herd immunity. I’m not trying to be facetious here, really I’m not – just trying to figure out how the herd community works if the majority of people seem to be “unvaccinated” ie vaccines have worn off….

          • Christa


            Most everyone I know has had their boosters. It’s simply part of, as necessary, the yearly checkup.

    • ashley

      i am sorry that your grandson is going through this, but you have more to worry about than just the one unvaxxed kiddo..

  6. 1) Ingestion v injection. Two very different ways substances enter our bodies and two very different ways our bodies process those substances. To ingest a substance it must first be broken down by our saliva, then our stomach acids, then processed through our intestines. To inject a substance such as a vaccine, it must be delivered directly to a muscle where it is broken down and absorbed in a much different fashion than digesting. We can handle differing amounts of substances (toxic or not) depending upon how they enter our bodies. So yes, a pear has more formaldehyde than any single given vaccine – but the pear’s H2CO is natural, the vaccine’s H2CO is synthetic and how our bodies process that substance once it enters our bodies based upon HOW it enters our bodies is very different.

    2) The Science Daily article you refer to as proving Autism is genetic does not, in fact, say that. It does say that there may be a link between Autism and a gene mutation that causes disruption in communication between brain cells that may “contribute” (their word) to Autism, and that and that more research needs to be done. The article states there are ” hundreds of candidate genes to sort through, and a single genetic variant may have different effects even within the same family. This makes it difficult to separate the chaff from the grain, to distinguish harmless variations from disease-causing mutations.” That is hardly proof it is genetic. Anymore than cancers are. It may prove predisposition but it does not prove causation. Any more than vaccines do or don’t anyway.

    3) Tetanus requires a wound to be (or go) anaerobic in order to thrive. It can only live in an anaerobic environment, once it hits oxygen it dies, rapidly. The typical cut that bleeds and is washed with soap and water and dressed loosely with a bandage is not at risk for tetanus. A deep puncture wound, a crushing wound with lots of deep tissue damage is – however in those cases even if you had had your booster shot the ER will most likely administer a shot anyway – and typically it will be a TIG shot. Tetanus is a bacteria, actually it’s really a poisoning caused by a bacteria, not a virus and as such does not respond to the vaccine process in the same way: white blood cells cannot clear it and don’t keep a long term memory of it. You cannot vaccinate effectively for a bacterial infection (poisoning) long term. If you are truly worried at the time of injury that tetanus poisoning is a real concern you can ask the ER for a TIG (tetanus immune globulin) shot instead – which is is far more effective than relying on the vaccine.

    To be honest, what most offended me about your blog post was not so much the content, but the editorial comment that you support all moms, even those who disagree with the founders. Let’s look at the tenor of your blog entry:
    “Unless there is a medical reason that prevents you from getting your kids vaccinated (like an allergy to a vaccine component or a compromised immune system), if you choose not to vaccinate your children, I believe that you are a dangerously selfish person.” You completely ignore religious exemptions. Are these not valid exemptions in your opinion?

    You call people who don’t vaccinate “dangerously selfish.” That is not supportive of those moms who are part of your group who do not vaccinate. Then you imply that mom’s who do not vaccinate their children don’t love their children – at least not as much as you love yours:
    “I’m a hippie mom – and I vaccinate on the standard schedule. You know why? Because I love my kids, and I don’t want them to suffer through an awful disease.” Your words. Those words do not feel very supportive of someone who disagrees with your opinions.

    I understand that you were expressing your opinions. I am all for that. You are strongly in support of vaccines, that is clear. More power to you. As parents we must all make the decisions that are right for our families. However, nothing is one size fits all when it comes to medical care, not even vaccines.

    • Thanks for breaking down your feedback into detail, Nancy. As I mentioned in the post headline on Facebook, this is a heavy topic and quite frankly anything that impacts our children and the future generations of children should not be argued vaguely. To address your concern regarding the editorial statement in the beginning of the post, I want to clarify that this snippet is standard for all controversial blog posts, regardless of who the author is. Julia clearly has some strong feelings about vaccinations and is extremely passionate about the subject at hand, but that does not mean all of the co-founders feel the same way. Personally, I did vaccinate my son on schedule, with the exception of the flu shot. While I did make this decision, I would be lying if I told you that feel this is a black and white topic with no room for further exploration. I choose not to give my son the flu shot because he is severely allergic to eggs. He is also allergic to nuts and don’t think for a minute that I haven’t done my own research around vaccines and allergies. This is research that I will continue to do, and while I do plan to take the same vaccination steps that I took with my son when I have my daughter, I sincerely welcome and appreciate educated debate around this topic. It will certainly be interesting to see what the response posts entails as it comes from an entirely different/opposing perspective. Thanks again for your feedback. ~Meg

      • The idea that vaccines are not “one size fits all” is really nonsensical. What makes you think that for two healthy (non-immunocompromised) babies, the CDC/AAP schedule is right for one but not right for another? That’s just a nice-sounding way of ignoring all the facts, all the hard science, and all the experts – from physicians to scientists to PhD’s, in our nation and in all the other nations. Unless your child is immunocompromised like the child mentioned above, it is riskier not to vaccinate than it is to vaccinate. Period. You can check out my blog entry for links to plenty of peer-reviewed, current science on this topic.

        • It’s not nonsensical at all. It’s true. Not everyone has the same health needs/underlying health conditions (known or unknown)/risk factors, etc and therefore not all vaccines are appropriate for all people. Even the CDC, the federal government, and the vaccine manufacturers know this. There is a government supported website that details who should/should NOT get which vaccines with contraindications listed, etc. Sadly most doctors are not aware there are contraindications, that when present, mean a vaccine should NOT be given. Or if they are, they rarely inform their patients.
          On this list, before most of the vaccines listed it says “some people should get (x) vaccine or wait” and then it goes on to list the contraindications…which are taken directly from the drug manufacturer’s insert pages. Have you ever been shown the insert page before agreeing to be vaccinated? Have you ever asked? I bet your doctor hasn’t offered, I will also bet your doctor has never read it either.

          Before you try to debunk this website or what I am saying, I would like to reiterate this the link I provided is to a GOVERNMENT run website that is coordinated by HHS and the CDC. Not a bunch of anti-vaxers.

          • Heather

            You wouldn’t give 10000 kids penicillin and not have reactions with some of them?! Think about it vaccines are a drug

          • Did you even read that linked website? Did you notice the people that it said shouldn’t get vaccines? If you’re in the right age group, it’s always people who are already sick, people who are immunocompromised, or people who are allergic to the vaccine. The only way to find out if you’re allergic is to get it, and the chance of an allergic reaction are INFINITESIMAL! Even though the risk is so low, every time someone gets a vaccine, the person administering it has an epi-pen autoinjector ready.

            I’m going to go off topic a little and tell you about myself, though. I’m 27, and my oldest is 3. When it came time for him to get vaccinated, I did it in a heartbeat. I wanted him to have the chance at a disease free life that I didn’t have. Because of a weird quirk of my immune system, I don’t have any long-term immunity to disease. I’ve had chicken pox 4 times now, and I’ve also had whooping cough and measles. The only reason I’m not constantly sick is because the people around me care about others’ health enough to maintain the herd immunity. I’ll give EVERYTHING to make sure my children don’t have to live with the fear of catching a vaccine preventable disease because some paranoid loon with no medical literacy decided that her feelings were more important than the health of those around them.

            You’ve demonstrated that you lack a basic knowledge of chemistry, that you reading comprehension skills drop precipitously with medical literature, and that you’re so paranoid about such a tiny risk that you’ll proudly risk the health of those around you. Why would I believe ANYTHING you have to say, then? If you can’t be bothered to understand basic chemistry, what hope do I have that you’ll grasp such complex topics as biology or immunology?
            I hope we never meet, for I don’t know if I’ll survive the encounter.

          • Heather, I am a pharmacist and your comment to think of vaccines like a drug (penicillin is the example you used) is uninformed. You specifically referenced a drug class with one of the highest rates of allergic reactions in your post to try make a point, and I’m not falling for it. There are some drug classes whose chemical structures are more likely to cause allergic reactions than others (penicillins and sulfas are among the most prevalent). None of these vaccines contain highly allergenic ingredients. Secondly, one size does fit all when it comes to vaccines, because measles is measles, tetanus is tetanus, etc. There only is 1 type of measles/tetanus/etc. and the doses of these agents in the vaccines has been studied extensively to ensure it meets the balance between safety and efficacy. HEALTH PROFESSIONALS who know the most about vaccines choose to vaccinate their own kids, even those of us who feel that many pharmaceuticals are overused.

            Vaccines are NOT drugs, they are controlled exposure to the antigen that causes the disease in question to build up the immune system (a natural reaction!). Please don’t try to create an analogy where it doesn’t exist.

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            Chandler Blake Webb
            June 18, 1994 – Nov. 19, 2013
            Chandler was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was welcomed into a loving home by his parents, Blake J. Webb and Loralyn (Lori) Killpack Webb. He was the baby brother to Brandon and Mitch.
            He passed away peacefully after a hard battle in the ICU, suffering from severe brain damage, the result of a flu shot.
            Chandler was a special boy with a heart of gold. His happiness was contagious. He recently graduated from Brighton High School and was preparing to leave on a 2 year mission for his church.
            Chandler loved his brothers and family. He loved to hang out with his friends, boating, snowboarding, vacations, candy and the Utah Jazz!
            Chandler will be missed more than words can express. His death is so senseless. He is survived by his loving parents Blake (Dawn) Webb, Lori Webb, brothers Brandon , Mitchel (Breynn). His grandparents Lowell O. Killpack (Karen), Lynn Johnson, Dean and Lucile Webb (deceased). He has numerous Aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
            Chandler’s last 28 days were spent surrounded by so many who loved him. He may not have been able to wake up to see them, but we know that he knew they were there.
            The family wishes to thank the incredible people at the IMC ICU, especially the nurses and tech’s who treated him with exceptional competence, dignity and love.
            Funeral services will be held at 11:00am on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at the LDS Church, 10945 South 1700 East in Sandy. A visitation will be held Friday evening from 6-8 pm at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East Dimple Dell Road (10600 South) and on Saturday from 9:30-10:30am prior to the services at the church. Online condolences may be shared at
            Chandler you are a Champion! True at all times. We will always love you.
            Published in Deseret News from Nov. 21 to Nov. 22, 2013 .
            – See more at:

          • Katie

            I wouldn’t bother, Nancy. Lisa is a doctor’s wife and very, very, very committed to the medical world. (Read her blog if you wish.)

            You’re right. Keep it up.

        • I have 4 healthy children. One child is allergic to penicillin. The rest are not. 2 of them are sensitive to nuts, the other 2 are not. How can you possibly say that it is “nonsensical” that some children will react differently than others to vaccines?

          • I’d say this was pretty much covered by the comment right above yours. The risk of a severe allergic reaction is infinitesimal, as noted. Do you plan to never, ever give your child any of the other known allergens that are hundreds of times more common? Are you just never going to give them any nuts, or any dairy, or any soy, or any citrus? No? Well then you might as well vaccinate. The risk of dying from whooping cough is statistically far greater than the risk of dying from the vaccine *even in our country, where the vast majority of people do vaccinate for it*.

          • Nichole

            E.W. :
            Like it was stated before, the chances of having a reaction with the vaccine are miniscule.I have a son that is also “sensitive” to nuts, in fact, he has had 3 encounters to nuts and had a reaction every time. Fortunately, we were able to reverse it with Benadryl before the need of the Epi pen. This has not stopped me from vaccinating him. He is fully up to date on all his vaccines and NOT ONCE has he ever had a reaction because of it. That is a precautionary, not absolute and chances are, they aren’t even going to react like they would if they come in contact with ingesting the nuts. Do more research and save your children!

          • Because you will have to give your kids much more allergen-inducing drugs if they need to be treated for whooping cough, measles, diphtheria, etc. because of your fear. The rates of allergic reactions from vaccines is excessively small, no matter how ‘sensitive’ you claim your kids are. Even if they are the one in a million that needs Benadryl afterwards, it’s still much less exposure to potential allergens than if they need to be treated for the vaccine-preventable diseases.

        • Ah, overflowing with the milk of human kindness, as usual. Your facebook page, at least, seems filled with hatred of all things natural.

          Eventually some people are going to look really silly, maybe in 5 years, maybe in 10-15. It’s time to get on the right side of this issue.

          And for those whose children are or may be suffering ill effects already, please, please, please listen to what their bodies are telling you!

    • Tyler J. Wagner

      “but the pear’s H2CO is natural, the vaccine’s H2CO is synthetic”

      A chemical is a chemical is a chemical. Its origin is irrelevant. You are giving in to fear of things “non-organic” / “unnatural”.

      • Okay Tyler. H2CO is H2CO. Natural or synthetic sources are immaterial. Fine.
        How about how it is processed by the body depending upon how it is introduced? Injection v ingestion? Intramuscular delivery v gastrointestinal?

        • Kristina

          You sound like you don’t believe him. He’s right though, chemically produced formaldehyde is exactly the same as biologically produced formaldehyde. That goes for all of the other chemicals that we eat or use. Chemistry is chemistry no matter who is doing it.

          The breaking down of it in the stomach is different than intramuscular. When given in the muscle, the shot is very slowly distributed (depending on what it’s suspended in, some are suspending in things that allow it to get into the bloodstream quickly) into the bloodstream. It’s handled the same way the formaldehyde waste that your body creates is handled. Which, yes, is different than digestion – but is still removal of the formaldehyde.

          Rates of tetanus contraction among non-vaccinated people vs vaccinated people would seem to prove you wrong about the shot, as the rates are much lower in vaccinated people. Besides the fact that even if the shot lowers your chance of infection, say, 50%….that’s still better than it was before.

          You know, I read your post, and almost all of it is you trying to correct points of the article you feel are incorrect, but nowhere do you state why you don’t want to vaccinate your kids. Are you afraid of autism? Afraid of the contents of the injections? Are your kids allergic? Why?

          • Nancykp

            On the contrary I concede Chris’s point. I thought that was clear. Guess not. Sorry.

            The breakdown of how a chemical, any chemical, by your body depends largely upon how it enters your body. You are correct that the body does break it down in the end, regardless of how it is introduced to the body. However the process of that breakdown is very different, including but not limited to the amount of time it spends in your body and the type/number of organs and systems it comes in contact with during that time.

            I am curious as to where you got your information that the “rates of tetanus contraction among non-vaccinated people v vaccinated people prove me wrong about the shot, as the rates are much lower in vaccinated people.” I would love to see the study or abstract of a study that shows those statistics.
            Per the CDC’s surveillance on Tetanus (from April 2011) that covers the years 2001 – 2008 it would actually seem that is not the case. In that 7 year period the CDC looked at there were only 233 reported cases of Tetanus nationally. Of those studied for whom vaccination information was available (92 of the 233 had known vaccine status), only 40% (37 of the 92) had not been vaccinated prior to infection.
            26 of the 233 cases (over the 7 year period studied) proved to be fatal. A tragedy, especially for those people and their families, certainly. But that averages out to less than 4 deaths per year. Our population is currently estimated at 315 million. So 4 deaths per year in a population of 315 million people means you have a 0.0000012% chance of dying from Tetanus poisoning.
            Here is the link to the report if you would like to read it:

            I don’t recall stating anything in the comment you are referring to about the vaccine status of myself or my family. I will say this to your question: I make NO decisions about my health care, or that of my family, based upon fear. I do not fear autism. I do not fear vaccines, or any components of them. I also do not fear illness or the disease process. Fear does not factor into my decisions. That would not make for a rational plan of action toward my family’s health care plan, nor would be show sound judgment on my part. No one should make any health care decision base upon fear – especially in regard to vaccines (whether it is to vaccinate out of fear of illness or not to vaccinate out of fear of something else).
            The health care decisions I make for myself and my family are based upon discussions with our health care providers, our personal and individual health histories, family health histories, religious considerations, risk factors, risk tolerance, etc. One size does not fit all. In anything. Especially not health care.

          • Now I could be completely wrong about this. But when it enters the blood stream it would be filtered out the EXACT same way as when our body put it into our blood stream… Ultimately its not like its going to magically hit your nervous system if it otherwise wouldn’t have if your body made it. The brain puts it into the blood stream and it goes from there. No real difference than getting a shot. And The only thing that would effect how fast it is filtered out is the amount. But I do believe it was already stated the vaccination has less of the chemical in it than the break creates. It will still hit all the same organs and all the same systems as your body creating it…

      • idk but I know that pitocin does not act the same way in the body as natural oxytocin.

        • Dr. Kwame M. Brown

          That is mainly due to the rhythm and timing of release, not because it is a different chemical. The body, for hormonal processes, normally behaves more like a symphony than a solo. Sometimes the solo performance from the artist who has not practiced with the symphony can cause dissonance. (that is the easiest way to explain it).

    • The “support all moms” comment is from the editor of the article, not the author.

    • Very Well Stated Nancykp!!!

    • Mmr also can cause type one juvinile diabetes. Don’t believe me ask the drug company. I did and it’s true.

      • Are you willing to share your source? I would be very interested in whether you are reporting an association or causation, which are very different things. Type I DM remains fairly rare even among vaccinated kids, and 9 times out of 10 has a genetic component. We can’t be saying MMR causes type I DM without considering the genetic factors involved. I suspect the genes for T1DM are present long before the first vaccine is given ;)

        • Based on what I just learned in patho about type I diabetes, there may well be truth to the statement about the vaccine having a causative effect. Current teaching is that you need a) a gene and b) exposure to one of a number of viruses to trigger type I diabetes. Since measles, mumps, and rubella are included, it would make sense that the vaccine could count as that exposure and trigger the immune response that would kill insulin-producing cells. So true, but since there are several viruses that can act as triggers (including chicken pox, cytomegalovirus, coxsackie b virus) avoiding the mmr vaccination alone won’t prevent developing diabetes. You’d kind of have to cross your fingers and hope your kid’s never exposed to any diabetogenic viruses in vaccine form or otherwise. Oh, and if the gene’s not there, the vaccine alone won’t trigger it.

          Disclaimer: Just what they’re teaching me in school – while I’d like to believe that the amount of tuition I’m paying guaranteed accuracy, I’ve learned that is not the case.

        • Maybe the genes are present and the vaccine triggers them. Do we want to trigger that?

    • “You completely ignore religious exemptions. Are these not valid exemptions in your opinion?”

      Of course they are not valid exemptions. Your rights end when your actions affect other people. In this particular case your actions can cause deaths. If you think you have the right to do that, maybe you should be in jail.

      • Jacqueline

        Finally, someone said it! OF COURSE religious reasons are not valid!!! There is so much wrong with that question that someone’s religion should come in to play when discussing something like this. I agree with Paula 110%, NO, your pass-off reason doesn’t even get consideration when you are risking people’s lives.. your life, your baby’s life, the rest of your family’s lives, your friend’s lives, their family’s lives.. the lives of people you come in to contact with at the store, on public transit, at your work or place of school, your children’s school mates, the elderly — and yes, even the lives of the people you go to worship your religion with.. you could single handedly be responsible for severely injuring or killing people… give your head a shake.. what does your religion have to do with helping to put a stop to that?? and what religion would have a problem with you ensuring that you aren’t doing that to people!? Not a religion I would want to be a part of, that’s for sure. And better yet, lets not put healthy and able that don’t vaccinate in jail – I don’t want my tax dollars paying for their meals and showers every day… lets take all those foolish people, stick them on their own island somewhere and they can all live (un)happily in antivax bliss where they can get a nice first-hand history lesson on why we vaccinate in the first place and let them fend for their own health care when they get sick! I think those people, just like Jenny McCarthy (who is now, by the way, in commercials for those e-cigarettes) will have a different point of view when you watch your children get sick, rot away from the inside and die in your arms from a preventable disease and then you can tell me how much you are against vaccines. – But in the meantime, as an immuno-compromised, yet otherwise healthy looking 30 year old, stay the hell away from me!!

        • Jennifer Graham

          spread fear by over reacting and over simplifying..make it sound as overwhelmingly tragic as you can..even make up a story about how your child, your neighbors child etc. got “a horrible deadly disease”. and make it a good one…we know this is the tactic of pro vaxer’s…your “story” fits it to a T…

          • Let me get this straight: Are you claiming that reports that children have died of vaccine-preventable diseases are just “made up stories”?

      • So our First Amendment rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, are meaningless to you? Good to know.
        Please inform all the Christian Scientists, Hasidic Jews, the Amish, and several other recognized organized religious groups that they may no longer follow their beliefs because you deem their beliefs invalid.
        FYI: Mississippi and West Virginia are the ONLY two states that do not allow a religious exemption from vaccination.

        • Dr. Kwame M. Brown

          What if we said: “You get to follow your beliefs, but not put my child at risk in the same school”. I am NOT saying that’s what I advocate, but do you think that would be more fair? That way, you get the freedom to practice your beliefs, and others get to be free of the consequences of your practice.

          • Jennifer Graham

            If your child is “fully vaccinated” and vaccines work “so well” how does an unvaccinated child put a vaccinated child at risk?…your vaccinated child puts unvaccinated children at risk, also the immune compromised, and the elderly, with all your vaccine shedding…what is criminal is that doctors don’t tell parents that this is the case…let them walk out into the world shedding their “deadly” viruses…

        • That is in no way what was said. When it comes to putting others in danger its a different situation. Should people be allowed to bomb abortion clinics because their religion tells the abortion is wrong? OF COURSE NOT! There is a difference between practicing religion and actively putting everyone around your child, your child, and anyone they come into contact with in danger

          • Jennifer Graham

            Ok…I can’t stand all this bullshit…I believe most of you are either paid government trolls…or pharmaceutical trolls…all of this ignorance is making me nauseous..

        • That’s frightening that people don’t want to follow the Constitution in regards to treatments, drugs, vaccines, etc. It’s the United States of America not 1930 Germany. Freedom of religion is very very important not the pharmaceutical’s rule on our own individual rights to choose which treatments to get. I would never in my life get the HPV vaccine, which has knownly caused so many issues to girls, but because dumb butt sally wants to do away with religious freedoms in america and have the gov’t crackdown on us and have the medical mafia rule, I should just give in? Right. That would mean a full out war in this country. What a foolish individual that person is.

        • I don’t know what Christians you have been talking to, but I have been raised in the church and NO ONE ever taught us in church that vaccines were a sin. EVERYONE, in the church got their vaccines as scheduled. This theory is that of J witnesses. Then again, they refuse any medical treatment even if it means death. A man needed to give the doctors permission to remove his wife’s clothes in order to do emergency surgery due to trauma she was bleeding internally. The husband refused because they don’t believe in being undressed in front of anyone and his wife died. Yea, not an example I would look to to fit your argument it really just proves that people will refuse the necessities and LIFE over a simple ridiculous moral. (a moral I may add is to refrain from temptation, a woman who is not conscious has no temptation and therefore died unnecessarily.

      • Lulubelle

        “Of COURSE we should gas the jews. Why, all the science says that unless we eugenists get everybody gassed we will all die! The jews are a scourge! They are taking over the world and we have the patriotic duty to hunt them down, round them up and give them their damned gas…eh, er, vaccines!”

        You all sound like the Nazis you are. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO INJECT ANYTHING IN MY BODY OR MY CHILD’S BODY.

    • I completely agree with you Nancy. One other point: with all the research cited, none shows what I’ve found in my research: that vaccines were introduced AFTER the disease was almost eradicated. Look to the charts and the timelines. You’ll find, if you zoom in, that the disease stops killing people a couple of years before the vax is introduced. Most sites won’t give you specific years. This is because if they do, you’ll see the introduction of the vax coming after the zeroing out of deaths from the disease. Hygene and science have helped us to eradicate diseases much more than vaccines. No one seems to get this….

      • Ah, so all the children permanently maimed by polio, measles and whopping cough are nothing, right? They didn’t die, so let’s just sweep them under the rug, amirite?

        If autism can be paraded around as a terrible vaccine injury, then at least some due consideration should be given to those paralysed, deafened, blinded, with permanent lung damage and other types of brain damage due to VPDs, which these charts that support the hygiene theory do not.

        • Actually Polio is alive and well in the world today. Look into: Frederick Robert Klenner, MD. cured 100% of all his patients that contracted polio or the works of the french doctors Delbet and Neveu. Look up Maurice Hilleman and Bernice Eddy. Also I’ve read theories of Tonsillectomy, arsenic use, DDT, sugar consumption, water treatment plants stopping the feces contaminated water, canning started around this time as well as the fact that there has been more than one type of polio vaccines throughout its history due to the fact that other versions were found to be ineffective and harmful. 47500 cases of vaccine induced polio in India recently is not worthy of mention? Acute Flaccid Paralysis(AFP) here from WHO Look into “aseptic meningitis’ as polio is hiding under that name as well. Guillain Barre too. Ironic how GBS is a known side effect of the flu vaccine.

        • What a rotten thing to say, Sarah. Google “Autistic kids, violent adults” if you think autism is simply being “paraded around” and manipulated and is not often a hell to endure when kids–and ADULTS–are in horrible pain, unable to control their behavior, and lashing out in constant attacks and screaming. Never seen it? Yeah, that’s because they can’t be taken in public. ”

          Polio 1) never took as many, proportionally, even in its heyday, as autism does now, and 2) was not eradicated by the vaccine. Finally, except in the very rare cases that were deadly, polio left minds intact. I think most of us would prefer that.

      • Thankyou for pointing out a significant fact that diseases were already on the way out because of sanitation (proper food comprised of healthy nutritional components as well)

        Vaccines are negatively impacting health and many of you will find out the truth too late!

    • Nancy…. What side effect exactly is it you are afraid of from a vaccine? With the dramatic decrease in diseases because of vaccination many people have forgotten what it is like. For example; I work for an ambulance company, last week I transported a gentleman who had contracted polio as a child. He was in his early 70’s and was infected before immunization was available for it. Because of the disease his bones were so brittle he was confined to a wheel chair most of his life as his bones would basically crumble. He had been hospitalized and undergone reconstructive surgery for broken femurs upwards of 5 times. 3 of those required transport by medical heliocopter as the injuries were so severe…from walking! He was now going to a nursing home for the rest of his life. And he is one of the lucky ones as he wasn’t paralyzed and on a ventilator.

      I know he would have chosen the miniscule amount of preservatives in a vaccine over the disease.

      • Anna,

        You are right about the rarity of people not wanting to hurt others’ feelings and I commend you on that. However, sometimes feelings have to be “hurt” in order for people to learn from mistakes. This is no perfect world and we are all here to learn from each other and our mistakes.
        I am sorry to hear that your son’s eyes crossed again and he had to have corrective surgery, but what I want to know is, is that really the price you would have liked to pay to keep your kid from being immunized? If you had known that his eyes would have crossed again (pointing the finger at vaccinating as the cause ), whether it be the next day, month or year, would you have chosen not to vaccinate just to keep it from happening? Would you have rather put him at chance of contracting such a horrific disease than “allowing” a non-life threatening medical problem stand in your way?
        Another thing, you didn’t say if you immunized your Autistic child, but I could assume you did not…and why not? Again, not many pick up on the signs of Autism when they can (as early as infancy) because they do not know what “pre-imptive” signs they are looking at, which is unfortunate, bc as you know, therapy is then delayed. However, this is no excuse to not immunize your child….vaccinating is not going to make the autism worse, nor is it going to contribute to it any further; so help your child with the best pathway to life and help him/her live a longer/stonger life, disease free.
        I am sorry, but I don’t feel “your case” is one that needs to be highly considered in reason to not vaccinate; it’s just isn’t justifiable.

      • LSK,
        I am not sure why people assume that the choice not to vaccinate must come from a place of fear…perhaps it’s because so many folks choose to vaccinate because of fear?

        I never said I feared anything from vaccines. I don’t fear vaccines. I don’t fear illness or the disease process either. I don’t make health care decisions for myself or my family based upon fear. I make them in concert and consult with our family doctors based upon our health needs, risk factors, etc – fear is simply not part of the equation.
        As to your point about polio: osteoporosis (brittle bones) can be caused by lots of things, especially at age 70, other than having had polio as a child. It is highly unlikely, unless this gentleman suffered paralytic polio as a child that his current osteoporosis is a result of his polio as a child – possible, but unlikely.
        Less than 1% of people who contract polio will contract paralytic polio (CDC stats) and of that 1% of all cases polio is fatal for about 5% of that 1%. Most people will contract polio and clear it without even knowing they had polio – and gain lifelong immunity as a result.
        Polio can be a scary disease if you live in a place where you do not have access to clean water and sanitary conditions. Polio likes a warm humid environment. We chlorinate pools now because of polio. We chlorinate our drinking water because of polio.
        The last great outbreak in the US happened prior to widespread use of chlorine in public pools and drinking water sources. There hasn’t been a case of wild paralytic polio in the US since 1979 and the last case of imported paralytic polio was in 1993….since then the only cases in the US have been vaccine related. The US only stopped using the live polio vaccine in 2000, however it is still used in other parts of the world.

        This is anecdotal I realize but my maternal grandmother contracted paralytic polio in the early 1920s. Not only did she survive, she was able to walk, talk, live a normal life, birth three children, with no real complications as a result of the polio. My mother, born in 1932 was never vaccinated (the vaccine wasn’t invented, obviously), she was breastfed by her mother. My brother born in 1954 was never vaccinated for polio. I was born in 1968 and I was never vaccinated for polio. Why? Because the family doctor our parents used felt it was unnecessary as our immunity was passed to us from our mother’s breast milk. I don’t live in fear of polio either.

    • My kids have all been vaccinated, except my youngest. He has neurological issues ( stroke and infantile spasms). His pediatric neurologist advised us NOT to immunize during the time our homeopathic dr cured his seizures. The immunizations were not recommended due to possibly bringing seizures on again.

      He had crossed eyes due to his stoke and the homeopathic dr fixed that. His eyes were straightening out (and yes, all these homeopathic “coo-coo voo-doo” results were well documented by mainstream med drs).

      I was pressured to immunize him by his pediatrician. I did, and THE DAY AFTER THE IMMUNIZATION his eyes went back to crossing. He then needed corrective eye surgery which our homeopathic dr then could not correct.

      My oldest son has autism, and his biological father and his family obviously are also on the spectrum. Genetic, yes. The question is in whether certain individuals have physiological pre dispositions to having negative or compromising reactions to immunizations while others do not. Not every physical body on earth is exactly the same and nothing is “one size fits all”. This is what DNA is all about. Yes, we receive some from our relatives on each side and it mixes into an amazing unique individual (identical twins make this even more interesting).

      I get what your worries are about immunizing children. Our doctor explains that there are many diseases being reintroduced into our country from Mexico. That’s a fact.

      That is also scary.
      I respect your opinion and I really like your sense of humor. Could we please just include ALL cases like mine so all parents can make a fully informed decision? This is even more important for parents like me. Trust me, it is no walk in the park to have your child repeatedly almost taken from your life, then you have to have the immense pressure of making all the perfect decisions with your spouse (and sometimes without them). When it’s life or death with these issues, the last thing parents need to hear is someone being judgemental and rude about it. Being kind to people is the most important thing, first and foremost. Then other things tend to fall into place much easier and communication is much more possible because no one is turned away due to feeling judged.

      I understand this was delivered out of not being aware of folks like me, and was not intentional. I just hope I can coerce you into being a little more careful with other’s feelings. I’m not worried so much about mine because I tend to not worry so much about what others think. But I do care for the feelings of others very much.

      This can be rare these days.

    • I don’t have children, but I’m a firm believer in vaccinations, despite nearly dying of the old pertussis vaccine. However, I have worked in clinical studies in oncology, and your statement that people with cancer should avoid vaccinated children is incorrect. I checked the American Cancer Society website to be sure, and they specifically say that the MMR vaccine should not be avoided by family members of cancer patients. When possible, it is better to use a “dead’ virus vaccine rather than a “live” one, but the MMR vaccine is fine for family members. It’s not a good idea to give live vaccines in people who are immune-compromised, for one, it doesn’t work well, and second, there is some risk that they will get sick. As for unvaccinated kids, the first thing I tell anyone diagnosed with cancer is stay away from all children, and second, my aunt died because she babysat a child with a cold during her chemo, and it resulted in pneumonia. I would avoid, as much as possible, all children while on chemo. Link to the ACS guidelines, which should help alleviate some fears:

      • Good Lord, you almost died of a vaccine and yet you firmly advocate them?

        What has happened to us???

    • I would have to agree. In this article you are not very supportive. You have many of your facts incorrect.
      One thing vacciantations make billions of dollars for a lot of people .
      Oh, here’s another link….
      I suggest you do some more research and not be so judgement on others. By taking the multitude of vaccianation cocktails at such a young age you are hurting your first response immune system apforever. I will not be recommending this site as a support for any mom. Or just moms with your attitude.

    • Very well said.

    • Nancy,
      I applaud your efforts but your efforts are just going to gain you a bunch of headache and backlash. They don’t want to hear of people who have valid arguments against vaccines they just want you to “vaccinate your damn kids”.
      To the blogger I’d like to say “just shut your damn mouth” and let me live my life in freedom. It’s not selfish, it’s not a decision made lightly. My son had a horrible reaction to his MMR. I chose not to vaccinate and risk further injury.

  7. Great article, if only people would actually listen to this kind of thing instead of the fear-mongering loonies.

    We hear comments about each of us making ‘the right decision’ for our families as if this is somehow a case by case issue… as if it’s just a difference of opinion… like picking new curtains… ‘we each must make the decision that’s right for our own particular living room decor’… how do we see not vaccinating as anything other than reckless endangerment?

    Excluding the cases outlined above where kids cannot receive the vaccines for medical reasons… when is not getting them ‘the right decision’? I just don’t get it. That’s akin to my deciding that I’m making the right choice for my kids by not letting them wear seat belts or not using a car seat because I was afraid of a random chemical in the plastic (despite it being shown to be safe repeatedly)… How do you get to put your and other’s kids at risk due to ignorance and fear and call it the right decision for your family? Would it be the right decision not to feed your kids or the right decision to chop off their toes? No? Then how can you hold your head up high whilst at the same time willfully putting children at risk?

  8. David Greenhouse

    Says the woman who doesn’t have a child with Autism…..

    • Tyler J. Wagner

      Decisions on public health are not restricted only to those suffering the effects.

      On second thought, if we did, vaccines would be mandatory. You have a good idea there!

      • Tammy Everts

        I have a child with autism. Does that qualify me to reply? While he, fortunately, is relatively high functioning, he showed signs of autism — lack of eye contact, delayed smile/laugh, not following my gaze — long before his first set of scheduled vaccines.

        I don’t know a single parent who likes taking their child for vaccinations. But we do it because public health is a bigger issue than our individual anxieties. I for one do not want to live in a world — or be responsible for creating a world — in which truly terrible diseases like polio and smallpox make a comeback.

    • For the last time… VACCINES DON’T CAUSE AUTISM. If you have a kid with autism, vaccines did not cause it.

      Recent research is showing more evidence linking autism to pesticides and pollutants than anything else. There is NO LINK to vaccines. Got it? NONE. ZIP. ZILCH. ZERO. You’re barking up the wrong tree. In fact, people with this obsession over linking vaccines to autism are partially responsible for slowing research into the real causes of autism.

      Kindly accept this and move on.

      • I was pro-vax, delayed vax, and doing a lot of research on both the pro and anti vax side – searching out information that was unbiased…and then came across this – a list of 81 pubmed articles showing links to vaccines and autism among other things. Compounding that with what I have learned about MTHFR and my family history of autoimmune issues, comparing the fact that many of these diseases were on the decline before introduction of the vaccines, and comparing the rates of vaccine injury to the rate of occurrences of the diseases…oh, and seeing multiple papers showing that there have been outbreaks of measles in communities where more than 95% of the population have been vaxxed — and those getting the disease are vaxxed…I am still researching, but feeling less confident in vaccines, their effectiveness, and the suggestions of the CDC on their use.

        • Becca, you should read this book:

      • OMG, yes they do cause autism!!! and other health issues. You are a sheep to believe for a second that there is no real risk to vaccines. My son’s physician previously worked a hospital for sick children, she shared some stories. When I decided after hearing what she had to say, she agreed with me and said it was the toughest decision to make between her and her husband (both physicians). Parents do what works for you. Also keep in mind people that the “new measles” are actually the same it’s just mutated so can also effect those that are vaccinated.

        • No they do not cause autism. Autism’s first signs are evident before a child is even old enough for their first vaccine. FACT. With the numbers of vaccinated people in the past up until to today, autism would be much more prevalent. The numbers do not add up. FACT. I know more autistic children whom were not vaccinated then I do autistic children who were vaccinated. Oh and one more thing. Vaccines are much older than autism. Autism is fairly new and still not understood. If vaccines causes Autism, it is only of logical thinking that Autism would be just if not close to, as old as vaccines.

    • How about this from a woman who has a kid with autism? Vaccines don’t cause autism. Read Temple Grandin’s book “The Autistic Brain.” Autism is a NEUROLOGICAL disorder!

      • And NEUROLOGICAL disorders can, in fact, be caused by vaccines.

        • can is not the same as does… it’s hard to prove a negative (i.e. vaccines don’t cause XYZ) in general, but especially when there are so many poorly designed studies out there trying to show the opposite, and even though there are some pretty compelling sources that point at a complete lack of correlation/causation.

          your comment is the same as saying “drinking water can cause dementia” – everyone seems to drink it, and many old people suffer from dementia, whoaa

        • Vaccinations do not cause autism! Dr. Andrew Wakefield faked his results… Made up, fabricated, whatever else way you want to put it – he LIED. 95% + scientists who do the research agree….if you’re going to be science based and research all your health related decisions, then look at the research that disagrees with your position too. In an earlier post, you mention that there are 81 Pubmed articles that link autism to vaccinations. You fail to mention there are 1000’s of studies that show the exact opposite.

          • Katie

            1000s of studies? Really now? Where? I know of only 14.

            And it’s not hard to buy science.

    • I understand you’re looking for someone to blame–I would be too–but at this point you may as well blame applesauce. There’s just no link. Your child has Autism because because that’s the way God made him.

    • I have a child on the Autism Spectrum, I have 3 nephews, 1 cousin, 3 friend’s kids and 1 friend–all on The Autism Spectrum. And guess what, WE ALL VACCINATE. Why you might ask, because we are well educated (3 of us parents are MDs) and NONE of the parents/adults give in to the irrational, unsubstantiated fear that Autism is caused by vaccinations. Medical decisions are not always black and white, 99% of the time we are faced with choosing between good, better and best, not terrible and perfect. Vaccinating is the BEST choice because a) it protects the individual b) it protects the community c) it isn’t a perfect cure-all solution but it is better than NOT being vaccinated. Please vaccinate–for the sake of your kids and your community as a whole. It’s not a perfect “cure” it’s simply the best option!

    • I wasn’t aware that having a child with autism means that you are issued a degree in Biochemistry.

  9. Most cases of autism in children show symptoms before the child ever receives their MMR vaccine. And I have seen not creditable studies that confirm a link between vaccines had autism. Stop playing the blame game and vaccinate your damn kids. I am so sick of people blaming vaccines. I totally understand not giving the flu shot had I get it if it’s against your religion. But seriously, by not vaccinating it puts others at risk. A vaccine isn’t a guarantee but without them things like pertussis run rampant and babies die. There is no arguing those facts. I really wish people would stop blaming autism on vaccines. Find me some real proof and then maybe I will believe you.

    • The first MMR shot is administered between 12 – 15 months of age. Autism cannot typically be diagnosed accurately until around 24 months. Although warming symptoms tend to surface around 12 – 18 months. See a correlation there?

      Although I will stipulate that correlation does not always mean causation.

      • According to the Mayo Clinic and the Early Intervention Specialists who worked with P. (as well as many, many infants/kids with autism), warning symptoms can manifest much earlier (6 mo.+) – if you know what you’re looking for. The symptoms, according to our EI coordinators, that appear in infants are different than those that first appear in toddlers. Various professional diagnostic manuals now contain information for practitioners looking for the earliest signs of autism.

        • Granted, warning signs can show up much earlier than 12 months…6 months isn’t unheard of but is far from the norm. However, the article you site doesn’t say diagnosis is yet possible at that young age, just that it may be someday, with more study. It does speak to high and low risk groups of kids and how at 6mos development appeared normal in even the high risk group only to gradually regress by 12mos. What that says to me is that high risk children (those with family history on the spectrum, a sib on the spectrum, etc) should be more closely monitored – and my guess is they already are given their parents’ heightened awareness.
          That said, things change rapidly in the world of autism when it comes to both diagnosis and treatment. When I left work (just over 4 years ago) one of my biggest pet peeves was the use of the word autism as a catch all diagnosis (parents, doctors, professionals throwing it around without truly assessing a child) for all sorts of social and developmental disorders that truly didn’t belong on the spectrum. I know things have changed tremendously in the past four years and I hope they continue to do so. Accurate, early diagnosis is the key to better outcomes in adulthood.

          • Teresa

            most parents notice something is off with their children around the time they receive the MMR vaccine. Pretend play, verbal and non verbal communication…these are all things that are supposed to start happening around 12-18 months and when it doesn’t happen is when parents start thinking autism. My nephew was diagnosed at 18 months-the symptoms were apparent when he was a baby and my sister was on top of it. he showed symptoms way before he received his vaccine. he did not regress..there was nothing to regress from as he never hit one communication milestone as a baby including pointing which is a BIG BIG milestone for children and a main autism marker.

      • I see where the correlation may come into play but like you said, correlation doesn’t mean causation. My son has autism and, in his case, there was no *BAM* something’s different now. It just happened. No regression, no overnight change.

        Even if there correlation meant causation, what about the ones that don’t correlate?

      • You said it yourself…. ‘Realibly’ diagnosed. But most developmental pediatricians can notice signs before 12 months. This is a fact.

      • Nancy, you are very smart.

        • Thank you Keslie. :)

          • Patrice

            So far, in all of the comments and, even if I don’t agree with the premise of this blog post, I loved and learned from what you said Nancykp!

  10. Nope, not going to happen. Idc if you do or dont, but not vaccinating works for us. (: and I can assure you my “damn kids” are healthy. Our previous pediatrician and our new pediatrician even approve our refusal.
    I have a vaccine injured LO, and I won’t even test the waters with my other children. I did lots of research in the IU medical library in fact, and decided we were done.

    • AMEN!!!! Same here sister! My son got higher and higher fevers when we vaccinated. The last time he was almost unresponsive. No more vaccines for our family!!

    • This is exactly why the author of this post refers to non-vaccinating parents ‘selfish’. Yes, your child may be healthy. But what about the child next to yours in the grocery aisle, who has just finished chemo last week? Your kids measles might kill her and you’ll be blissfully unaware. We need vaccinations not only for our own children, but for EVERYONE’s. Our generation has no concrete understanding of these diseases because WE were VACCINATED. Clearly you didn’t really read the article or the citations. And a pediatrian can’t FORCE you to vaccinate, so sure they may ‘approve’ of you refusing to vaccinate. That doesn’t mean they agree or recommend it.

      • Have you received all of your vaccine boosters on a regular basis as an adult? If not, I would kindly recommend you stop criticizing other parents for the break down of what you would believe to be ‘herd immunity’, which has no Earthly way of existing due to vaccination

        • Herd immunity has no way of existing? I’d sure love to see a scientific citation there because the disease rates across the country would certainly disagree with you there.

          I mean, I’m sure that all these diseases disappeared rapidly following the introduction of their vaccines by chance. And I’m sure that the recent outbreaks of measles hit 80+% of unvaccinated people by chance. It absolutely is selfish not to vaccinate your kids and doing so not only puts them at risk, but puts other children and adults at risk.

        • I have since I legally had to get them or I was going to be suspended from school until I got them so I would like to comment on how it is selfish not to get the vaccinations because YOU think YOUR child is fine but how would you end up feeling if they did end up catching one of these illnesses and died? Just because they are healthy now does not in any way mean they will be later in life. Make the decisions that are best for your child.

      • Nichole Langham

        My job as a parent is to protect MY children. I cannot be responsible for all the children in my state.

        • Nichole Langham

          ^cont…. baby pushed enter..

          As a parent of 4, soon to be 5 kids, I take health seriously because *I* am my children’s health care provider. I utilize homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, honey, iodine, etc. for all our health issues. I do not fear these illnesses because there are MANY natural ways for them to be treated and first and foremost, prevented.

          If you take some time and look up each “disease” on webmd, you’ll find that majority require bed rest, fluids and rare cases abx. For the others like tetanus, meningitis, polio you have to look a bit further. Tetanus can be avoided with proper wound care and administration of hypericum and ledum, if you look these two up they are well known in the homeopathic world to prevent and stop tetanus, thus my kids get a dose with any wound that fails to bleed. As for meningitis, this one scared me into considering the vax, then I did some more research and found that the people receiving the vax were much more likely to catch it, so definitely not getting that and I purchased the meningitis nosode just in case. As for polio, the wild free polio no longer exists, instead thanks to the vaccines we now deal with a vax mutated polio that is harder to control/stop. Just to touch on a few others, smallpox no longer exists in the US either (per CDC website) and whooping cough can also be treated with oils, homeopathy and/or other means.
          Stop fearing the illness and find out how to prevent it or stop it.

          The reason we refuse to vax is not because of the fear of autism, that’s probably the LAST on my list of reasons. The uppermost is fear of death, so many children die from vaccines. Sids babies didn’t just drop dead with no know reason, a rare few, *maybe* but it’s become a catchall and seems to smooth over the issue of whether or not a vaccine received just a week prior could be the cause. Second on my list of reasons NOT to vax would be seizures, I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read from other parents whose children now suffer from seizures because of the toxic reaction from vaccines. Then of course there are the children who have a completely wrecked immune system and get sick constantly! The other reasons not to vax would be the ingredients used. I’m sorry but heavy metals, cells from animal organs and especially another human being have ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in my child’s body, particularly via injection into tissues.

          Most medicine now-a-days is fear based. Scare the crap out of people, push them to get our drugs or all powerful vaccines and don’t tell them any of the risks. I refuse to be duped into believing that vaccines are safe (I’ve seen reactions first hand) and I refuse to be pushed into harming *my* children because you think I owe society a favor. When my child is dead or injured from the vaccine, do you think society will stop and thank me for my child’s life? Will you? Didn’t think so.

          • Stacee

            Ha! Well said, Nicole! I was fear mongered into what I now consider “bad medicine” and have lived through the nightmarish horror and trauma of raising a vax injured child..NEVER again…and btw, you want to how much help I got from all the pro vaccine people screaming about how wonderful and safe they are after my child became severely disabled post vax? Not a damn cent, no help with respite care, special ed, divorce, bankruptcy NONE OF IT..vaccines, no thanks. Vaccine court? What a joke, the government pays who they want to. There is no recourse for parents of dead kids or vax injured kids, none.

          • Stacee

            Pro vaccine People bury your heads if you want to and believe medical myths, but I refuse to injure anymore of my children to satisfy your fears..

            Book: Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy

      • Lulubelle

        Bug off. No way am I going to chance ANY adverse reactions from any disease for some random guilt trip. You do what you want to keep your kids healthy. You want to vaccinate them, fine. I think it’s a bad idea, but they are YOUR kids. My kids are mine. I am keeping them away from injections of polysorbate 80, cells from aborted babies, aluminum, formaldehyde and all the other nasty ingredients in vaccines. As a result, my kids are way healthier than the averaged vaxxed kid…I have NO fear of taking my kids anywhere…even when they might interact with a recently vaxxed kid who is shedding live virus. My kid, my responsibility, my choice. This is the essence of freedom – and very telling that most pro-vaxxers think that it is perfectly OK to force their “choice” on me. My body, my childrens’ bodies, my choice.

      • I think she took one for the team with one vaccine-injured child.

        I hope you all are just blinded and not as coldhearted as you sound.

    • Nice to see your smiley is as backwards as you are.

    • Just wondering where you live as I know I can’t attend school unless I have all my shots up to date and I live in Canada. I was told unless I got the vaccinations then I would be suspended from my school as I was putting other children in danger and I completely agree. I’m not sure what the laws are where you live but the health department were the ones telling me I couldn’t attend school until I got the shot since I was supposed to have it 2 years previously.

      • Lulubelle

        It’s called freedom. That’s why we can still control what gets injected into our children’s bodies. You should try it up there in the Great North. (and yeah, we’re losing freedoms fast….but those of us who are still awake are fighting this evil.)

      • I live in Canada and my son goes to school here. He hasn’t had any vaccines and no problems with the school.

  11. Have you, as an adult, had all your boosters? If you are not then you are not vaccinated either so I guess you are also a danger to society. Every adult in America who has not had boosters are not vaccinated. If you believe in it you better stay on top of those shots.

    • :)

      • LOL. i went to the clinic today.. i was offered a flu, tetanus, and a pneumonia shot.. i turned them all down.. I’m also diabetic.. while I’m not against getting them, i felt uncomfortable as well.. I decided to hold off. Like i said i’m not for or against, so please don’t go off flaming me for not doing so.. i personally would rather not take any medications really.. i can also attest that when i was overweight, and had really high blood pressure and did not know i was diabetic, but had been feeling horrible, that changing my lifestyle, diet and exercise will take you a long way. I’m still not on any medication and can manage to keep my blood sugar in check as well as my blood pressure, both are dangerous and silent killers. I know i am more susceptible to getting “more” sick with-out these vaccinations, but honestly, living healthy seems the best way to go period.. take care of yourself. I know this article is about children, and me not having kids of my own i couldn’t say whether or not id get them vaccinated, although i probably would as children.. however as the comment i’m replying to is about being an adult getting vaccinated, personally i think ill probably pass..

        • You are part of the problem.

          I have several friends who are Type-1 diabetic, and others who are type-2. Diabetes has NO impact on vaccination. You’d rather not take medications? Dude, vaccines are not “medications” in the same way as blood pressure drugs or cholesterol meds. Vaccines stimulate your immune system to produce antibodies against viruses or bacteria. They strengthen your NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM by stimulating it.

          You skipped the vaccines because you “felt uncomfortable?” Seriously? *sigh* Yes, you are part of the problem.

        • Diabetes is a failure of your body due to abusing it (Overweight, diet, lack of exercise).

          Vaccines are for bacterial and viral diseases, these are NOT related to your health, you do NOT catch measles because you didn’t go for a run, you do NOT catch Tetnus from eating too many hamburgers, your advice of ‘Just be healthy’ is just plain wrong.

    • What adult who has yearly physicals wouldn’t be up to date??

      • I know very few adults who get booster shots. Very few. They have unwittingly rested the weight of carrying “herd immunity” on their children’s shoulders. Herd immunity…what a joke.

        • Chances are you aren’t up to date…most adults don’t get boosters. And most doctors haven’t offered them…although that is starting to change now.
          The best way to know what you are immune to (and, what you would need boosters for if you are interested in receiving them) is a simple blood titer test. Sometimes it is covered by insurance, but if it isn’t it’s only around $200 so it’s not outrageous. But this test will tell you what diseases you carry antibodies for in your bloodstream and therefore what you are theoretically immune to.
          We’ve had them done and the results were very interesting.

          The topic of herd immunity is even more controversial in some ways than vaccines themselves. And I agree with the poster above, herd immunity is a big joke. A bill of goods.

          • I think maybe you need a new doctor. My doctor checks my boosters every year at my physical. I am a 30 year old adult and am completely up to date on my vaccines.

            My anecdotal evidence just canceled yours out.

          • Herd immunity is proven by looking at disease rates for vaccine preventable disease in highly vaccinated communities vs. less-vaccinated communities. Take the UK for example vs. some states in the US. How is that a bill of goods? You are part of the vaccination problem in America. You spend all this time writing posts pretending to be highly researched and to have some ‘secret’ knowledge. That’s the real bill of goods here.

  12. I did research about vaccines before my daughter was born and I have chosen to use a slightly modified schedule, but she is still getting all of her vaccines. The issue I have with your blog is that you call innocent kids, “damn kids.” That is uncalled for, rude, and inappropriate. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that.

    • Christin

      Agree with then”damn kids”
      Very unprofessional

    • wow, lighten up

    • Dr. Reed

      If you actually looked at all available research you would find that the current cdc recommendations, backed by the aap is the only schedule that has serious data to back it up. What you are actually saying is the your “research” actually makes you more well informed then every doctor in the country. Including the ones who actually do vaccine research.

      • Dr. Reed, you obviously haven’t heard of “the internets” that gives a normal person the ability to do intense scientific research (from places like webmd, Wikipedia, and crazy people blogs). That’s why these people are more informed than every doctor in the country. Thank you “internets!”

      • Not all doctors agree 100% on this issue. When I did research, I read reputable books and medical journals on the subject. I researched the ingredients and the side effects of every vaccine. Very little research has been done regarding the safety of aluminum injected into babies. No one knows how quickly the aluminum leaves a baby’s system after an injection. The FDA regulates the amount of aluminum that can be given in one shot (which happens to be the amount of aluminum that is in Pediarix, 850 micrograms), but not the amount that can be given in 1 day. I make sure that my daughter only gets 1 shot with aluminum in it at a time. I wait about 2 weeks before she gets another shot with aluminum in it. I have selected the brands that we use based on the ingredients list and the side effects related to those ingredients. I’ve spoken with my daughter’s pediatrician about this and she supports my decision.

  13. Dr Margaret Aranda

    You did not mention the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination for girls 11-12 years old, to prevent cervical cancer. The relationship between HPV and cervical cancer is over 10 times more than that of lung cancer and smoking cigarettes. And HPV/cervical cancer is also increased by smoking cigarettes, having sex at an early age, having multiple sexual partners, and contracting Chlamydia infection. The vaccines are more safe each year, fewer side effects, yet American girls are not getting HPV vaccinations at the expected rates. More old data, ignorance, uneducation and self-education from ‘natural’ sources instead of NIH-funded sources are used by many. Women, we can make things better for our daughters. I know we can do this!
    Dr. Margaret Aranda (Coming Soon!)

    • Dr. Peter Reed

      Don’t forget to vaccinate the boys for HPV as well!

      • Lulubelle

        Don’t forget to look at how many girls have been killed or disabled from the HPV Vaccine.

  14. Dawn Warnock

    Regardless of whether I am a parent who vaccinates or does not vaccinate, I am truly offended that the only time you refer to “your DAMN child” is in reference to children with autism. Why don’t you refer to the children that suffered from some of these dreaded diseases as “that DAMN child”! Every child is special and should not be defamed because of their disability or decisions of their parents!

    • She did not refer to only children with autism as “damn child”. She was saying every single child. geeze.

    • I don’t think that’s what she meant.

      I’m not sure if you have a child with autism, but I do. And sometimes I get a little sensitive and can read into things further that they’re meant to be read into. I don’t think she meant it like you say.

  15. This is full of inaccurate, one-sided information. I am disgusted! Non-vaxers/selective vaxers never talk about people who vaccinate in this way.

    You are completely rude, expressing yourself in this manner is completely selfish.

    I also think it was so ignorant of you to talk of the parents of the seven year old with pertussis in that way. “He hadn’t been vaccinated because his parents believed what they read online about the risk of adverse reactions to vaccines.”

    Many people who do not vaccinate do not find their information on google. Many are well read. I would never make my decisions based on biased garbage that I find on the internet. Your blog post would be the perfect example of that. I found it interesting that all the sources you cited were online.

    Happy to not be your friend, I would dismiss you promptly. Funny enough, it would not be about the vaccine topic. It would be because you are judgmental and self righteous.

    • As a medical student, I can guarantee you that whatever information you are turning to is most certainly biased and one-sided if you choose not to vaccinate your children. ALL of the medical literature supports it from multiple research studies, from tons of different people. It’s not even a question for those that are willing to truly scour the literature, and it is available for you to find if you choose to seek it.

      She writes her posts out of frustration at the number of children who have to suffer the devastating effects of these outbreaks.

      The simplest evidence is this. Find data about the correlation between the invention of the vaccine (any number of vaccines will do, they all show the same thing regardless of disease type) and the outbreak numbers of the diseases. It shouldn’t be too hard to find. What you will find is there is overwhelming data to support that there is a direct correlation between the vaccine and the outbreak of disease, based on the specific timeframe in which the vaccines were invented and implemented.

      • Nichole Langham

        Haha, you say that whatever info she’s found against vaccines is biased… UMMM have you paid ANY attention at all to who makes the vaccines, supports those vaccines and makes money from them? I’d say that’s incredibly biased!!

        Most people against vaccines have seen the reactions first hand in their or another child close to them. They stand to gain nothing from warning people of the dangers of vaccines, something you fail to inform patients.

    • Suezenny

      Couldn’t agree more. I found the arrogance to be pretty “damn” high.

    • “non-vaxers/selective vaxers never talk about people who vaccinate that way”

      I take issue with that… I’ve seen and heard a lot of arrogant, shallow and plain offensive comments coming from convinced anti-vaccination folks. In the range of “you are poisoning your child” “you are an irresponsible parent” “you are illiterate if you’re not aware of the large conspiracy big pharma and the government are running against us and our children” etc

      I happen to be well educated, have an advanced degree in a scientific field, and also happen to know that most scientific research being produced in modern times is published online (not exclusively, but most content is available in digital format) – you don’t have to bring hardcover books to the table to be able to argue a point cogently.

    • Non-vaxers don’t talk to vaccinating parents this way because vaccinating parents present no risk to non-vaccinated kids (quite the opposite, we help keep your kids healthy). I believe very strongly in a live and let live approach for parenting decisions with the exception of vaccination, because your child’s vaccination status could directly impact my child’s health. To me, not vaccinating is like sending your child to school obviously contagiously ill and saying it’s fine because everyone else should have taught their kids to wash their hands. You put my child at risk by not vaccinating, so it’s natural that parenting tensions and emotions run high in this discussion.

      • Vaxed children actually can be a threat to non-vaxed children. It is called “live” or “active” shedding. This shedding is actually a risk to both the vaxed and non-vaxed.

      • Lulubelle

        Wow, my non-vaxxed child hasn’t been injected with virus bits and pieces, hasn’t had their immune system compromised with toxic chemicals and isn’t shedding viruses after vaccine, like your kids do….but I’m putting your kids at risk by sending a “contagious kid” to school. SMH – Listen to yourselves. YOU are the ones sending a contagious kid to school, because your kid has been shot up with viruses that shed and chemicals that don’t belong in the human body. It’s OK, though, because my kids’ immune systems are fine. They haven’t been assaulted by injecting chemicals and monkey kidney viruses into their precious muscles. We’ll be fine. Keep your damn shots.

    • Sally – I agree. This is one of the most arrogant blog posts I have read on this topic in a very long time. It is completely one-sided and full of a lot of misleading information. Very poorly done!

      • What misleading information? The truth? Dude, I hate when people tell me the truth and it’s not what I wanted to hear. Sarcasm very intended.

    • Oh no?

      Seems to me they WOULD act this way AND hassle grieving parents that have babies that have died of VPDs

  16. PS. Children DO NOT get Tdap, they receive DTap. But since you are so well read I am sure you knew that.

  17. Skye Howell

    Good article, however Autism is not simply genetic, it has been proven to also be environmental, caused by an imbalance in the microbial make up of the babies gut. Which can make babies more vulnerable to vaccinations which are now acknowledged among the scientific community as an environmental trigger. Unfortunately, there is no test available way to know if your child has this GI imbalance… So it’s kind of like playing Roulette. Maybe your baby will react, maybe they won’t. Maybe you know you got a fever while you were pregnant, maybe you don’t realize it can affect your baby. Maybe your baby will get Whooping Cough, which is treatable. Maybe the vaccination will trigger Autism, which is not treatable yet. Autism is the biggest epidemic facing our children today. Here is a current research based article on the most recent findings. The conclusion states the research to date most simply.

    • Skye Howell

      PS This article is the proof, Megan. The studies are just beginning to be published since they have taken years to develop research based conclusions.

    • Autism is not curable yet, but it is very treatable. There are speech therapists, behavioral therapists, special needs preschools, etc, etc. Gluten-free works for SOME autistic kids (and many other -free variations today).

      You can treat the symptoms and improve their functionality immensely with early intervention. So while there isn’t a cure or really a true knowledge of the “why” of this disorder (other than it’s neurological and can include several other diagnosis on top of that including the “gut” problems), please don’t say it’s untreatable.

      • Skye Howell

        * I would like to retract that, my apologies, it is absolutely treatable, I meant to say curable. I work in the Behavioral Health field with many families and am able to observe and facilitate many therapeutic interventions while working with individuals who are diagnosed on the spectrum.
        One thing I think many people do not know is that there are many forms of Autism which manifest at different times and with different etiologies. Classical Autism is genetic and occurs from birth, but only accounts for 10-15%, Regressive Autism occurs between the ages of 18-24 months following normal development and is related to an environmental trigger. This could be a food allergy, reaction to antibiotics during an illness, vaccination or other triggers.
        The research is just being published and it is now being accepted across the medical field as a means of understanding and treating individuals with Autism.

        • “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” is an excellent resource for more information on this!!

  18. My niece has severe chronic neutropenia also called the bubble boy disease. Her body can’t fight off measles or chicken pox, etc.. Every one of you that refuse to vax put her life in danger. That is the epitome of selfishness.

    • I’m very curious, can she be vaccinated or would it hurt her? You are right though, every parent that isn’t vaccinating is putting that little girl in danger.

      • She couldn’t get the live vaccinations like MMR or the chicken pox. And, depending on which immunodeficiency she has, the others might be a waste of time and not work anyway.

    • Lulubelle

      Every one that vaxxes, especially with a live virus, puts your child at risk. My nonvaxxed child with a healthy, robust immune system is the one who is NOT shedding virus as a result of being vaccinated. I am sorry that your child has this disorder. However, it is YOUR responsibility as your child’s parent to deal with your child’s health issues. I am NOT going to put my child at risk of very serious adverse events from vaccines, from mild fevers to disability to death, on the off chance that we might someday walk through the same room and you might try to blame me for your child’s problems.

  19. James Grant, MPH

    That was thunderous. Thanks for taking the time to say what needed to be said so well! All the best to you and yours, and good on you for doing what’s best for your kids and everyone else’s kids.

    p.s. That sources section is _epic_.

  20. Amen.

  21. areawoman

    Absolutely fantastic response to the growing anti-vaxx idiocy. It’s about time people started pushing back at the ridiculous woo and “research” these people believe. Looking on the internet at anti-vaccination sites and reading journal article abstracts is not research, people.

  22. Cristine

    How degrading and disrespectful! I am one that does vaccinate my 3 children but if you think that you are going to change anyone’s mind by spewing garbage and half truth facts like a total lunatic you might be sadly mistaken. The world will never be the way you see fit. I suggest you stay in your little bubble with your children and not let them live their childhood because you are an over reactor mother that thinks their child my end up ill if you don’t get a shot record from everyone on the playground. Live alittle! Worry about yourself! You have no control over what others do, so just stop trying. I recommend a therapist !

    • Garbage and half-truths? Good grief, everything she posted was factual. You’re living in a world of delusions where infectious disease is not a worry to you, but vaccines which have been proven safe and effective are not for your kids. You are putting other people’s children at risk with your archaic, non-scientific beliefs.

      • There is lots if “scientific proof” if you would take the time to research it.

      • ashley

        I am a doctor, and I vaccinate children… However, I get annoyed to no end with “fear mongering” articles like this…

        i’ve just skimmed the material, so I am sure I can form an argument for each comment the poster made, play devil’s advocate… I’ll just pick one..

        “Tetanus: Tetanus is a bacterial infection that you can get when a cut or puncture wound is exposed to dirt, feces, or spit (so, basically, any cut a kid gets). Symptoms include headaches, painful muscle cramping of the jaw, muscle spasms throughout the body, and seizures. The muscle cramps are intense enough to break the infected person’s bones and can make it impossible to breathe. 10-20% of patients will die, usually as a result of this breathing difficulty.”

        Actually the statement above is a fear mongering half truth:

        She is right that you can get clostridium tetani from those mentioned above, but she does not mention that it also is housed in our digestive systems. (CDC Pink Book).

        Further, there are 3 types of tetanus: local, general, and cephalic… general accounts for 80% of tetanus diagnoses, where symptoms may not be favored, but recovery happens over time, not death… (CDC pink book)

        1% of local cases is fatal (CDC Pink Book). In the 20% who have cephalic or local (which makes up about 5% of the total cases), one in 10 of those may die… (CDC Pink Book) note: Cephalic is usually due to an ear infection of c. tetani in the middle ear (no puncture wound about it)

        “Today, tetanus is uncommon in the United States, with an average of 29 reported cases annually from 2000 through 2009.” …….”More than half of the reported cases from 2001 through 2009 were among persons younger than 50 years of age, but almost all of the fatal cases were in persons age 65
        and older.” (CDC Pink Book)… and yes there can be an argument that young ones get vaxxed… but the death toll is still 90% higher for 65 and over even though half of those 29 cases were kids…

        “Efficacy- Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine efficacy has “never been studied in a vaccine trial” ” (CDC pink book)
        “Duration of Protection- Approximately 10 years” (CDC pink book)

        Bottom Line: 3 people may die per year from tetanus in the USA, 90% of the 3 people statistically are older than 65… efficacy only lasts 10 yrs… and according to the CDC there have been ZERO safety/efficacy studies done on the tetanus toxoid… (so I can totally understand there is an argument for anti-vaxxers.. and a good one albeit)

        Also not mentioned, IVIG or TIG can be administered to reverse most tetanus symptoms…

        So to put this into perspective… in 2011, 29 deaths occurred in children due to tv’s falling on them in the USA… 10 times more often than dying from tetanus, death will occur from a tv falling on your child… but actually since only one of those 3 deaths will occur in children, the likelihood of your child dying from a tv falling on them is more than 28 times higher than your child dying from tetanus..

        Bottom line: choosing not to vaccinate your child from tetanus or choosing to vaccinate your child from tetanus on an alternate schedule truly is NOT going to harm your child, statistically speaking…

        pick yourself up a CDC Pink Book and study it…

    • As a medical student, I can guarantee you that whatever information you are turning to is most certainly biased and one-sided if you choose not to vaccinate your children. ALL of the medical literature supports it from multiple research studies, from tons of different people. It’s not even a question for those that are willing to truly scour the literature, and it is available for you to find if you choose to seek it.

      She writes her posts out of frustration at the number of children who have to suffer the devastating effects of these outbreaks.

      The simplest evidence is this. Find data about the correlation between the invention of the vaccine (any number of vaccines will do, they all show the same thing regardless of disease type) and the outbreak numbers of the diseases. It shouldn’t be too hard to find. What you will find is there is overwhelming data to support that there is a direct correlation between the vaccine and the outbreak of disease, based on the specific timeframe in which the vaccines were invented and implemented.

      • There are also correlations of disease rates being heightened. Pertussis was approved and soon after Hib rates went through the roof. Hib was approved and before you know it pneumococcal and meningococcal had taken over.

        The evidence is not as simple as you state. I am more concerned about the fact that these vaccines have not even been tested in terms of being carcinogenic. Or whether or not they will impair fertility in the future. These tests have not been done, the inserts of the vaccines state that.

        I am raising my children for now and for the future. That is what concerns me.

        • There’s definitely not any worthwhile evidence for pertussis rates going up. In fact, the majority of the studies show it going down!! Pertussis is a benchmark vaccine commonly used because the evidence is so strong for it. Not only do you have the initial vaccinations decreasing outbreaks significantly, but you also have the evidence which is very steadfastly linked to the recent declines in vaccination out in Washington (as well as other places. And trust me – there is absolutely no linkage to increases in other diseases. The mechanism of vaccination does not make you weaker to other diseases, it simply does not work that way. It simply primes your body to produce antigens against those specific bacteria, a process which happens on a daily basis.

          If you were making an argument against vaccines, pertussis is definitely not the one to choose.

          It’s one thing to find one study that shows one thing… but doctors have been doing this much longer than any one of these “expert moms”, scouring the literature for the latest. They are walking talking review papers. And they all say the same thing!!! VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!! You may not understand the literature or the mechanisms, but that’s why people went through pre-med and medical school, residency, and attendance for as many years. And they all say the same thing. There’s a reason doctors are so adamant about this, and it’s not money, it’s the research that proves it.

          • I think it is interesting that you say pertussis is a bad example. Considering most people in an outbreak are vaccinated. Plus the fact that the vaccine has the highest reactionary record of any other….


          • And no offense but the people that give my child his immunizations have no idea what’s in them or what the reactions are. They have to go look in their big books. The lady I just spoke to at the center did not even know what brand was not approved for my son and his age range.

          • ashley


            Hold tight, my friend.. Pertussis is absolutely one to form arguments…

            I am a doctor, and I vaccinate children… We do not learn much about vaccines in medical school except that we need to administer them, though I appreciate your kind remarks…

            Here is some of the latest research regarding the recent “rise” in pertussis…


        • If you have a daughter that gets pregnant and happens to get rubella, she will most likely give birth to a baby with a birth defect. Good luck.

          • ashley

            if she is in the first trimester, so I suggest she be cautious and get the rubella vaccine prior to getting pregnant…

  23. areawoman

    Additionally, I would like to note that this trend of feeling to present two sides of every argument like they are completely equal and valid is ridiculous. If you had a blogger write a blog post about how science proves the earth is round, giving all the physics and astronomical evidence for such a claim, would you then feel the need to then allow some crack pot to present all the evidence on how they think the earth is actually flat? Because of this flawed reasoning, children are dying of pertussis and measles again. As Richard Dawkins said, “When two opposite points of view are expressed with equal force, the truth does not necessarily lie midway between them. It is possible for one side to simply be wrong.”

  24. “So don’t try to pull some ridiculous excuse that your vaccination choice is just between you and your doctor when you’re actively putting my kids at risk.”

    ^ Boom!

  25. Thanks for this! My daughter is neutropenic and cant get any “live” vaccinations including mmr or chicken pox. Scares me to death leaving her unvaccinated for those. Vaccinate you kids people! Especially for the health and safety of those around you!

  26. Please do your own research! the medical industry and corporate media are not to be trusted without any critical investigation on your own part.. It is NOT just a “coincidence” that 100’s of THOUSANDS of people have seen their children permanently damaged or die immediately after vaccination. I know families who have seen with their own eyes perfectly healthy children suffer: SIDS, autism, tourrette’s, severe allergies, after shots and one adult who now has Gulf War Syndrome after shots given to him by the Navy. An ongoing study out of Germany comparing disease rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated children points to a pretty clear disparity between the two groups as far as illness rates are concerned.

    As reported by the group Health Freedom Alliance, children who have been vaccinated according to official government schedules are up to five times more likely to contract a preventable disease than children who developed their own immune systems naturally without vaccines.

    What The Study Revealed
    Released as its own preliminary study back in September 2011, the survey includes data on 8,000 unvaccinated children whose overall disease rates were compared to disease rates among the general population, the vast majority of which has been vaccinated. And in every single disease category, unvaccinated children fared far better than vaccinated children in terms of both disease prevalence and severity. In other words, the evidence suggests that vaccines are neither effective nor safe.

    “No study of health outcomes of vaccinated people versus unvaccinated has ever been conducted in the U.S. by CDC or any other agency in the 50 years or more of an accelerating schedule of vaccinations (now over 50 doses of 14 vaccines given before kindergarten, 26 doses in the first year),” wrote Louis Rain back in 2011 for Health Freedom Alliance about the survey.

    How The Health Of Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Children Compared
    As disclosed at, vaccinated children are nearly twice as likely as unvaccinated children to develop neurodermatitis, for instance, a skin disorder marked by chronic itching and scratching. Similarly, vaccinated children are about two-and-a-half times as likely, based on current data, to develop a pattern of migraine headaches compared to unvaccinated children.

    The numbers are even more divergent for asthma and chronic bronchitis, where vaccinated children are about eight times more likely than unvaccinated children to develop such respiratory problems. Vaccinated children are also far more likely to develop hyperactivity, hayfever, and thyroid disease, with their likelihood three times, four times, and a shocking 17 times higher, respectively, compared to unvaccinated children.

    Autism Extremely Rare Among Unvaccinated Children

    Where the gloves really come off on the issue, however, is with autism, the long-held point of contention in the vaccine safety debate. According to the data, only four of the 8,000 unvaccinated children that were included in the 2011 release of the study responded as having severe autism, which is a mere half of one percent of the overall population. Meanwhile the autism rate among the general population, as tabulated in the German KiGGS study used for comparison, is about 1.1 percent.

    This means that vaccinated children are about 2.5 times more likely to develop severe autism compared to unvaccinated children, a shocking find when considering the medical establishment vehemently denies any link whatsoever between vaccines and autism.

    • Dr. Peter Reed

      You do realize when the Health Freedom alliance speaks, the scientific community just hears “quack, quack, quack”. Science denial may be fun for some, but not for the rest of us trying to help people.

    • Chris,

      Your post is full of logical fallacies:

      1) You cite “100’s [sic] of THOUSANDS of people” whose children die or develop life-altering or life-threatening complications from vaccines. However, you cite no source for this figure. While the figure is probably correct if you look at the entire history of global vaccination (millions upon millions of people), where does this extraordinary claim come from? And what percentage of the overall vaccinated population does it represent? My guess is a tiny fraction – possibly less than 1%.

      2) You equate dying from a preventable disease like diphtheria, tetanus, or measles with “chronic itching” and “hay fever.”. Personally, I’d rather have an itchy, sneezy live child than a dead child with pristine skin and clear sinuses.

      3) Regarding the study’s findings about autism, a single study with a small sample size (8,000) is not enough to constitute “proof.” And while your math is faulty (4 out of 8,000 is .05% and not 0.5%), the study says this is the number of children who developed “SEVERE autism” (emphasis mine), while it is comparing that number to the rate of OVERALL autism (which presumably includes mild, moderate, and severe autism).

      Hopefully, this will clarify the actual value of your research.


    • Skye Howell

      Thanks for this, Chris!
      It appears that the vast majority of pro vaccination parents have not encountered the life long effects of a vaccination reaction nor had access to legitimate scientific research. The likes of Jenny Mcarthy and Dr. Wakefield have only convoluted any possible connections.
      The push for vaccinations among the medical community and the CDC makes parents feel like they are conspiracy theorists if they ask questions about the logic of 25 vaccines before 18 months.
      We are fortunate to have a mindful pediatrician who acknowledges there are risks involved when vaccinating and is willing to break up the vaccination schedule and omit some as well as supports us in not vaccinating due to family medical risk factors. My husbands brother had an extreme reaction to vaccinations and his mother was advised by a Neurologist to not vaccinate him or siblings. Because of this, we will not be vaccinating him. Am I concerned that he may catch a communicable disease? Absolutely. But in this situation, he is more at risk to an adverse vaccine reaction.
      As parents, we each make the best decision for our child. For some of us that decision goes against the grain. And to call that selfish is unreasonable, given that the majority of parents who vaccinate are doing so to protect their child from a disease, just I am protecting mine. What I cannot understand is why people result to name calling and hatred instead of education.

    • Dee Latta

      Hahahahaa! You are pro-vax, yet you worry about what you FEED your kids?? Organic food? Afraid of a little GMO??

      Don’t you worry your crunchy little brain about what’s in those vaccines!!

      WOOOOOPS!! You almost bought something with MSG in it??

      Yeah, and you put it back on the shelf, didn’t you??

      And don’t WHOOP on your child??

      Don’t worry. Your neighbour who just vaccinated her child for pertussis will take care of that for you. It’s called SHEDDING!!

      Crunch on that!

      Oh, and I have 2 out of 3 vaccine injured, disabled children. I was also injured by a vaccine 26 years ago. I spared my 3rd child & she’s the only one who will succeed out of the 3 children, unfortunately. Damned proud of her university education & success. Wish that were the case for all 3.

      Our injuries are listed on the vaccine inserts you all seem to ignore.

  27. Amanda A.

    Thank you for wording this so strongly. I was never immunized as a child and had to become up-to-date as an adult to work as an RN. Much like yourself I was terrified to learn of the diseases I could’ve contracted or spread in my community so easily, especially to tiny infants. You may save a life because of all this, so don’t let the comments get you down!

    • …. WHAT!? Like.. How. How do you find that at all a logical thing to say?

      You mean to tell us that you went completely unvaccinated until adulthood, and you not only did not die from a communicable disease, but you didn’t kill any young infants either!? That must truly be a modern day miracle!

      Or maybe unvaccinated kids simply aren’t the disease spreading invalids that articles like this would like to portray them to be. I’d be lying if I said I weren’t curious to know how many of these horrible, deadly illnesses you contracted and survived through as a child. Only to end up with that pesky life-long immunity that you can now use to protect your breastfed children, if/when you have children, if you don’t already. Thank you kindly for being living, breathing, typing proof that there is more to this decision than ‘vaccination or death’.

      • Dee Latta

        My 23 year old hasn’t died yet either. Completely unvaccinated. Enjoys robust health. Only disease she ever caught was chicken pox from her vaccinated & ‘protected’ siblings, both of whom were covered from head to toe with CP. The unvaxxed one had so few pox, they were simple to count. 10.

        My nephew CAUGHT whooping cough from the vaccine that was supposed to protect him from it.

        Your science is FLAWED.

  28. Dr. Peter Reed

    You do realize when the Health Freedom alliance speaks, the scientific community just hears “quack, quack, quack”. Science denial may be fun for some, but not for the rest of us trying to help people.

  29. Tina Teigen

    I can’t thank you enough for writing this on behalf of the vast majority of parents who vaccinate their children.
    I have 2 step daughter’s who’s mother refuses to vaccinate them. Her beliefs are based on past studies that have since been proven wrong, internet blogs from anti vaccination believers… and complete ignorance- even though her daughter (now 6) almost died of whooping cough when she was 3. My husband and I vaccinate the 2 children we have together at home……. and the latest of events? My 2 step daughters were at our house a couple weekends ago and my husband made the decision to take them along to get Flu shots with the rest of us. The outcome of this was the nastiest of all emails from their mother. “how dare we vaccinate her children”. I am in complete awe of her response and reasoning and any other parent out there who does not vaccinate their child. Why would you put your child in harms way? Why would you choose not to protect them? I pray for the girls every day that they do not aquire an illness that could have been prevented . I hope their are stricter penalties in the future for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. This is not a personal choice. You are not only putting your children as risk you are putting other children at risk.

    • The father has every right to vaccinate his children, the mom sounds like an idiot. I would have done the same thing and taken the kids to get ALL of their vaccines updated, once it’s done there is not a single thing the mother can do about it and your children are protected. Case solved.

      • Lulubelle

        Perhaps you should do a little bit of research and find that the more vaccines given at the same time = greater likelihood of adverse events.

  30. A friend of mine shared this with me and I’m so pleased she did. Thank you for stepping up and saying what I’ve been saying about autism. It’s NOT caused by vaccines! My son is 6yo and has had his autism diagnosis for 3 years (wow, it’s been that long?) and I’ve never thought it was vaccine-related. And I am so so so TIRED of hearing that. Great article!

    • Dee Latta

      Your son is 6 & he was diagnosed 3 years ago?

      Maybe he was born that way. Or MAYBE he was given the Hep B vaccine at birth, thus removing ANY opportunity for you to ever be able to say he was normal! Has it occurred to you that the Hep B vaccine was INTENDED to remove any chance for parents of autistic children the chance to say their child was normal? How about those numbers of autism that keep increasing. The more vaccines given, the higher those numbers get..

      BTW, I WATCHED my son go from normal to autistic. MOST of us did.

  31. Justanothergranolamom

    Excellent !!!!!! Spot on. And some of you people need to lighten up. Very, very well said.

  32. AMomLikeAnyOther

    I think “vaccine your damn kids” is completely the wrong way to go about bringing mommies who only want to do what’s best for their children around to your way of thinking.

    I think the selfish comment is spot on. I am selfish! I don’t want my child to have grand mal seizures for the good of public health. What mommy isn’t selfish when it comes to protecting their babies. If a speeding train is coming and you have time to save your child or a stranger’s child or even a niece…you would choose yours 100% of the time. That’s actually why you’re writing this article isn’t it?

    Not that you wouldn’t try to save that other child. Not that you wouldn’t want them to be safe and healthy and unharmed. But you have to save your baby first in a the way you see fit!

    I’m on the fence about vaxing my precious little girl. Not because I fear autism, or the small bits of aluminum or mercury or formaldehyde in one vaccine. I’m one the fence because I read from the companies who make those vaccines the side effects. If my little girl or my older boys who were vaxed has a seizure and is damaged for life, I’m not going to take comfort in the fact that “at least I did my civic duty”.

    I’m also afraid of the cumulative amounts of those ingredients. Babies gets a lot of vaccines in a short amount of time! That amount that’s less than in that of a pear multiples quickly.

    The DTaP vaccine even has a side effect of SIDS!!!! SIDS!!!

    All these rebuttals to not vaxing never EVER address these things. These are the things I fear. I look over at my little girl and I hope that I’m doing the best thing for her and her brothers. But on this issue, I honestly don’t know what that is. So I can’t just take a chance that the baby I love may not be with me because of something I did to her.

    You’re spot on that I’m selfish. Where you’re wrong is thinking that you’re not.

    • AMomLikeAnyOther

      Also, don’t prolifers(not that I am or not) have a right to know that some vaccines contain cells from aborted fetuses? The whole truth…the benefits…the risks…the side effect should all be divulged so that parents can make completely informed decisions.

      • Dr. Reed

        There is no vaccine that contains aborted fetal tissue or cells. You are grossly mistaken. Culturing virus in human cell lines is not the same as vaccine containing human cells. You misunderstand the process.

        • AMomLikeAnyOther

          That is quite possible. However, if aborted fetuses are involved in anyway people have the right to be informed fully. It is unethical to provide care that conflicts with one’s religious and philosophical beliefs without their fully informed consent.

          Also, if the vaccine companies list SIDS as a possible side effect in their package insert every single parent should be fully informed. When you have an Rx you can take that info home and read the full list. With vaccines we don’t get that opportunity. I wouldn’t mind having a doc go over the possible effects based on the brand they are giving that day. Then let me decide with all the information.

          • They are not involved… No aborted fetus cells in vaccinations.

            What you fail to understand about vaccinations so that they protect against terrible, terrible diseases. I was a pediatric intensivist for several years and saw children die of pertussis and chicken pox in particular. You are protecting your children against that…and it’s a terrible thing. My 7 month old son is and will be fully vaccinated, not for the common good but for his good.

          • I wanted to reply to Sarah, who wrote below you, but there was no reply button beneath her post.

            This shows who read the vaccine inserts and who does not. Yes Sarah. They do use aborted fetal tissue when making MMR, and MMRV. This baby was a three month fetus who was aborted by choice and not for the vaccine. But was ultimately used to culture these vaccines. If you look up WI-38 you will find that this is the baby I am talking about. On the insert it is listed as WI-38. Also known as human diploid cells.

            Even if I vaccinate with other vaccines I will not be using MMR due to the use of these cells. I in no way support abortion and this is no exception.

            A baby was aborted and now used to make a vaccine. I cannot morally wrap my head around that.

          • You can’t do it factually, either. It happened decades ago, and the cell lines were cultivated and grown. The cells used now weren’t even part of the original baby. Even the Catholic church has officially declared the use of these vaccines as acceptable.


          • Mike I would love more explanation. It seems pretty clear to me where the cells originated. But, I am always up to learning more. Thanks!


  33. Shawn Siegel

    Sure. Or, research. If you pull up the list of all the symptoms – that is, adverse vaccine reactions – in the VAERS database – that’s the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – and arrange them in order of the frequency reported, peppered among the top 5% – among the ones we’d expect to see, like, nausea, swelling at the injection site, and so on – are the following, which I’ve also listed in order of frequency of report. I didn’t continue through to the top 10%, because this list alone damns the industry’s constant characterization of serious vaccine damage as extremely rare, and when you consider that actual serious adverse reactions are grossly underreported, all bets are off:

    Herpes zoster
    Loss of consciousness
    Viral infection.
    Febrile convulsion
    Guillain-Barre Syndrome
    Otitis media
    Unresponsive to stimuli
    Speech disorder.
    Anaphylactic reaction
    Grand mal convulsion
    Upper respiratory tract infection
    Bacterial infection
    Respiratory disorder
    Multiple sclerosis
    Gastrointestinal disorder.
    Lung disorder
    Abortion spontaneous
    Cardiac arrest
    Hepatic function abnormal
    Respiratory arrest
    Skin disorder
    Immune system disorder
    Rheumatoid arthritis.

    • Dr. Reed

      All best are not off. There continues to be study after study confirming the safety on vaccines. Although adverse reactions are possible, they are extremely rare. If you look at the actual rates of anything you list, you will find the numbers to be very, very small

      • Dr. Reed, please site (specifically, with links if possible) the independent “study after study confirming the safety on vaccines.” Oh, you can’t because there aren’t any. The ONLY studies done are those paid for by the vaccine manufacturers. There are no independent lab studies that have been done. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH.
        A bit like the fox watching the hen house.

        • Dr. Reed

          I would be happy to post links. There are literally hundreds of studies. Many are published yearly as there is always a ton of data on seasonal flu. Check out CIDRAPs website at the university of Minnesota. There are some of the best flu researchers out there. Many of these studies are observational meaning that manufacturers are not involved. You rail against doctors many times in your posts. You’re arguing against basic science that is well accepted and well proven. Are vaccines perfect. Definitely not. Are they safe for most people. Yes. Are they important for public health and safety? Immensely. Again, your science denial is a danger to you and those around you. You obviously don’t read the literature year after year. Vaccinations are a choice but that does not change the Fact that they serve a very important purpose. Seems like you do just enough internet research to be dangerous.

          • Nancykp

            I checked out the site you referred to. Efficacy does not mean something is safe, it simply means it does the job it was intended to do x% of the time. Observational studies tend only to look at outcomes (efficacy) and results can be heavily skewed, especially if the focus is very narrow (for example looking at the efficacy of a treatment but not looking at the side effects).
            There have been NO independent studies done – by private labs that receive no funding from/by pharmaceutical companies or government funds. The folks doing the “research” today have a stake in the outcome of the study.
            I do not “rail against” anyone. I argue the opposing side, true, but I don’t rail. The science is neither proven (no independent studies) nor widely accepted (as exemplified by even just the few folks here who question vaccines).
            I have NEVER said vaccines don’t serve a purpose. I have NEVER said that vaccines do not have a place in a person’s medical care. What I have said is that vaccines are not appropriate for everyone. The CDC says that, the manufacturers of the vaccines say that in their package inserts. There is a government website run by HHS and the CDC that is dedicated to making people aware of who should and should not receive certain vaccines. Here is the link for you:
            (the list they provide on the website is partial, for a full list of contraindications to a specific vaccination and all possible side effects you need to refer to the manufacturer’s product insert)
            There is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program set up by the federal government and funded by pharmaceutical companies that has paid out over $2.6 billion in compensation awards for over 3300 vaccine injured children since 1989 (when the fund was established).
            You say vaccines are safe for most people. Okay. That may be true, I will grant you that. How do you know if you/your child will be “most people” and the vaccine will be safe for you/your child until it’s too late? A person can always decide to vaccinate, but they can never decide to unvaccinate.
            I do read the literature year after year. I am not in “science denial” as you so nicely put it. Science, like anything else, is not infallible…I don’t blindly follow anything.
            I am blessed to have board certified, licensed Harvard and SUNY med school graduates as the doctors for my family and we work in concert to provide the best possible care for my family. They help to keep me up to date on the latest research. We discuss vaccines at almost every visit.
            I’ll let them know you don’t think they are up to the task of educating me and my family about our health care needs. I am sure that will snap them out of their “science denial.”

      • Lulubelle

        Yep, Merck, GSK and Sanofi-Pasteur all pay for the best “science.”

    • VAERS is not evidence. From VAERS own site: Many different types of adverse events occur after vaccination. About 85-90% of the reports describe mild adverse events such as fever, local reactions, and episodes of crying or mild irritability. The remaining reports reflect serious adverse events involving life-threatening conditions, hospitalization, permanent disability, or death, which may or may not have been caused by a vaccine.

      Read the last sentence carefully, there is no scientifically known link to any serious injury and a vaccine, and VAERS is just a simple reporting system for anyone to fill out, regardless of scientific credentials. By it’s own admission, it’s not evidence of a link with vaccines and any assorted trauma. Heck someone reported on there that a vaccine turned them into the Incredible Hulk. Does that mean a vaccine made someone turn into a big green superhero?

    • Every single medication has a similar list and that’s because they have to put it on the list if even only one person in the millions who receive it suffer from that side effect.

  34. Katie K.

    I can relate — I was a co-op preschool mom for nine consecutive years. Both kids wore cloth diapers most of the time. I made my own playdough, for heaven’s sake. But I vaccinated my kids on time. I have worked in a preschool-8 grade school for 13 years and so far nothing serious has happened. But I have no patience with parents who opt out of vaccinations. Thank you for your post.

  35. Thank you. I wrote about my pro-vaccination stance on where I freelance, and the haters came out. I can respect others anti-vaccination views when it is cemented in scientific fact, not media speculation or unreliable studies.

    I did have a lot of self-dubbed “hippie” moms like yourself come to my defense. When it’s about our kids’ health, you’ve got to know the facts!

    • “I can respect others anti-vaccination views when it is cemented in scientific fact”

      That exists?

      • Yep! Simple research proves it :)

        • Not it doesn’t. There’s no scientific credence to the anti-vax position. They are founded on junk science, from Wakefield to Mercola.

  36. Great post! This controversial article obviously triggered some emotions on both sides of the argument. Personally, I’m for vaccinating, but it is interesting to see where people are coming from. Looking forward to more articles on this site. Thank you for challenging us!

  37. Samantha

    I have a question. I don’t understand about the herd immunization. I don’t get how a certain percentage of the population must be vaccinated in order the vaccines to be effective. I thought that you either are or are not vaccinated. Can anyone explain this to me? Even better, does anyone have researched proof with articles to back this? Thank you

    • Dr. Reed

      Herd immunity is very important. It’s not everyone for themselves when it comes to vaccinations. This explains it well.

      • “That vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades.

        If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having vaccine protection. That is, herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.

        When we examine the scientific literature, we find that for many of the vaccines protective immunity was 30 to 40%, meaning that 70% to 60% of the public has been without vaccine protection. Again, this would mean that with a 30% to 40% vaccine-effectiveness rate combined with the fact that most people lost their immune protection within 2 to 10 year of being vaccinated, most of us were without the magical 95% number needed for herd immunity. This is why vaccine defenders insist the vaccines have 95% effectiveness rates.”
        Dr. Russell Blaylock

        – See more at:

        • Dr. Reed

          Dr. Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon and well known quack who prays on the fearful and sells lots of books. Not a researcher.

        • Nancykp you only quote sources from anti-vax websites…

          Quote real medical literature from peer reviewed publications please.

          • wiwille

            That’s not possible.

          • Nancykp

            Actually I don’t quote only from anti-vax websites. If you read the bulk of my responses you will see that the information I quote comes from the CDC and HHS. Decidedly NOT anti-vax sites.
            Yet, the info they provide is damning to the pro-vax cause.

  38. Elizabeth

    I vaccinate my kids on a selective and delayed schedule. Though I am not staunchly anti-vaccine, this post certainly makes me feel that way. I guarantee that your blog post will not encourage one single non-vaxing parent to change their mind. Your tone is so abrasive that it will only succeed in putting parents on the defensive. If you * really* and truly want to open a dialogue about this and even perhaps get parents to consider the validity of your points, you absolutely cannot have this demeaning tone to your opinions. The reality is that more and more parents are choosing not to vaccinate. Those numbers are going up every day. And posts like these are not helping. If you really want to get people to consider your point of view, you need to come to the table, ready to LISTEN. You need to be ready to RESPECT that non-vaxing parents are doing the same thing as you: making the choice that they believe is best for their child. Without those ingredients, the debate is pointless and you will only succeed in widening the gap and entrenching non-vaxing parents in their beliefs.

    • Emma Hollsten

      I agree with you 100%

    • “You need to be ready to RESPECT that non-vaxing parents are doing the same thing as you: making the choice that they believe is best for their child.”

      No they are not. Pro-vaccine folks like myself make the choice for their children and the community as a whole, which is what this post is about. I’m now wondering if you’ve actually read it.

      • So, if your first child died from Sids 24 hours after receiving his first bout of vaccines, and the cause of death was the vaccines, (yeah, this happens) you would go ahead and vax the rest of your kids? For the good of the community? Sorry, call me selfish, but I wouldn’t risk my child’s life to accommodate your child. My responsibility is first to my child, second to yours. Why does your childs supposed safety mean that my child’s liberty and right to life don’t matter? If I believe that vaccinating puts my child at risk of death or mental/physical challenges, your child’s right to “herd immunity” stops the second it takes that right away from my kid.

        • No SIDS and vaccines have no causative link. None. Zip. Nada.

          Additionally, should my child die of whooping cough, or contract measles encephalitis so you can have a massive case of the first world problems? Oh no, no they shouldn’t.

          • Why is it listed as an adverse reaction on the insert?

          • Sally: If you were to put a package insert on a peanut butter sandwich, as an example, you’d have to put anaphylaxis, choking and weight gain, because at one time, even if only once, it has been linked to these things.


        • Thankfully there’s no scientific evidence of a link between SIDS and vaccines, so as far as we know, no, it does not happen. Actually, we’re still unsure of what causes SIDS, so your point is moot.

          Oh and my point still stands, Elizabeth missed the point of the article in her comment.

          • Vaccines And Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

            “Administration of Diphtheria-Petussis-Tetanus Toxoid (DPT) can cause temporary liver dysfunctions in infants similar to those resulting from viral hepatitis, and inoculation of killed Bordetella pertussis organisms makes some strains of mice 200 times

            more sensitive to histamine and three to five times as sensitive to endotoxins for approximately 14 days” – Am J. Dis Child 1955; 89:701-716 ,

            According to a Connaught vaccine manufacturer’s data sheet for old style DPT vaccine,

            ‘Sudden-infant-death-syndrome (SIDS) has been reported following administration of vaccines containing diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine. The significance of these reports is not clear. It should be borne in mind that the three primary immunizing doses of these vaccines are usually administered to infants between the age of 2 and 6 months and that approximately 85% of SIDS cases occur in the period from 1 through 6 months of age with the peak incidence at age 2 to 4 months.’

            While they admit that SIDS has occured after vaccination with DPT containing vaccines, they attempt to brush it off by saying that that is because the majority of SIDS cases happen in the age range when vaccines are being given.

            This isn’t much of a defence, since it may be because of the shots that the SIDS occurs in that age group. Evidence suggests this to be the case (I’ll discuss that further along in this article).

            Later manufacturer’s data sheets have become more mild in their interpretation of vaccine side-effects and many fail to mention SIDS, although they do admit to deaths after vaccination. According to Evans Medical, the Wellcome Foundation, product no. 0039/0474,

            ‘Neurological events have occasionally been observed following the administration of pertussis-containing vaccines. The events reported do not appear to constitute a single, identifiable clinical syndrome but include isolated febrile convulsions, infantile spasms, episodes of persistent screaming and severe encephalopathy resulting in permanent brain damage or death. These events cannot be distinguished from those occurring in unvaccinated children of similar age. In the absence of a common, identifiable pathological mechanism, it is not possible to produce reliable estimates of the incidence of neurological events attributable to pertussis vaccination per Se.’

            They state that severe screaming occurs, along with encepholopathy, permanent brain damage and death, yet attempt to brush that off by claiming unvaccinated babies have the same symptoms, which is pure nonsense.

            1. Authorities have only ever done one double-blind controlled study on vaccination, in the 1970’s, which showed more TB in the vaccine group. This type of study, which is the only type to get any answers of scientific value, has never been repeated. Doctors say that to withhold vaccines from children would be unethical, therefore they never study unvaccinated children.
            ‘Unvaccinated’ in their terms means children who have not had DPT containing vaccines, but have had other vaccines such as polio or Hepatitis B. It is known that ALL vaccines can cause screaming, encephalitis and death, so that would make it seem as if all babies are like that and it isn’t down to the DPT.

            2. Since they never study totally unvaccinated children, they cannot say that encephalitis and deaths occur in these groups.

            3. Since the encephalitis, screaming and deaths occurs AFTER vaccination and not before, this surely is a clue that the vaccine had something to do with it. If a person became ill with something prior to any shots being given, one could obviously not blame vaccination. There would be another cause. But if the reoccuring factor is, the child has been vaccinated, began screaming, failed to eat and then died of ‘SIDS’ (as is the pattern many times over), then it is good medical practice to at least look at vaccination as a possible cause.

            The medical profession and government bodies responsible for investigating SIDS are run by the Department of Health, and therefore they never look at vaccination as a possibility, even though the vaccines are being given when SIDS is peaking in incidence, when manufacturer’s admit an association, when there have been dozens of journal papers suggesting a link and most importantly, when mothers are screaming
            ‘My baby was vaccinated and he died. I know it wasn’t SIDS.’
            These mothers are ignored, told they are grieving, ‘looking for someone to blame’, or even worse, if the baby showed obvious vaccine injury such as retinal haemorraging, they are accused of causing the baby’s death themselves. In recent years there has been clusters of parents accused of shaking their own children, like in the Sally Clark case where she lost one baby 24 hours after his DPT and another baby on the same day as his vaccinations. She served time for a crime she didn’t commit and although later exonorated, found the trauma too much to bear and committed suicide.
            Her third child, a boy, was not vaccinated during his infancy and he remains healthy.

            Other possible causes are looked at: whether the parents smoke, what position the baby sleeps in, whether he has a dummy or not, if he’s breast fed, whether he co-sleeps, even what his mattress is made out of. But they’re not looking at the one immunological challenge that nearly all babies go through, vaccination.

            Baby Deaths

            Charlotte And Vance

            Last year a Gloucester couple lost their baby daughter, Charlotte, a few days after her first vaccinations.

            Charlotte, who was born on May 13 last year, had a combined jab for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio, along with Hib meningitis and meningitis C vaccinations.

            Carrie, 22, said: “Viral meningitis showed on Charlotte’s autopsy but the final results came through as cot death.

            “We’re wondering if the vaccinations caused her death. She had them on Tuesday and she died the following Monday.

            “More babies suffer from cot deaths in their first two to four months and that’s when they have these injections.”

            Carrie and Dan live with Dan’s father, David, who added: “It could have been a bad batch of vaccinations. We don’t know what to believe – but they’re not going to tell us.”

            Carrie found Charlotte dead in her cot at 7.30am on July 17.

            She said: “The day before, Charlotte was fine. She’d drunk all her milk and had her daily feed before I put her to bed at the usual time – between 9pm and 10pm.

            “Dan slept downstairs because Josie was in our bed. I found Charlotte the following morning. When I woke at 7.30am I thought, ‘Hang on, she usually wakes up at 6am for her feed’.

            “I noticed she had some blood coming from her nose. She wasn’t moving or breathing and I screamed for Dan.

            “We were trying to resuscitate her and I was screaming down the phone to the ambulance service asking, ‘Where are the paramedics?’

            “They took 15 minutes to arrive. We kept doing resuscitation but there was no sign of life.

            “Deep down we knew she’d gone but didn’t want to believe it.

            “When the paramedics came we thought there could still be a chance, but they did resuscitation for half an hour and then rang the police.”

            Carrie denied smoking had affected her baby. She said: “If we had a fag we’d go into the kitchen and open a window or go outside. So did everyone else.

            “We didn’t want any of the children breathing in smoke and we didn’t smoke in the car if the girls were there. We even had ‘no smoking’ signs on the door.”

            Charlotte wasn’t planned but her parents were happy with the pregnancy.

            Carrie said: “Everything was all right after the birth. She was a healthy, bubbly baby.”

            Dan added: “She was quiet and she was always smiling at you.”

            At the inquest, pathologist Dr Phillip Cox gave the cause of death as sudden infant death syndrome.

            The inquest heard Charlotte had been born normally after a full-term pregnancy and had been developing well, according to a medical report into her death. (Taken from the Gloucestershire Echo, 15 January 2007).

            Shelly Walker, from the USA, also lost her 4 month old son less than 3 days after his vaccinations. 2 other babies who were injected with the same batch of vaccine also died.

            Shelly thinks it’s no coincidence that her 4-month-old son died within days of receiving injections to prevent serious childhood illnesses, including diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio, rotavirus and invasive pneumococcal disease.

            “My baby was so healthy,” said Shelly Walker, 39, of Hayden. “He was extremely full of life, energy and vitality.”

            Nevertheless, early on the morning of Sept. 15, less than three days after Vance Vernon Walker received a round of vaccines at Lakeside Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in Coeur d’Alene, his mother awoke to a nightmare.

            “It was about 5:15 a.m. I woke up and thought, ‘He’s not making any noise!’ ” Walker recalled. “I went to pick him up and then I screamed.”

            Her 16 1/2-pound boy was warm and his lips were still pink, but he wasn’t moving. Blood was crusted beneath his eyes, and his clothes and toys were covered with a bloody froth.

            As her husband, Brian, 46, called 911, Walker worked frantically to resuscitate their child. But in the emergency room at Kootenai Medical Center, doctors said Vance had been dead for several hours.

            “I grabbed my baby in my arms and held him up and I screamed, ‘How in the hell did this happen?’ ” Walker said. “Was it the vaccines?”

            Medical officials from the CDC and the federal Food and Drug Administration are working to answer that question for the Walkers and for families of two other babies who died within six weeks of each other.

            Two of the deaths have been logged in the voluntary Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System –VAERS – jointly operated by the CDC and FDA, agency officials said. But Dr. Robert West, the Kootenai County coroner, confirmed that three infants died this fall within days of immunization.

            Parents of the other babies could not be reached for comment.

            Autopsies failed to detect any specific vaccine reactions, West said, forcing a determination of SIDS – a “diagnosis of exclusion,” he noted. (Taken from the

            Two Month Baby Girl Dies

            ‘Our beautiful daughter was born on February 14 and died on April 17. What was unusual was that earlier on the day she died I had taken her to the Military Base hospital for her two month checkup. The doctor told me that she was just perfect. Then the doctor said that she needed four shots. I replied Four!? She assured me that it was completely normal and that it was better to give her all at such an early age (because she wouldn’t remember the shots). That evening after feeding [our daughter] we laid her down to sleep and checked on her 45 minutes later and discovered her dead. I told the police, coroner and investigators that I thought it was the shots because she was perfectly fine that day and before the shots. But after 3 weeks we finally got the answer from the autopsy that it was indeed SIDS. To this day I believe that it was the shots and no one can convince me otherwise.’



            You may have noticed in both of those cases, pathologists determined sudden infant death syndrome to be the cause of death.

            SIDS is NOT a diagnosis! It is merely a term to describe a baby who has died suddenly when they don’t know why. It is an UNEXPLAINED infant death. They cannot say ‘SIDS was the cause of death’, when they don’t know what causes SIDS, so it may well have been a vaccination.

            Increasingly, more and more pathologists are using the terms SIDS on death certificates to explain away deaths they can’t explain and it shouldn’t be done. Any baby who has died suddenly despite being previously healthy, should be throughly investigated, including it’s vaccination history.

            Evidence That The Age Distribution Of SIDS Is Vaccine Related

            So, is any of this more than just theory?

            Between the years of 1970 and 1974 in Japan, there were 37 infant deaths directly after vaccination. Because of this, a group of doctors decided to boycott vaccines and vaccination was stopped altogether for two months. After that two months, the vaccination starting age was lifted to 2 years old, meaning that no child recieved a vaccine until after their 2nd birthday. Japan jumped from 17th place in child mortality to the lowest child mortality in the world. SIDS had disappeared.

            In 1988 the vaccination age was lowered to 3 months old, and the SIDS rate rose again.

            Cherry et al (1988), Pediatrics 81:6 Part 11 (June 1988) Supplement pp 936-984, said he found this to be ‘instructive’, suggesting a link between the Japanese vaccination schedule and SIDS.
            Interestingly, Noble et al. (1987) who spent some 2 weeks in Japan studying the acellular whooping vaccine there, wrote: “It is difficult to exclude pertussis vaccines as a causal factor even when other etiologies are suggested, particularly when the adverse events occur in close temporal association with vaccination”.

            The same thing has happened in other countries when vaccination is stopped or delayed.

            For instance, in the UK in 1975 and 1976, there was publicity about the whooping cough vaccine causing brain damage, so the vaccination rate fell to only 30%, and only 10% in some areas. In line with this, the infant mortality rate also fell.
            By 1977, the controversy was starting to simmer down so vaccination rates began to climb up. And yes, you’ve guessed right, the infant mortality rate increased.

            McFarlane (1982) wrote:

            “The postneonatal mortality fell markedly in 1976, the year in which a sharp decline in perinatal mortality rate began. Between 1976 and 1979, however, neither the late nor the postneonatal mortality rates fell any further. Indeed, the postneonatal mortality rate increased ,slightly among babies born in 1977.’

            This correlates exactly with the rise and fall of vaccination levels.

            Fine and Clarkson (1982) wrote “…it is surprising that the interepidemic period did not decrease after the 1974 fall in vaccine uptake.”
            They were expecting unvaccinated children to come down with whooping cough in large numbers. Instead, they had the lowest ever recorded number of whooping cough hospitalisations and deaths.

            More recently in India there has been a drop in infant mortality rates, also in line with decreasing vaccination:

            Two recent health surveys carried out by the Government have thrown up mixed results. While one reports that the Infant Mortality Rate has fallen below 60 for the first time in the country, the worrying sign is that the already low immunisation rates are showing further decline.

            The most alarming is the case of Uttar Pradesh, which shows a fall in immunisation from 43.7 per cent in 1998-99 to 28.1 per cent in the latest data.

            In 1998-1999, 54 per cent of the children in the country were reported to be fully immunised. But a district household survey 2002-2004, the data for which was released last month, shows a decline in this to 47.6 per cent. In 1989-99, India had one-third of the world?s non-immunised children.

            Immunisation rates seem to have fallen across the country, including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, which account for 40 per cent of the total children in the age group of zero to one who need immunisation. But unlike Uttar Pradesh, Bihar has shown only a marginal decline, from 24.4 to 22.4 per cent.

            Experts believe that the focus on polio eradication, at the cost of routine immunisation, could have contributed to the decline.

            The other states showing low figures are Rajasthan (25.4 per cent), Tripura (26.7 per cent), Jharkhand (29.3 per cent) and Madhya Pradesh (32.5 per cent).

            The states at the other end of the spectrum are Tamil Nadu (with an immunisation rate of 92.1 per cent), Kerala (81.2 per cent), Pondicherry (89.4 per cent), Goa (81.5 per cent) and Himachal Pradesh (79.4 per cent).

            There is good news, however, on the infant mortality front. For the first time, India has reported IMR below 60, with the survey from Registrar General of India released recently showing 58 deaths per 1,000 live births in the country.

            Though the rates are still high compared to other countries, the figures have shown decline from 68/1,000 live births in 2000, and 60/1,000 live births in 2004.’ (Indian Express).

            i.e. Vaccination rates FELL from 54% in 1999 to 47.6% now and the infant mortality rate has fallen from 68 per 1000 live births in 2000, to 58 per 1000 now.

            I’d say that’s clear evidence of a link between childhood vaccination and infant mortality.

            Medical Research Into Vaccines and SIDS

            A study in Pediatr Infect Dis. 1983 Jan-Feb;2(1):7-11. PMID: 6835859; UI: 83169234, was to determine whether or not DPT caused SIDS. They contacted the parents of 145 SIDS victims who died in LA between January 1979 and August 1980. Of these, 53 babies had had DPT vaccination. Of those 53, 27 had been given a DPT shot within 28 days of death, 17 deaths occured within 1 week of the vaccination and 6 deaths within 24 hours. This was significantly more than expected and points to a temporal relationship between DPT and SIDS.

            In addition to this there were also 46 babies who died who didn’t have DPT but had visited a clinic before they died (possibly for other vaccines?). 40 of them died within 28 days of the visit, 22 a week after the visit and seven on the third day after the visit.

            However, the researchers refused to have a control group (i.e. babies who died of SIDS who had recieved NO vaccines), because they said
            ‘There should be no temporal association between DPT immunization and SIDS.’

            So they were never able to get a truly accurate picture, as is the case with all vaccine ‘science’.

            Other studies include:

            Torch, W.S., 1982. Diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) immunization: a potential cause of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Neurology; 32(4): A169 abstract).

            Torch, W.C., 1986 a. Characteristics of diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) postvaccinal deaths and DPT-caused Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome (SIDS): a review. Neurology (suppl 1); 36: 148 (abstract).

            Torch, W.C., 1986 b. Diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) imunization may be an unrecognized cause of Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) and Near-Miss Syndrome (NMS): 12 case reports. Neurology (suppl 1); 36: 149 (abstract).

            Cherry, J.D. (1988), Brunell, P.A., Golden, G.S., Karzon, D.T., (1988), Report of the task force on pertussis and pertussis immunization, Pediatrics 81:6 Part 11 (June 1988) Supplement pp 936-984.
            Excerpt: The rate of severe reactions does not differ significantly between the acellular and whole-cell vaccines when used at 24 months of age. The decrease in severe reactions is slight, if any. The category “sudden death” is also instructive in that the entity disappeared following both whole-cell and acellular vaccines when immunisation was delayed until a child was 24 months of age. It is clear that delaying the initial vaccination until a child is 24 months, regardless of the type of vaccine, reduces most of the temporally associated severe adverse events.

            Torch, one of the researchers into DPT vaccine and crib death, reported at the 34th annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology that:

            ‘DPT may be a generally unrecognized major cause of sudden infant and early childhood death, and that the risks of immunization may outweigh its potential benefits. A need for re-evaluation and possible modification of current vaccination procedures is indicated by this study.’

            (Torch WC. Diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) immu-nization: a potential cause of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). American Academy of Neurology, 34th Annual Meeting, Apr 25-May 1, 1982. Neurology 32(4): pt. 2).

            How Would Vaccines Cause SIDS?

            All of the ingredients in vaccinations are poisons and information on them can be found at a poison’s unit or environmental health and safety. When they are contained in other products, we hear how dangerous they are to our health, for instance, glycol in paint has been attributed to male infertility, yet this is in vaccines. Mercury was banned from the fillings of pregnant women because of it’s danger, formaldehyde is a known trigger of throat cancer and everyone knows that aluminium can make you lose your memory.

            If you took a single ingredient like this and put it into a baby, I guarantee you’d have at least one baby who would die as a result. With vaccines, their tiny little bodies also have to cope with simultaneous viruses and bacteria, which would never happen in nature, and if you consider that at birth a baby doesn’t really have his own immune system. He is protected by placental antibodies and his mother’s milk. A child’s immune system is not fully developed until the age of 6 years. Just like tiny babies who are at greater risk of dying of the natural diseases, some babies cannot cope with the vaccine toxins and just like with any poisoning death, it doesn’t always happen instantly. The body’s vital organs can shut down over time.

            The Mechanisms of A Vaccine SIDS Death


            There are several ways in which a baby could die after a vaccination. They are:

            1. Stress. The stress on the body of all the viruses and added toxins, plus the pain of the injections can cause altered heart rate and breathing patterns. It is well known that stress can cause heart disease in adults. I firmly believe that stress can affect babies and children, too. A recent study I read showed that babies who have a dummy at night, don’t seem to die of SIDS. Why, well, sucking on something comforts them so reduces their adreneline levels and helps regulate breathing. Of course it would be better if they were suckling from mum, but these days where most babies are put to bed separately, I can see how a dummy would reduce stress levels and associated SIDS.

            Viera Scheibner is a research scientist who developed the Cotwatch monitor with her late husband, and she found that baby’s breathing patterns were stressed after vaccination:

            ‘Scientific evidence shows that babies can have severe adverse reactions to vaccinations at critical intervals following their shots, and that vaccination is the more likely cause of cot death and shaken baby syndrome.

            Dynamics of critical days as part of the dynamics of non-specific stress syndrome discovered during monitoring with Cotwatch breathing monitor.

            Cotwatch was a true breathing monitor, meaning its electronics separated heartbeat and breathing and only breathing delayed the alarm. The feedback on breathing from the standard home monitor was from alarms (figure 1), while the microprocessor-based unit provided computer printouts of the record of breathing in the form of histograms stacked up at an angle (figure 2) or vertical bars (figures 3,4), the length of which directly reflected the stress level as integrals of the weighted apnoea/hypopnoea density (WAHD).

            The record of alarms in a baby over a period of five-and-a-half months, from October 1987 to March 1988 (figure 1), reveals that the stress-induced breathing pattern did not subside after 21 days following vaccine administration: it was still continuing on and off (following the critical days) two-and-a-half to three months later; and before really recovering from the first lot, the child was given the second injection of DPT and oral polio vaccines. Cotwatch recorded events in breathing: apnoeas (pauses in breathing) and hypopnoeas (low-volume breathing, i.e., below 5% of the volume of normal unstressed breathing). The events were logarithmically weighted (the figures on the vertical axis of the computer printouts are integrals of the WAHD).

            The first two charts in figure 3 are computer printouts of the record of events in breath­ing in two babies: baby one, who was given the third DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus) vaccine and OPV (oral polio vaccine); and baby two, who was given the first DPT and OPV. The higher the vertical bar, the higher the stress level in breathing; figure 3 shows flare-ups of stress-induced breathing day by day from day 0 when the vaccines were administered and up to the 17th day.

            It is obvious that even though baby one reacted much more than baby two, the flare-ups of stressed breathing followed the same pattern of critical days, the most important of these being day 2, after which day the stress level went down and started rising again between days 5 and 7, when the stress level subsided and started increasing again between days 14-16, subsided again and rose again between days 19-24, after which it subsided and rose again towards the 28th day and so on, following closely the pattern of alarms as recorded by a mother of one baby (figure 1). Days 10 or 11 also emerged as critical days in babies who reacted strongly, such as baby one. Needless to say, the increased intensity of reactions after the third DPT injection and OPV reflects the phenomenon of sensitisation (sensitisation in this context means increased deranged immunological response or anaphylaxis; and in the case of vaccines it also means increased susceptibility to the dis­eases that the vaccines are supposed to prevent and to a host of unrelated bacterial and viral infections (Parfentjev, 1955; Craighead, 1975; Daum et al., 1989).

            The third chart in figure 3 is of 41 actual, randomly listed deaths after DPT and OPV; it can be seen that the distribution of deaths closely follows the dynamics of the flare-ups of stressed breathing of babies one and two after the administration of the DPT vaccine (Bernier et al., 1982, Walker et al., 1987, Coulter and Fisher, 1991).

            Generally speaking, the most fundamental error of judgement displayed by cot death researchers is that they do not look at what happened to the babies who succumbed to SIDS, days before they died, and instead they try to identify the elusive entity of “at risk” babies. The pneumographic studies are done without any regard to what happens to babies in the first six months and/or one year or 18 months of life when the initial DPT, Hib and polio vaccines and the first MMR and/or booster vaccines are given.

            Vaccinations are mostly ignored in cot death studies. In our experience, the timing of pneumographic studies is determined by the availability of a bed in the overnight study unit rather than by looking at what happened to the baby just before it developed symptoms of stress or started causing alarms on its monitor.

            The notion of false alarms, widely used by those who conduct monitoring of babies’ breathing, has also delayed the understanding of the situation. Alarms which occurred when the monitored baby did not stop breathing but was breathing very shallowly are considered false alarms. Leif and I called them “warning alarms” because they sounded when the monitored babies started having longer and longer episodes of low-volume breathing, which is the true stress-induced breathing pattern. A baby who developed pneumonia experienced such “false alarms” for two weeks before going down with typical symptoms of pneumonia. This happened about six weeks after the six-month vaccination with DPT and polio vaccines.

            When reactions or deaths occur six weeks after vaccination, they would not be considered as being caused by vaccination. Yet our records of alarms with Cotwatch micro­processor computer printouts demonstrate increased stress level in breathing more than six weeks after vaccination. – Viera Scheibner, ‘Vaccination and the dynamics of critical days.’

            Immediate Shock

            Sometimes a baby can have a shock reaction to a vaccine only minutes or hours after it is given, with difficulty breathing, brain swelling (encephalitis) and blood coming from the eyes or mouth. This happens more frequently in the third world where they often use vaccines which have been banned in Western countries for safety reasons. (See ‘Killer Measles Vaccine is Withdrawn’ page).

            Immune Paralysis

            Vaccines challenge the immune system, usually too much, so in the days after vaccination, when the body is trying to fight the viruses and heavy metals, it can actually make you more suseptible to the diseases or even CAUSE the disease.

            According to a Hibtiter manufacturer’s data sheet from Lederle Laboratories, 1999,

            ‘As with any vaccine, HibTITER may not protect 100% of individuals receiving
            the vaccine. Also, as reported with other vaccines, cases of Haemophilus B
            disease may occur prior to the onset of the protective effects of the


            ‘Two children developed Haemophilus B disease after receiving the
            two dose primary vaccination schedule. One child became ill at 15 months of
            age and the other at 18 months of age….There have been rare reports to the Vaccine Event Reporting
            System (VAERS) of Haemophilus B disease following full primary immunisation.’

            In the days or weeks after vaccination, the baby may get HIB disease, blood poisoning, meningitis, pneumonia and succumb that way, or be left with lots of respiratory infections as are common with vaccinated children, and then eventually succumb to SIDS. This is because their immune system has been weakened and foreign bacteria introduced to the body, so they are unable to stay healthy.

            Dr. Harold Buttram said
            ‘As reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1984 [23], 11 healthy adults had tests involving subpopulations of T-lymphocytes (white blood cells which mediate immune function) before and after routine tetanus booster immunizations. The results showed a significant though temporary drop in T-helper lymphocytes. Special concern rests in the fact that in 4 of the subjects the T-helper lymphocytes dropped to levels found in active AIDS patients. If this was the result of a single vaccine in healthy adults, it is sobering to think of the immune consequences of the multiple vaccines given to infants with their immature and vulnerable immunity. This study should have served as a pilot for ongoing vaccine safety studies, but as far as can be determined from surveys of the medical literature, it has never been repeated.’

            Vaccine Induced Scurvy

            You’ve all heard of scurvy, the sailor’s disease caused by malnutrition, well, it may surprise you to learn that vaccines can cause exactly that.


            Dr. Archie Kalokerino’s worked as a physician in Australia with aboriginal people and after a DPT ‘immunisation’ campaign, he noticed to his horror that 50% – yes HALF – of all babies were dying. After researching what may be the cause of this huge death rate, he realised that the majority of these babies were vitamin C deficient and were unable to cope with the vaccine.

            Dr. Thomas Levy writes:

            ‘Vaccinations also generally present some degree of toxin insult to the body. Kalokerinos (1981) observed that vitamin C-deficient Aboriginal infants were often placed into an acute state of scurvy because of the additional vitamin C demands placed on their bodies by the vaccination injections, resulting in sudden death. (Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, & Toxins – Curing The Incurable, 2002).’

            After supplementing these babies with vitamin C he found that they no longer died after vaccination. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

            So how can subclinical scurvy kill?

            Vaccination is a major assault to the system and it requires many vitamins to use in the production of more antibodies (see ‘How Your Immune System Works’ page). If there aren’t enough vitamins present, then the immune system will leach them from bones and other vital organs to fight the infection. This can cause internal bleeding (and subsequent bruising), fractures of the bones and haemorraging of the retinas and other areas. All of these complications can lead to death.
            It is why some SIDS babies have been found with blood on their mouth or clothing.
            Sometimes the medical profession will accuse the parents of child abuse in an attempt to explain away the child’s injuries, a scenario which is happening more frequently now that there are more childhood vaccines and more children dying.

            According to an article by Jonathan Campbell,

            ‘The “Recommended Daily Allowance” of vitamin C is a small fraction of the amount we – and infants – really need. Many metabolic processes will be compromised, but the outward signs won’t be obvious. Artery wall repair will happen more slowly, and the human body compensates for this deficiency with a sticky plaque called lipoprotein(a) – the root cause of cardiovascular disease. Antibodies and white blood cells will be built incorrectly or not at all. Cholesterol, needed for nutrient transport, will not be recycled properly.

            For infants, this is deadly. Their little bodies have very little reserves to draw upon. Without sufficient vitamin C, their immune systems and arteries are fragile. A single stressful event, a minor fall, a vaccination, a toxic exposure, or a simple virus or bacterial illness could tip the balance and kill them. Metabolic failure, heart failure, toxic trauma to vital organs, hemorrhage – it could happen dozens of ways. Sudden death, with no warning. SIDS.
            For vaccinations: In general, I recommend that parents seriously consider not vaccinating their children, and certainly never to vaccinate against hepatitis B, because the vaccine has a horrific reputation for harming children, and hepatitis B is both extremely rare and also quite curable. Vaccines in general contain both live (but “attenuated”) viruses and a brew of toxic chemicals and preservatives, sometimes including mercury (thimerosal). This places a huge burden on the child’s immune system, and quickly depletes vitamin C. Many SIDS victims have died shortly after vaccinations.

            If you decide to vaccinate your child, increase the vitamin C dose dramatically several hours before and for several days after the vaccination to prevent vitamin C depletion and so that the child’s immune and detoxification systems will have a chance to kill the viruses and neutralize the toxins. Demand non-thimerosal, single-dose, single-virus vaccines; the multiple-virus vaccines such as DPT and MMP have the worst reputations regarding harm to infants.’

            Vaccines and vitamin C deficency are discussed in this medical paper:

            Hattersley J, The Answer to Crib Death “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS), Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Volume 8, Number 4, 1993, pp.229-245


            (1) Two doctors on opposite sides of the globe eliminated crib death among their patient populations for 40 years using ascorbate supplementation. Unknown to each other they arrived at the same regimen.

            (2) Crib deaths nearly disappeared in Japan in 1975 when first inoculations were postponed until the 24th month of life.

            These findings and their explanation are explored. SID is traced to a nonspecific or general adaptation stress syndrome defined by Hans Selye. It is precipitated by a deficiency of ascorbate and also of vitamin B6 and zinc.’


            To minimize the risk of SIDS for your baby:

            1. Breast feed (this will be discussed on another page).

            2. Consider not vaccinating.

            3. If you do decide to vaccinate, consider delaying them until your child is 2.

            4. If you do decide to vaccinate, supplement your child with vitamin C before and after the vaccines.

            5. If you do decide to vaccinate, make sure the shots don’t have thimerosal (mercury) as an excipient. Space out the jabs and avoid multiple combinations.

            6. Even if your child is unvaccinated, if he is sick with anything, was pre-term or is formula fed, consider giving vitamin C supplementation.

            Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood

            As more and more vaccines have been added to the schedule and more booster doses given, there are an increasing number of children dying suddenly when they are over the age of one year. This presented a problem for the medical community, whose definition of SIDS was a sudden, unexpected death with no known cause any time during the first year of life. How then could they explain how previously healthy children over the age of one, just suddenly dropped dead?

            They invented a new term, Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood, in an attempt to explain this away.

            Ocasionally a child is found to have an underlying medical problem that was not detected during life, but for some children, research shows that their death is down to vaccines.

            Sudden Unexpected Deaths and Vaccinations during the First Two Years of Life in Italy: A Case Series Study


            The signal of an association between vaccination in the second year of life with a hexavalent vaccine and sudden unexpected deaths (SUD) in the two days following vaccination was reported in Germany in 2003. A study to establish whether the immunisation with hexavalent vaccines increased the short term risk of SUD in infants was conducted in Italy.

            Methodology/Principal Findings

            The reference population comprises around 3 million infants vaccinated in Italy in the study period 1999–2004 (1.5 million received hexavalent vaccines). Events of SUD in infants aged 1–23 months were identified through the death certificates. Vaccination history was retrieved from immunisation registries. Association between immunisation and death was assessed adopting a case series design focusing on the risk periods 0–1, 0–7, and 0–14 days after immunisation. Among the 604 infants who died of SUD, 244 (40%) had received at least one vaccination. Four deaths occurred within two days from vaccination with the hexavalent vaccines (RR = 1.5; 95% CI 0.6 to 4.2). The RRs for the risk periods 0–7 and 0–14 were 2.0 (95% CI 1.2 to 3.5) and 1.5 (95% CI 0.9 to 2.4). The increased risk was limited to the first dose (RR = 2.2; 95% CI 1.1 to 4.4), whereas no increase was observed for the second and third doses combined.

            Source: Traversa G, Spila-Alegiani S, Bianchi C, Ciofi degli Atti M, Frova L, et al. (2011) Sudden Unexpected Deaths and Vaccinations during the First Two Years of Life in Italy: A Case Series Study. PLoS ONE 6(1): e16363. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016363

            Dr. David Davis MD, Talks about the Link Between Vaccines, PVC and Crib Death


            “My suspicion, which is shared by others in my profession, is that the nearly 10,000 SIDS deaths that occur in the US each year are related to one or more of the vaccines that are routinely given to children. The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is the

            most likely villain , but it could also be one or more of the others. ” Dr. R. Mendelsohn – Pediatrician

  39. Emma Hollsten

    Immunizations suck, it’s all a huge business network. They give people the disease, they get sick, they have to go to the doctor and PAY. it’s all about profit. I won’t pay for my kid to get a disease, thank you but no thank you, I never got my immunizations as a child and I was healthier than all the kids at school. I recently got 3 shoots at once because of work requirements, I paid $300, and I immediately got sick. Funny thing is, I had not even have a cold in 3 years until now. I mean, if you want to vaccine your child that’s ok with me. But I won’t get mine vaccinated even if you think I’m crazy, as much as you don’t care about my opinion I don’t care about yours.

    • Mine are not vaccinated either and they are healthier than almost every single kid I know… I was not vaccinated either as a child and was never sick (until I joined the Army and HAD to get shots which made me sicker than I had ever been)…

    • There’s almost no profit in vaccines. It would probably save companies money to get out of the business altogether, but government intervention helps them keep distributing vaccines and thankfully my child doesn’t have to die of preventable diseases.

      • Please consider looking up the quarterly financials of MERCK and others that show their profit. You sound very uneducated when you say there is almost no profit. Trying to help you out here.

        • Merck makes more than vaccines, you know….

        • If you actually read the breakdown about profit of the individual product they make, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

          Just trying to help you out here.

  40. Michelle Murrain

    Not so long ago, losing a child to disease was not only common, but expected. People had large families in part because they knew that some of their children would not make it to adulthood. If you want that future back again, go ahead, be my guest, and don’t vaccinate your kids.

    • Kids shouldn’t suffer nor die because of their parents’ ignorance, nor should anyone in their community that have a legitimate reason not to be vaccinated (medical issue).

      • Anti vaxxers agree, kids shouldn’t suffer or die because of their parent’s ignorance. We simply don’t agree on who the ignorant are.

    • Yes back when overcrowding, lack of sanitation, lack of nutritious diet, overworking, child labour, and orphanhood were common. People, unfortunately, also used to die from Scurvey during that time in history.

  41. when is the other mom posting with opposing thoughts? I would like to read what she says after reading this…

  42. Mameelynn

    As a parent that has chosen to vaccinate my kids on a selective and delayed schedule I always feel torn by the very vocal pro vs con of vaccination! I’m personally very sensitive to vaccines and because of that I only allow one new vaccine that my children haven’t had per round of shots so that if anything happens I know what was the new part of the equation! I do always find it interesting that there is always the “you should follow the set up schedule” and ” it is recommended” but the interesting thing to me is that if you look at this link
    is the “recommended schedule” for my first three children that were born in Washington state yet if you look at this link
    you can see that it is much different for our newborn now that we have moved back to Nova Scotia Canada. If it was truly a “this is the best and only way” then there wouldn’t be such a huge difference between the two locations! There are 6 vaccines given in WA compared to only 2 in NS at a babies 2 month checkup! I really think that there is a lot of push to give a lot more shots in the USA due to the fact that when babies are tiny and parents are new to the scene they are quicker to “follow what the Dr says” and because of that the Dr’s and vaccine producers are going to try and push as much as they can to up their profit. As I count there is some 33 vaccines recommended in WA by the time a child is 6 and only some 17 for NS and that is assuming you get a flu shot every year. I haven’t heard of any more or less outbreaks here in Canada then in the USA from the difference of numbers of vaccines given to young children. I was always concerned by the fact that one of the first shots given to newborns in WA was HepB which as you can see the first way to get it is unprotected sex
    “You may get hepatitis B if you:

    Have sex with an infected person without using a condom.
    Share needles (used for injecting drugs) with an infected person.
    Get a tattoo or piercing with tools that were not cleaned well.
    Share personal items like razors or toothbrushes with an infected person.
    A mother who has the virus can pass it to her baby during delivery. If you are pregnant and think you may have been exposed to hepatitis B, get tested. If you have the virus, your baby can get shots to help prevent infection with the virus.

    You cannot get hepatitis B from casual contact such as hugging, kissing, sneezing, coughing, or sharing food or drinks. ”

    I can understand giving a vaccine to a newborn if the mother tested positive(I’m pretty sure that they test every mother for this either at one of your prenatal appointments or when you are in labour) but to just give it to every newborn is crazy to me!

    The author of this post seems to think that those of us that question vaccines or the timing of them are “are a dangerously selfish person.” is a bit extreme! I recently read this article
    and I couldn’t help but notice and think that it is interesting how they are only looking at how the higher amount of infected people were not vaccinated but when I read the article I couldn’t help but notice a few other commonalities that seemed to be overlooked or not even thought of in the study. My top thoughts were on the fact that the study was quick to say that it was so big because of the lower rates of vaccinations and they were quick to point out
    “In addition, the outbreak did not come from areas with poorer socioeconomic households, where there may be less access to health care. Instead the clusters of both pertussis infections and those who opted out of vaccinations were in areas with higher socioeconomic characteristics.

    In these regions people were more likely to be highly educated, have fewer children and make more money annually.”
    I couldn’t help but think how it was interesting to me to also think that if these people were from a higher socioeconomic and income area they most likely also were in an area that there was a higher chance of people in their area to travel to more exotic locations and to areas that these kinds of illnesses are more common and then bring it home with them! The study seemed to only be looking into how the illness spread not how it got there and by showing how it spread is fear mongering to try and scare people into immunizing. To me this is a lot like telling people that they have to always boil their water to kill pathogens but never worry about how to get the pathogens out of the water in the first place!
    I guess what it comes down to for me as a parent that walks the fine line between the “pro vs con of vaccines” is that it is not selfish to be well informed and base your choice on that and to not just go along with it because “everyone is doing it” or because your Dr said “yes I vaccinated my kids following the set schedule”!! As a parent it is our decision to do what we feel is best for our children and before others jump on the “sure your kid might be healthy but what about the chance that they ‘might’ expose a person going through chemo or blah blah blah” well those people also made an informed (or at least I would hope it was informed) decision to venture out into a society that would possibly expose them to harmful bacteria or viruses so where is their responsibility to their own safety and health?

    • MominWisconsin

      The number of vaccines recommended between giving birth to my first child in 1999 and my fourth in 2009 was significantly higher. I was starting to question the safety of getting so many vaccines so close together with my third child, but then when the 4th was born (and the first to be born in WI) and they wanted to give a Hep B vaccine when he was one day old. After reading the exact info you included above, I declined the vaccine (for the first time as a parent) and decided it was time to do more research. I starting researching vacccines, studying the VAERS information published by the CDC and comparing it to disease rates for things like Polio, and also to a bodies ability to develop natural immunity. We talked to our pediatrician who helped us prioritize vaccines and deliver them on a much slower schedule, which ultimately resulted in fewer total injections. My son is now fully vaccinated and protected, but we took our time getting there and also, like others have mentioned, chose to only introduce one new vaccine per visit.
      I still have not found any published studies with a significant sample size regarding the long-term or short-term effects of getting so many different vaccines so close together at such a young age.
      I have found the VAERS website by the CDC to be very interesting.

    • Family Doctor

      It’s always interesting to look at other countries’ vaccine schedules. The NS schedule is not that different from WA (I practice in WA). There are actually 3 vaccines at the 2/4/6 mo visits: DTaP and Hib combined, and then PCV. It looks like NS isn’t vaccinating for rotavirus or polio (though older unvaccinated kids are getting polio vaccine (IPV)). That could be that the rotavirus disease burden wasn’t high enough to warrant public funding of vaccine. In Washington, rotavirus vaccine has significantly reduced ER visits and admissions for diarrheal-related dehydration, as well as rotavirus inside the hospital (which was not the intended effect of the vaccine but has been a distinct blessing for the inpatients who can least afford to contract a diarrheal illness while in the hospital).

      You’ll also notice they have a vaccine at 12 months in NS that we don’t have until college — meningococcal — likely because their meningococcal burden is higher, or the population is more vulnerable (First Nations, Alaskan Native, etc).

      Hep B is an interesting one because 90% of infants who contract Hep B become chronic sufferers, which means liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Hep B actually is present in saliva and can live for 2+ weeks in dried blood. This constant low level exposure from household members means that babies in households were there is Hep B are at very high risk of contracting Hep B. There are also a significant number of cases of Hep B in kids that we don’t know where it came from. That’s why there’s this focus on immunizing newborns.

  43. Does it not bother anyone that there is aborted fetal tissue in many vaccines as well as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde as well as many other dangerous and toxic chemicals in Vaccines?

    • Corrie-Ann

      It bothers me a great deal.

      My own Mum now wishes she hadn’t given me my scheduled vaccinations, and done her own research, rather than just take the doctors word for it. With every vaccination, my immune system weakened. Not to mention, the allergies I have to many of the ingredients used in them.

    • There’s only aborted fetal tissue in vaccines in the same sense that there’s soil in an apple. It’s not there.

      There’s no mercury. There never was. Thimersol is to mercury as table salt is to chlorine. You’d sprinkle one your chips, but not the other, I presume? Nevertheless, it ain’t there, hasn’t been for years. Aluminium is here is a salt form.

      All the ingredients serve a purpose and are in doses much, much lower than can be toxic. Remember, you can poison yourself with chocolate if you eat enough. At something like 12 kilos for a toxic dose, it’s doubtful though.

      • Formaldehyde and aluminum aside, is anyone concerned at all about the injecting of foreign animal DNA into the human race? I cannot be convinced to do so to my child. In my opinion, that is a rocky, uncertain path for our species to embark on.

  44. Mitch Harden

    To be fair, when you post the “opposing response blog” please post 999,998 more posts like this one to represent the proportion of the medical community in support of vaccinating your damn kids.

    This is not a debate with two sides. Well, there is a side that has science, facts and evidence, and there is a side with quackery, fraud, fear, B.S. and vested interests. We no more need to allow the ‘opposition’ a platform than we need to allow flat-earthers equal time to disagree with round-earth theory.

    • Hi Mitch,

      There have been a few comments similar to yours and I have to say that I am a bit surprised. There is something to be said about people putting their blinders up on both sides of this argument. Whether or not you choose to admit it, there is a clear influx of moms/parents who have pushed back on giving vaccines to their children. There is also a growing population of soon-to-be parents who are confused about what to do. Ignoring this reality will not solve anything. You point out quackery, fraud, fear, B.S., and vested interests. I think you left out love and confusion. What many people fail to realize is that the “opposing side” you reference is coming from your neighbors and friends – many with true concerns about the well being of their children. If you don’t give this side the opportunity to speak and express these concerns, as far as I’m concerned you are closing your eyes and putting your blinders up. Not a very good move. Thankfully, regardless of what side you take, the interactive structure of blogs and social sites allow for people other than the author to respond.

      Mom Meet Mom

      • Mitch Harden


        You’re making the same mistake, again. The opinions (or fear or confusion) of my neighbors are not valuable in this discussion. Unless my neighbors happen to be pediatricians, epidemiologists or other scientists with training in a related field. I don’t feel it is necessary or helpful to give them (anti-vaccibationists) a platform to spread their fear and confusion even if they are genuinely motivated by compassion. Science is the light. Well informed, reasonable, scientifically supported, and truly compassionate posts like this one are how the blinders are cast off. There are not two sides to facts. There is truth and there are lies; when we speak the truth we need not give equal time to lies. Thank you Julia for your efforts. Meg I think I’ve adequately expressed why I think you are wrong and I hope it is enough for you to reconsider.


        • Mitch Harden


          A good link and a good point. I think this quote sums up the article nicely,”Mediawatch host Jonathan Holmes was considerably more blunt: “there’s evidence, and there’s bulldust,” and it’s no part of a reporter’s job to give bulldust equal time with serious expertise.”

    • What vested interests do anti-vaxxers have?

      • Mitch Harden

        Well, Andrew Wakefield, the guy who in 1998 published a fraudulent journal article linking MMR to Autism (which was retracted, denounced, and more recently revealed as deliberate fraud), was also submitting a patent for a measles-only vaccine as well as a test kid for vaccine-autism (the condition he just made up). So he stood to make truckloads of money from his fraudulent claims. I think that counts as a vested interest.

  45. Immunity is built up through exposure, living through it, and passing on the genes. You can’t, unfortunately, vaccinate against stupidity. And you still, fortunately, have the right to decide what you want to do in your own family. Despite being immunized against the Measles, my daughter still got them. It wasn’t a big deal; three days of fever and a body rash. Your body is not your enemy.

  46. Momofspecialneedschildren

    I can’t help but feel how lucky I am to live in a state where I have the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate my children. I will not be bullied, or persuaded by fear. I will make an informed decision based on research and intuition. Both sides love their children and that is why they are so passionate about their decision. Thank you for your point of view, and thank you to those who oppose it. And thank goodness we have the right to choose!

    • I just wish children had a right to not die because people have an irrational fear of science.

      • jennifer

        EXACTLY wiwille!! :P

      • -measles 0.00003% chance of dying of measles
        -pertussis (whooping cough): 0.0009% chance of dying of pertussis
        -mumps: The chance of contracting mumps are extremely rare unless there is an outbreak.
        2009 outbreak: A total of 3,502 outbreak-related cases were reported, primarily from New York. Among the patients for whom vaccination status was reported, 90% had received at least 1 dose of mumps-containing vaccine, and 76% had received 2 doses.
        -meningitis: 0.01% of contracting.
        -Papillomavirus: sexually transmitted disease 0% chance of contracting until subject becomes sexually active
        -Hepatitis B: sexually transmitted
        -Hepatitis A: less than 0.0002% chance of contracting
        -Haemophilus influenzae type b:
        0.001% chance of contracting it.
        0.00002-0.00005% chance of dying from it
        -Diphtheria: no cases reported since before 2006. Death rate for people who contract diphtheria is 5-10%
        -Tetanus 0.0000001% chance of contracting tetanus, only 10-15% of those die of it, so chance of dying of tetanus is 0.00000001%

        Chance of getting permanent brain damage from the tetanus vaccine is 1 in 1 million. Chance of contracting tetanus is 1 in 10 million! (Straight from the pinkbook!)

  47. Arguments for and against vaccinations are far too focused on logistics. Immunizations diminish the incidence of illness and death in our children. Period. Whether the formaldehyde in vaccine serum is synthetic or biologic; whether the route of administration and absorption is GI or IM is immaterial. It simply doesn’t matter. Read the statistics. Kids used to die, often, from the diseases that we are fortunate enough to be able to protect our kids from by vaccinating them. Our generation hasn’t had the ‘benefit’ of watching our children fall ill on a regular basis, hoping and praying that they survived their ailment; keeping vigil while they spent weeks to months in an iron lung, hoping against hope that if they did survive polio that they wouldn’t end up paralyzed or disfigured. Wake up people! Immunize your damn kids!

  48. 4 years ago I gave birth to a healthy, 7 lb. boy. We took him to the pediatrician, got him all his vaccinations on schedule, just like they told us to do. He had such a spark in his eyes. Then, after his 18 month MMR vaccine, you won’t believe it . . . his vocabulary picked up! He went from speaking just a few words to starting to speak in whole sentences. He rocked the ASQ on our next few appointments, developed beautifully and now, with all those vaccines is on the cusp of reading and doing simple math well beyond his peers. Can you believe what that vaccine did to my kid! I mean, it had to be the vaccine! Any change in behavior must be linked to the vaccine!

    Though, really, I’m not surprised. Myself and my husband graduated from an elite university. Out of our close group of friends, there are 5 PhDs, 4 masters and 2 currently working C-level jobs. When I surveyed them the other week, I found out they ALL were vaccinated! So based on my study of 11 friends, plus my family of 4 – that’s 15 people who all ended up gifted BECAUSE of vaccines. We should be shouting this from the rooftops! I bet there’s a HUGE community of smart, successful people out there who got that way because of vaccines. That’s how correlation works right? :-) :-) :-)

  49. This article was written with one goal in mind. To incite emotion and response. It wasn’t written with the respect necessary to actually open a productive discussion. I sent this article to my pro-vaccination sister, because I think it will actually let her see how many arguments on the pro-vaccine side are driven by passion and anger, and not common sense and sound research. Not saying the other side is not guilty of the same thing. Just saying if you were aiming for a heated debate you did good. If you were aiming to educate and persuade and influence, you completely missed the mark. The only people who found anything worthwhile in this article were people who already love your viewpoint. The rest of us were simply turned off by your ego, and your assumption that your child’s right to be “protected” from disease trumps my child’s right to be protected from vaccines. Your child’s right ends the minute it interferes with my child’s right… isn’t that what you said?

  50. Michelle

    I am the mother of two kids with a genetic immune deficiency. Meaning, they DO NOT MAKE ANTIBODIES. Vaccines are ineffective, as their little bodies just don’t respond to them. Fortunately, we live in Seattle, and have health insurance, so they get weekly infusions of antibodies pulled from donated plasma. This provides some protection against infection. But we largely depend on “herd immunity” to keep my kids out of the hospital.

    Also fortunately, my kids do not have Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). Those babies don’t make antibodies, and don’t have functional T-cells. They used to die (DIE) before kindergarten, often from the chickenpox. It is often curable by stem-cell transplant, if caught early enough (hooray for newborn testing), and before the baby gets too sick. But, pertussis, flu, chickenpox, etc are FATAL for these poor babies. I consider it immoral and verging on evil not to vaccinate and thus putting SCID babies, kids with other immune deficiencies, elderly folks, pregnant ladies and newborns at risk of death or serious illness from preventable diseases.

    For every parent who vaccinates: thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For my boys and society.

  51. I have a kid who is autistic. All evidence leads to his special study group for vaccines

  52. Wow. This whole conversation has my mind reeling. I am a person with the attitude of “to each his own” in most cases. I understand the hesitation to embrace everything cited by the medical/pharma fields. I mean, let’s face it, history proves that they are not always correct, but usually they learn and improve and make the necessary changes. However, is this one of those times where we are the ‘lab rats’? Doctors used to perform hysterectomies as a cure for postpartum depression. WHAT???? Ok, a drastic example, maybe. That being said, what would happen if our whole population decided NOT to vaccinate? That seems kinda scary to me. It also makes me wonder if the anti-vax people decline vaccination with the knowledge that most people DO vaccinate, and therefore, leave their children at less risk of developing these diseases? So, it is because of vaccination that allows the open window to NOT vaccinate. I, myself, have vaccinated all 3 of my children. Fortunately, for me, they suffered no side effects other than mild fever. I live in Canada and so am uneducated about the US vaccination schedules. My siblings, all my friends, and most people I know in my generation (35-50) are ALL vaccinated. And, yes, I am up to date, but probably only because of the necessary travel vaccines. Where were all of these devastating side effects back then? Was it just not reported? Or maybe there was no internet, so no easy access to medical reporting? I never met any autistic kids (save one in my Aunt’s special education program). There has got to be more to autism than vaccination. Period. Food we ingest, air we breathe, toxins causing genetic mutation…. My best friend’s son has autism. I knew from the age of about 8 months that he was autistic. Before his MMR vaccine. He was diagnosed early, and now, at 9 yrs old is doing extremely well. He is high functioning and only after spending a longer period of time with him would you know he is autistic.
    I appreciate the discussion. Both sides have posed legitimate arguments, and I think it’s great to educate yourself with as much information as you can…..but I disagree with the statement that not vaccinating your kids only affects your own family. I am not saying you don’t have the right to choose not to.
    May all of you and your children live happy, healthy lives. Or at least with the confidence that you’ve done everything you could that was best for you and your children- whatever your decisions may be. :)

    • From what I have come across through research, the vaccines have changed from back in the day as far as ingredients go. I’m still researching that subject to see what those changes are.

  53. Liz Murdock

    I get it, vaccinate, ok! But my kids, ANY kids are not damned kids!!

  54. Wow. First of all, people who are anti- vax are not ” loonies”. They feel that they are doing what they think is best for their children, just as pro- vax are doing what they think is best for their children.
    Second of all, the CDC websites are pro-vax! Not a good source! The CDC ALSO has a site for reporting the REACTIONS from vaccines! What does that tell you!!!!!
    Apparently, none of you have seen first hand some of the injuries caused by some of these vaccines. I have. And they are confirmed by pro-vax doctors as “vaccine injuries” .
    Bashing fellow parents is pointless and is truly “selfish” as the author puts it.

  55. EmilyManasc

    First off, just because you eat organic and you’re a good mom doesn’t make you a hippie! That is a label societies have imposed on people who are well rounded to make those who aren’t feel better about eating at McD’s and slapping their children. I’m 18, I am a vegetarian I eat organic I love my body I do yoga and I am studying Non-Violent Communication, but I definitely not a Hippie :D Secondly I’m all with you about getting vaccines. I have traveled all over the world and some of my travels included pre-flight vaccinations. I also got all my flu shots and what not. The only danger is when governments and society decide that your kids need a vaccine that they don’t. When I was 13 my school obliged all females of my age to get a vaccination to prevent the development of hpv’s which can lead to cancer in the vaginal area. The thing they don’t tell you is that this can increase your chances of developing other cancers and can affect your hormones. My mother studied nursing, she knew exactly what this vaccine could do to me. Therefore out of all the girls my age, I was the only in my school who did not have parental consent to get the vaccine. Years later my mother explained why, and I am very glad of her decision. Also I have a family history of cancer of the uterus therefore this vaccine could have furthered my chances of getting cancer. Promoting vaccination is the right thing to do, but make sure you know what they are injecting into your children. Thank you.

  56. Katie Shell

    Most alternate vaxers DO DTaP and MMR as well as polio. They have been around forever and prevent scary diseases. It’s the newer ones the “daycare disease” vaccines that make us nervous.

  57. You know what? My child is mostly unvaccinated. Why? 3 out of the 6 vaccines he has had nearly landed him in the hospital from a severe reaction. He now has a complete medical waiver.

    So while i’d love to vaccinate my “damn” kid as you put it, why not shut up, insert your foot into your mouth, and realize that not everyone can vaccinate their “damn” kids as the vaccines are HARMING their “damn” kids.

    Vaccines should NOT cause harm. There should be no vaccination compensation commission in the US or any country if vaccines were SAFE.

    Will I vaccinate any future kids? Absolutely not.

  58. zenamamma

    Problem is, that some of us don’t vaccinate because of terrible reactions to the vaccine. The medical world knows that there are going to be some awful side effects and they are okay with that. However, I am not okay with my kids being the expendable ones. People pro vaccination seem to forget that little piece: those kids whose immune systems can’t handle vaccinations. I was actually told with my kids that they would no longer vaccinate them at the clinic, we had to go to the hospital where they could be treated for anaphylactic shock if needed. Unfortunately, you now get to see how it is for parents of kids who have low immune systems…everyday…not just when there is a measles scare. Sorry you have to go through what we deal with every day. It is not fun.

  59. Danielle

    why would you refer to ANYONE’s kids as “damn kids”? That is just inappropriate and shows an immense lack of professionalism on your part. We all have the right to make decisions that we feel are appropriate for our children. My children are vaccinated, but as a nurse, with all the RESEARCH I have done, my husband and I are highly concerned. Parents have a right to be concerned and make decisions they feel are right for their own children. Using the term “Vaccinate Your Damn Children” is kind of sickening actually.

  60. Coolstorybro

    Its called eugenics people. If we keep vaccinating people then children and people who should have died because of their inferior genes will be able to continue to breed. If your first kid is retarded that’s unfortunate, if the next one is too then well sheat STOP HAVING KIDS FFS! Anyways, I love how more then 80% of the American population does not trust their government but it seems that more then 80% trust the results of government funded, and most defiantly bias studies. You know why I dont vaccinate? Because I don’t trust a farking word that comes out of a politicians mouth…nothing….zilch…nadda. So forgive me when the government is giving away free vaccines I’ll just look the other way. If its free there is a catch I wonder what that might be hmmm….?

    Now for those of you who dismiss the link between autism and vaccines I want you to use your head for a second here. Go to the VAERS website now click on the little button that says VAERS data. Still with me? Ok good boy, now accept their terms ect and when you get to the downloads section I want you to pick a random file in the table, open it up in what ever program you want to use. Now that you have the file open press ctrl f and a little find bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. Now type in the worr “autism” and scroll through the data. What you will now learn is that there are literally hundred’s of thousands of incidents related to autism in these reports. See how easy that was?

    • > Ok good boy, now accept their terms ect and when you get to the downloads section I want you to pick a random file in the table, open it up in what ever program you want to use.

      But before you accept the terms, read them, specifically these bits:

      > VAERS reports can be submitted voluntarily by anyone, including healthcare providers, patients, or family members. Reports vary in quality and completeness. They often lack details and sometimes can have information that contains errors.

      Anyone, even people with zero medical training, can make a report asserting whatever adverse effects they believe have occurred.

      Then a paragraph down:

      > A report to VAERS generally does not prove that the identified vaccine(s) caused the adverse event described. It only confirms that the reported event occurred sometime after vaccine was given. No proof that the event was caused by the vaccine is required in order for VAERS to accept the report. VAERS accepts all reports without judging whether the event was caused by the vaccine.

      A VAERS report explicitly does NOT indicate that the reported event was caused by a vaccine, merely that the reporter claimed it was.

      The best part is the condescending attitude you adopt in pointing out for everyone that you’re too careless to pay attention to what the sources you cite actually say. Meanwhile, in the world of real science with better data and meaningful statistical analysis, there’s zero proven link between vaccines and autism.

      • So your going to dismiss every instance of the word autism in these reports? Every one of them? Hundred’s of thousands of entries that associate autism with an adverse reaction? If even ONE is true then there IS a link between autism and vaccination!

  61. Username

    Go to VAERS website and look at the data. Open up one of the files, press ctrl f and search for the word “autism”. You will find that there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of adverse reactions, over the past years, that have resulted in autism spectrum behavior. This represents only 10% of the data because only about 1 in 10 adverse reactions get reported. People who say there are no links between autism and vaccines are basically saying that every one of these reported reactions is false. If even one is true then there is a link. Look at the data people its there in plain view. Unfortunately I think the moderators of this site wont even allow you to see my post because showing people data might actually expose the harsh truth.

    • Username

      I’m happy you let the post stay.

    • Now, if you actually read the text you have to click through to access the VAERS data, you’ll find this sentence:

      > VAERS reports can be submitted voluntarily by anyone, including healthcare providers, patients, or family members.

      So, basically, anyone – however little qualified to do so – is able to make a report that a vaccination caused someone’s autism spectrum symptoms.

      This is what’s wrong with the anti-vaxers – they’re careless with data, they don’t understand or trust scientific and mathematical methods, and they seize on anything that backs up their existing beliefs, however tenuous and misinformed. You’re not just selfish, you’re deluded and ignorant.

      • So your going to dismiss every instance of the word autism in these reports? Every one of them? Hundred’s of thousands of entries that associate autism with an adverse reaction? If even ONE is true then there IS a link between autism and vaccination.

        • This court is as big a problem as is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System that openly admits (boasts) it is likely they are receiving less than 10% of “voluntary reports” by medical professionals regarding adverse events following vaccinations.

        • Yes, actually, I’m going to dismiss every single report that links autism to a vaccine in that dataset.

          Lemme tell you why: because it’s thousands of totally unverified reports made by thousands of people with widely varied ideas about what constitutes autism symptoms and how to go about associating them with the vaccination. Self-reporting is a notoriously terrible way to gather accurate data, and with the prevalence of anti-vaccine hysteria in the US, the odds that people will decide to attribute whatever symptoms they perceive to the vaccine has only go up.

          I’m not saying that it absolutely does not happen, because science doesn’t work that way., you cannot prove a negative. I can only say that dozens of rigorous studies with thousands of subjecs in multiple countries have failed to show any statistically significant connection between autism and vaccines.

  62. Christina Ashworth

    So is it fair to say that anyone who doesn’t breastfeed their child until their immune system is fully developed at age six is a dangerously selfish person, putting the rest of society at risk for otherwise preventable diseases?

    • That’s a bit extreme but it is not entirely wrong. Society has sexualized the breast to the point that some woman do not feel comfortable breast feeding their babies. Between the anti breastfeeding movements of the past, pushed by the formula producers, and the femanizm movement, being a mother has turned into a lesser occupation when it is the MOST important occupation next to being a father. I think baby led weening has got it right; let them choose when they have had enough. I would like to point out that in some countries it is normal to breast feed into the fifth year of their lives.

  63. And so then , you have all of the mothers of Immunocompromised children, like mine, where even if i wanted to I choose NOT to do live-virus vaccines for my child’s health because I’d rather have her alive and well unvaccinated than have her vaccinated and risk airway compression to the point that she cannot breathe, eat, or breastfeed. I respect your position but felt offended by your sense of humor and use of offensive vocabulary like “damn” kids. Needless to mention, that my choice was made from thorough research and ALL OF HER DOCTORS’ RECOMMENDATIONS, including her interventional radiologist! Love the concept of blog’s but I believe the whole “think before you act” should definitely apply to writing when it comes to topics like these. And yes, while i don’t HAVE to read your blog, I stumbled across it, gave it a chance and commented on behalf of all those moms who cannot or choose not to vaccinate for religious or medical reasons. Just like a CHOSE not to vaccinate, I am CHOOSING not to continue reading the blog but thank you for sharing your opinion.

    • Your rant is heartfelt, and ignores the article to which it putatively responds.

      Lemme quote for you, from what you couldn’t be bothered to read before getting pissed off:

      > Unless there is a medical reason that prevents you from getting your kids vaccinated (like an allergy to a vaccine component or a compromised immune system), if you choose not to vaccinate your children, I believe that you are a dangerously selfish person.

      As a parent of an immunocompromised child, this entire article is explicitly not aimed at you. Take a deep breath and lower your hackles.

  64. canongirl

    The CDC and other agencies are getting better and better at tracing patient zero during outbreaks these days. As far as I’m concerned – the time is coming soon for legal action against the unvaccinated-by-choice when they/their children cause an outbreak. Frankly, if my baby died because someone decided not to vaccinate their kid – I’d want legal recourse.

    That is my – totally un-PC opinion on this.

    • If your baby died because of an outbreak that was attributed to an unvaccinated child then I would like to know why you choose not to breastfeed your vulnerable infant. If you had breast fed them then they would not contract said disease as that is exactly what breastfeeding does; it protects infants from disease during the first part of their lives.

      Also, I highly doubt that they could find the child that caused the outbreak because the zero point child would have contracted the disease from somewhere so why not put the blame on where they contracted it from.

      • Not necessarily true! My neighbor baby was EBF and he got chicken pox when he was a few weeks old and nearly died from it. Breastfeeding can help prevent some sicknesses, but not all.

  65. Erwin Alber

    “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity.”
    Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

    Vaccines have never prevented anything, apart from health, sanity and common sense. In fact, vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

    • Erwin Alber believes vaccines should be looked into for causing homosexuality. It should be mentioned that he is a delusional old man who has no science/medical background. His own son was smart enough to see through his delusional crap and had his daughter Erwin’s gradaughter vaccinated.

      • Boopbeep

        Holy crap. I cant even with that Erwin guy. He can’t be serious, can he? And this “Doctor” Herbert Shelton, isn’t an MD. He isn’t even an DO; He’s a “doctor” of Naturopathy. You lost all credibility right there, sir. Sorry.

  66. Dr. Ellen Losew

    Fabulous post. I’m a pediatrician. Not all doctors understand vaccination, believe it or not. (I did my undergraduate work in microbiology, including a brief stint at benchtop virology research.) I do not know any reputable pediatricians that “support” delaying or withholding vaccines, IN GENERAL.
    You can find some excellent material on vaccinations at Khan Academy. It explains things (including the Wakefield fraud) very simply.
    KEEP ON KEEPING ON. You’re doing a great job. But remember, haters gonna hate. You can’t change that.
    (I’m sure I will get nasty comments- it’s happened to me before online because of my stance on vaccines. I shall not reply.)

  67. Deb Brauti

    You don’t vaccinate, that is your choice. Now think for a minute, you have a new born infant and you live in a community with low vaccination rates. Your infant develops a cough. She is hospitalized then transferred to a children’s hospital. Your baby is connected to a literal roomful of equipment for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks you are NOT taking home a baby but instead you are planning a funeral for your baby who has passed away one month to the day of their birth. This doesn’t happen you say. You might want to visit with my niece. This is her story. It does happen. It is directly related to unvaccinated individuals. How would you feel if it was your unvaccinated child that caused the death of this tiny new born? Think about it. What you decide affects your whole community. Please, vaccinate your children.

  68. Too often, uneducated people view autism as a behavioral disorder instead of the neurological disease it is. Encephalopathy and seizures are well-known side effects of vaccines, both of which can cause permanent brain damage. What we call “autism”–the outward symptoms–could easily arise from brain injuries like encephalopathy TRIGGERED by vaccines (see the manufacturer Merck’s very statement of how this can, has and will happen)

    Families of vaccine damaged children have been awarded monetary compensation all over the world, for decades before Wakefield even published his articles. But here are some cases to SHOW that damage has occurred and been awarded:
    o Cases with strong documented medical evidence of specific mechanisms such as Bailey Banks (ADEM) and Hannah Poling (mitochondrial disorder).

    Now to tell me to vaccinate myself or my children based on YOUR opinion is laughable. You MIGHT want to educate yourself on these childhood illnesses, including polio, and how doctors all over the world were finding cures and causes that WE as Americans are left in the dark because the CDC and the Pharmaceutical’s close relationship and conflicts of interest. YOU may be comfortable with bowing down to the interests of those that YOU think may have your best interest at heart but I WILL NOT. Yes that is after opening my eyes after researching a controversial topic my freshman year in college, that was 14 years ago and my studying will never cease. Oh and my family, everyone that was born in the 60s or before, has had everything we vaccinate again, including being in close proximity to polio seizures. Not one adverse reaction in our family, including myself with the chicken pox. I cant figure out why any sane person would defend a big corporation that’s only interested in your money, not your health. Of course Merck, GSK and Eli Lilly are suddenly become angels when they manufacture vaccines but are ruthless with their other products. I have witnessed vaccine damage immediately after vaccines have been given and I could not ever imagine being a parent of a child that is severely damaged for the rest of their lives. Then to have to try and get the Vaccine Court to hear the case and pray they can get some sort of justice (which the majority of them don’t). What a terrible opinionated forum. But then again, all that aluminum in your brain, doesn’t shock me. Now time to start campaigning for adult booster shots since the majority of us aren’t up to date and have been walking around for decades unprotected with any type of vaccine life worn off. Toodles

  69. “Unless there is a medical reason that prevents you from getting your kids vaccinated (like an allergy to a vaccine component or a compromised immune system), if you choose not to vaccinate your children, I believe that you are a dangerously selfish person.” I’m sorry I missed where ANY pediatrician or MD actually does allergy testing of these ingredients prior to giving any type of first dose of vaccine? Is there a doctor out there that does this? NO. So injecting a child with their first dose of ingredients to SEE if they have an allergic reaction afterwards is straight up medical malpractice. But it is the norm. Hey lets inject a 24 hour old infant with a hep vaccine that has a wide arrange of chemicals. That’s smart! Shame on you for being so misinformed. Oh and BTW the human body is allergic to most of those chemicals THUS why you will never see allergy tests prior to vaccines. *Laughing

  70. “One of those confirmed cases of measles in the Seattle area is a kid known to have visited my town while contagious. That kid? Not vaccinated. And now, every time my baby gets a rash, I have to wonder whether she’s going to end up with encephalitis.”
    But you don’t worry about the risk of encephalitis with each and every vaccine???

    • The encephalitis risks from vaccine are provably much smaller than the encephalitis risks from measles. A sane, non-emotional review of the data very clearly shows that vaccines work, are safer than the diseases they help prevent, and make the whole com impunity safer when they’re (nearly) universal.

  71. Thank you for writing this in such a clear way. Every time I mention something about a vaccine, it seems I get some negative reaction. I guess that is what I get for sharing…I am almost 9 months pregnant and hubby and I were both vaccinated against whooping cough. I think the only one happy about this was my nurse sister and our doctor. I also vaccinated my 2 year old against Chicken Pox. Many people say it is normal to get that disease, but I know 2 cases where it was nearly deadly. PERSONALLY know them. Thanks for daring to speak out!

  72. Voices for Vaccines

    I just came across this blog post. Excellent work! We need more moms like you to speak up in order to make what is normal (vaccinating your kids) also what is most heard.

  73. So you are worried my unvaccinated kids are going to put your vaccinated kids at risk??? Makes sense to me. SMH

    • Yes. Because your unvaccinated kids are at greater risk of getting, and thus communicating a disease, both to immunocompromised people (newborns, sick, elderly) and to those who have already been vaccinated.

      That’s right – vaccines aren’t magic. They don’t prevent diseases 100%. They do, however, dramatically lower the odds of getting a disease, lower the severity of the symptoms of the disease if it’s contracted, and reduce the odds of passing a disease on to another person. You’ve obviously not heard this before, so you can be excused for. It knowing. But try to be a responsible parent in the future.

      • The conjugate vaccines, Pneumococcal, Memmococcual and HIB are all actually very effective at preventing the disease in which they are given for. That is a good thing, but it does not come with out a consequence to EVERYONE. All these diseases have life cycles and are part of an eco-system. If you eliminate one, something else will replace it. This is simply stated by G. Regev-Yochay et el (2004), “studies have explored bacterial interference-the supression of one species by another”. I Let’s look at Pnuemococcal Prevnar 13 for example. Before Prevnar 13 was available it was was available as either PCV 7. Which means the pneumonococcual vaccine provided protection for 7 strains of the bacterium. A study published in BMC Infectious diseases, A. Fenoll etal found an in increase in prevalence of other pneumonococcal strains such ass serotype 19A (2011). It is clearly shown in linear graphs that after the vaccines for pneumonococcal were implemented and a decrease in the prevalence for those strains was seen, there was an increase in the other pneumonococcal strains. Fenoll et al, (2011), go onto say even though the PCV7 vaccination reduces nasopharyngeal carriage of vaccine serotypes, it also increases carriage of non-vaccine serotypes. Serotype 19A was found in pediatric middle ear isolates and to be resistant to amoxicllian, the most commonly used anti-biotic prescribed for ear infections in children (Fenoll et al, 2011). Fenoll et al concluded that because non-PCV7 serotypes are found to be cause of acute ear infections there would be benefit to a broader coverage in a new conjugate vaccine such as 13 strains (2011). So now we have Prevnar 13. The problem is that there are 91 strains of the Pneumonia, not just 13. The original 7 strains or serotypes used in the PCV7 vaccine were the most common to be found causing illness, but they also kept other pneumonal strains at bay. As this study clearly shows, if you eliminate one, another will take its place. So now we have coverage of 13 strains in Prevnar 13 which includes serotype 19A, but what about the other 78 strains? Will they become active now too?

        In another study published by the Lancet, D.M. Weinberger et al commented,

        “Taken together, the evidence from randomized control trials, cross-sectional carriage studies and population-based disease surveillance make it almost certain that a substantial proportion of observed replacement in disease has been caused by the vaccine” (2011).

        Not only that, but Stapholoccual Aureus will become more prevalent when Pneumonococcul is eliminated. G. Regev-Yochay et el concluded in their study that Streptococcus Pneumonia protected carriage against Streptococcus aureus and that these implications in a “Pneumococcal Vaccine Era” should require further investigation (2004). This is why Scientists want and NEED to develop a vaccine that prevents 1000’s of diseases. If you eliminate one, another will takes it’s place. This is just how these eco-systems work and human illness is part of that. Understanding this I am not sure how anyone can say that choosing to not vaccinate puts others at risk because vaccinating also puts others at risk. There is risk on both sides.

        • Yes, vaccines do put you at risk. That is kind of what everyone is trying to get people to realize. You don’t remember how it use to be? I am 27 and I remember friends, family members making sure all the kids had chicken pox early and at the same time. They would literally bring their little ones over when someone had chicken pox. By giving your baby and young child these vaccines, you are weakening their immune system. Now they are at risk for other illnesses.

  74. I find the article informative, but as for the title, very offensive. I’m sure many people will stir clear of this article just because of someone calling their precious angels the “D” word. That’s the only issue with this article that has been eating away at me.
    – Side note, please parents get informed of the pros and cons of vaccinations, pray about it frequently and make the best decision for your family.

  75. Family Doctor

    Just to clarify, there are a few different forms of the vaccines that protect against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.

    DTaP — for kids under 7 to get their primary series
    Tdap — a booster for kids 7 and up, and adults

    The capitalization is intentional, since the “adult” form has less antigen than the kid form, hence the lower case letters.

    Not covered in this blog post, but frequently confused:
    DTP (or DPT) is an old product that used whole cell pertussis, so we use DTaP to represent the current usage of acellular pertussis and try to use DTwP to represent whole cell. This old product is sometimes referred to as DPT.

  76. The author’s knowledge on aluminum in vaccines is really misinformed. The FDA only recommends 4.224mg of aluminum to be exposed to babies within their first year of life by vaccine or injection, but here in Canada, depending on who the immunization clinic get’s their vaccines from, a baby could be exposed to between 3.05mg and 6.04mg by vaccines, this doesn’t include by IV if for some terrible reason your baby had to receive IV. It your from the US then your babies are actually exposed to more aluminum by vaccination in your babies first year of life because the recommended schedule has more vaccines than it does in Canada. Not only that but because of the dangers of aluminum the FDA also only recommend that individual vaccines only contain 0.85 mg to 1.25 mg of aluminum, but prevnar 13 for example has 1.5 mg of aluminum and is given when a baby is only 2 months old. In fact depending again on what manufacturer immunization clinics get their vaccines from a 2 month old baby will receive between 0.945 mg – 1.625 mg at one time and then again at their 4 month immunization (if you go by BC’s vaccine schedule). It doesn’t really make sense to limit individual vaccines in aluminum content if they are allowing multiple vaccines at one time that succeed the maximum limit of 1.25 mg of aluminum. Plus the amount and proximity of the vaccines recommended and given to babies within their first year of life has been questioned by several studies and they implicated stimulating the immune system over and over again with both same antigens and adjuvants (aluminum) as the very mechanism that provokes inflammatory responses that lead to neurological and auto-immune diseases. Not arguing against the pro’s of vaccination, but the recommended schedule for babies within their first year of life is so questionable. I assume that based on the pre-game insight that that author is against GMO food also doesn’t feed her children GMO food. But vaccines ARE GMO!!! The author talks about that most “anti-vaxxers” skip the DTaP and MMR due to the list of toxic ingredients and that formaldehyde and aluminum being the most common. I don’t know if they are that different between canada and the us, but MMR vaccines don’t contain aluminum but they do have the longest lists of ingredients and if your a savvy mom concerned about ingredients in the food you give to your kids you would also be concerned about the long list of ingredients with unpronounceable names. It might also concern you to know that many of them are classified in WHMIS and NOAA as toxic, poisonous and corrosive to human exposure. Bringing up the Autism/Wakefield is a weak argument as I stated above there are several studies that implicate the mechanism of initial vaccines and boosters as the cause of inflammatory responses that lead to neurological and auto-immune diseases. Secondly, bringing up autism as genetically based disorder and not discussing what influences the genome and it’s expression of certain genes or groupings of genes that result in genetic expression of say, autism, really just shows lack of understanding. We all have the genetic information for autism. Some people have the unfortunate right genetic grouping for autism. For some this means that their autistic genes will express themselves for no reason other than they simply have them. For some, those genes will express themselves if they are influenced too. Nature vs Nurture. Genetics vs everything we are exposed too. It is a very intimate dance between genetics and all environmental influences (this is everything else..emotions, trauma, family interaction, socializing, media, the food we eat, vaccines, pollutions…just everything!!!!) Therefor NO ONE can say beyond a doubt that vaccines do not play a role in autism. Vaccines are changing our genome as we speak. So is everything else. For some vaccines will not be apart of the environmental influence on autistic gene expression and for some it will. It is the same for any other life long illness that can be triggered into life by gene expression. Take Depression. Peanut allergies. Asthma. IBS. Chrohn’s disease. Thyroid dysfunction. MS. Too many to list. The point is some of these life long illnesses are just as devastating as having a complication to the measles or whooping cough, just in a different way and we have no idea what influences what for what person. Everyone is so different and individual people process substances differently, otherwise prozac would work for everyone!!! We cannot always stop our genome from expressing certain genes especially since our world is full environmental factors that do influence gene expression but I also do not feel it is fair to allow possible biochemical influences to go without further investigation, especially when the genetic groups for these diseases could be recognized before getting vaccinations and allowing these children’s parent to choose an alternative and safer vaccine schedule for their child. D. Senkiewicz et el state,

    “simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants, or repeated stimulation of the immune system by the same antigen can over come genetic resistance to autoimmunity” (2012).

    The author also states she chooses to be pro-vaccine because of science and math. Well lets look at an example of vaccine science. GSK Infanrix-IPV product monograph revised in 2011 on the Canadian website. On page 7 there is a blurb on the methods used to determine safety of systemic side effects considered to be related to the vaccine. There was three test groups, one group was given Infanrix-IPV with HIB mixed, the second group was given Infanrix-IPV plus HIB, but injected separately and the third group was given DTPw-IPV plus HIB. [3] There was no non-vaccine control group. So I don’t understand how you determine side effects if there is no test group that didn’t receive a vaccine to compare too. It’s like someone saying I am going to test to see if eating an entire cheesecake will cause stomach upset. The first group will eat an entire cheese cake with ice cream spread on top, the second group will eat an entire cheesecake plus ice cream on the side and the third group will eat a Billy Minor Pie with ice cream. Of course there is not going to be any significant difference because they are same kind of thing. If someone were to present this model for anything else they would be ostracized as pan cake in the scientific community. I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect better scientific models from vaccine trials or be concerned about the “science” that it is based on if this is an example.

    [8] Khan, Z., C. Comadiere, F-J. Authier, V. Itier, F. Lux, C. Exley, M. Mahroug-Yorgov, X. Decrouy, P. Moretto, O. Tillement, R. K. Gherardi and J. Cadusseau. Slow CCLS-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain. MNC Medicine. (2013).
    [9] Shoenfeld, Y. and N. Agmon-Levin. ASIA- Autoimmune/Inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants. Journal of Autoimmunity. (2011).
    [10] Orbach, H., N. Agmon-Levin and G. Zandman-Goddard. Vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases of the Adult. Discovery Medicine. (2010).
    [11] Han, S., J. Lemire, VP. Appanna, C. Auger, Z. Castonguay and VD. Appanna. How Aluminum, an intraceluular ROS generator promotes hepatic and neurological diseases: the metabolic tale. Cell Biology. Toxicology. (2013).
    [12] Tsumiyama, K., Y. Miyazaki and S Shiozawa. Self-orgainized criticality theory of autoimmunity. Plos One. (2009).
    [13] Sienkiewicz, D., W. Kulak, B. Okurowska-Zawada and G. Paszko-Patej. Neurolotic Adverse events following vaccination. Pro. Heal. Sci. (2012)
    [14] Miller, N. Z. and G. S. Goldman. Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? Human & Experimental Toxicology. (2011).
    [15] Miller, M. S., T.J. Gardner, F. Krammar, L.C. Aguado, D. Tortorella, C. F. Basler and P. Palese. Neutralizing antibodies against previously encountered influenza virus strains, increase over time: A longitudinal analysis. Sci. Transl. Med. (2013).
    [21] Sienkiewicz, D., W. Kulak, B. Okurowska-Zawada and G. Paszko-Patej. Neurolotic Adverse events following vaccination. Pro. Heal. Sci. (2012)

  77. She didn’t touch once on the reason why I don’t vaccinate and her scare tactics (just like the scare tactics of anti-vaccinators) won’t change my mind.
    I have an autistic child and LOVE when people ask if vaccine caused it. NOPE never vaccinated :p
    Second its not genetic, not a soul in either of our family has ever had it, nor has a case been diagnosed in 9-12 of our friends. 2 out of twelve have family with it, all same age as theirs all with birth incidents. One is adopted so no history….
    I don’t vaccinate my babies, but I do vaccinate my older children with certain ones and when we travel.
    My best friend lost her daughter to the HPV vaccine :( does it make me hate the vaccine, no. Do I fear ones without years of testing, yes. Do I fear it will give young girls a false sense of security YES! :( covers very few of the hundreds of cervical cancers a young lady can get and I pray this doesn’t result in no paps for girls.r

  78. My grandson was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. He received ZERO vaccinations by that time.

  79. This article, from a non-health educated person, WREAKS of false info and drips of ignorance. Educate yourself first on ALL SIDES. I am a naturopathic doctor, educated in health on many levels: I went to medical school and studied immunology, did you? NO. Vaccines are a SCAM, a SHAM and a LIE that lends false confidence and to boot, gives our children DNA damage and long term immune system debilitation, setting them up for the continuing EPIDEMIC of cancer that we now are faced with. Not only this, but them blaming non-vaxers for giving diseases to your vaccine “protected” children!? Excuse me? Wow, someone doesn’t know anything about health and disease. Not only is this impossible, (in fact non-vaxed children PROTECT the weakly-immuned vaccinated population, acting as sentinels for the VERY same diseases that are PERPETUATED BY the giving of vaccines that SPREAD these mutant viruses), but shows how useless vaccines really are to protect anyone. E D U C A T E YOUR DAMN SELVES!

  80. Erwin Alber

    I agree with Dalia. Vaccines have never prevented anything, apart from health, sanity and common sense.

    Anyone doing even minimal research is bound to arrive as I did at the inevitable conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

    “The entire vaccine program is based on massive fraud.”
    Dr Russell Blaylock MD, USA

    Here is some information I have compiled to show why no child should ever be vaccinated against anything under any circumstances:

  81. The makers of Gardisil also told us Vioxx was safe. Oops, big mistake.

  82. Gabrielle

    If vaccines really work, then why are you so scared about the fact that I don’t get them?

  83. Concerned Citizen

    The hoax is over. FOIA has released transcripts never meant for the public that clearly show the vaccine makers know they cause the diseases they say the are to protect against and neurological impairment. Read the “damning” evidence here. For what it is worth, I was once a person that attacked others over their decision not to vaccinate, until I did months of study, reading actual data instead of talk points and research skewed by the ones that profit from the sale of said poisons.

  84. There are many flawed “facts” stated above. Did I read anything about China in this post? No? Hm. Well, China aside, one I read was Autism is a genetic based disorder. This has never been proven. That means, yes, it can be hereditary, it can be environmental, it can ALSO be from vaccines, food, medicine, AS WELL AS pregnancy/birth complications. I am going to post a video. I took the time to read your post, so please watch this lecture by an amazing doctor, Russell Blaylock. Use common sense. I was told I HAD to get a flu shot. HAD TO, or I would be fired. Do you think that people should be MADE to get a vaccine? or does that just sound ridiculous? or ….maybe it sounds a little less American? Why would they take out certain chemicals, like preservatives, for the children and pregnant women? “Just to be safe.” But, I thought all vaccines were safe? Use common sense. Research your mercury levels, research the way your body ACTUALLY processes these vaccines, and please watch this video.

  85. Paul smith

    If you trust your governments or any government organisations you’re an idiot!

  86. Erwin Alber

    I have posted the link to this article on my ‘Vaccination Information Network’ (VINE) Facebook page; click on this link to read the responses from VINE subscribers:

  87. Paul smith

    I don’t think anyone is saying that autism is SOLELY down to vaccinations, I’m no doctor but I think it’s a little more complex than that.

  88. Well, this debate is endless. Just… vaccinate your damn kids and hope that nothing (sudden and obvious) will happened to them. Everything else, showing up years later, cancers for example, can be blamed on … “genes”. Awesome, isn’t it? Good luck, smart mom! And really, why bother to buy organic when chemicals and other nasty stuff from vaccines are not bothering you? Just a logic question.

  89. Thank you Dalia!

  90. Has anyone but me done any actual research on this bloggers sources..? these names that get thrown around, like Dr. wakefield… has anyone questioned his creditability?… its called wiki people! the guy is a fraud!! geez!

    This blog is an opinion, a VERY one sided opinion. Everyone has an opinion… this is mine… and I’m an Arborist :)

    Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives
    by Aviva Jill Romm (Author)

  91. Just a thought for those who are blatantly adamant about vaccination (including the author)- I challenge you to go play catch up with all the vaccines you didn’t receive that your kids are supposed to get. Go research that instead of being hypocritical sheep regurgitating what your precious white coat savior proclaimed you do to your children. Unless you are completely caught up with today’s vaccine protocol you really have no room to speak or open your mouth or inject your kids with poison.

  92. Formaldehyde and aluminum aside, is anyone concerned at all about the injecting of foreign animal DNA into the human race? I cannot be convinced to do so to my child. In my opinion, that is a rocky, uncertain path for our species to embark on. Vaccinate if you’d like, but please don’t get all commie and trash others beliefs as if your opinion could be the only way.

  93. So you keep saying Autism is a genetically based developmental disorder. This statement only proves you are an idiot. Let me enlighten you as “I” am an autism mom. Our family has absolutely no genetic history of autism. We are the only ones out of hundreds of years of genealogical history that has this. So to say it is a genetically based disorder is completely unfounded and has been proven by scientists. WHAT they do say is that there could be a genetic and environmental link to the rising rate of autism. Ohhh and to further show how completely ridiculous you are when it comes to your much mentioned autism knowledge have you bothered to look into how much the rate of autism has increased since the mid nineteen eighties? 1 in 10K and now today 1 in 88…and it is now leaning toward 1 in 50! Sooo in the last 30 years we have a rate of autism that is increasing at epidemic levels. Hello genius! Folks we have our first genetic epidemic in the history of human kind.

    The fact is that vaccines are NOT 100% safe, and no doctor on this planet will ever sign a document guaranteeing that there will be no side effect of a vaccine. We are also not genetically identical. I am allergic to sulfa and look like a red mess if I take the drug, whereas you may be fine. So to say that “I” am a selfish mom for choosing to hold off on vaccinations because “I” did see my son react badly to a vaccine makes you judgemental and totally ignorant. Should I inject my child with something that made him lose his speech and send him into a long-term sensory meltdown because the CDC, AAP, and oh yeah your judgy self says it is for the good of mankind? I am sorry, no way.

    People need to be educated about all drugs and vaccinations, and make a decision that is best for their child. Despite what people choose we need to quit judging, and I don’t know your reasoning, and you most certainly do not know mine.

  94. This article is just more misinformation, false propaganda, and more lies, and more lies. Wake up!!! Wake UP! WAKE UP!!!


  95. Dr. Heath Motley

    Vaccines cause Chromosome Changes Leading to Mutations, Leukemias and Lymphomas, Auto-immunity, Diabetes, Nervous System Changes, Autism, Demyelination, Seizures, Convulsions, Epilepsy, Brain Swelling, Unexplained Diseases, Another Vaccinal Disease like Paralytic Poliomyelitis, tentanus, smallpox, etc. Following Inoculation, Death of course, metabolic problems, deafness, kidney disorders, skin disorders, abcesses, shock and more so vaccinate at your own risk.

    Vaccine References

    Health Guide: Vaccine Research

    • Yes and what else causes these diseases as elderly patients who did NOT have these vaccines back in the day have them too. Scaring Joe Public into not vaccinating will be detrimental to YOUR grandchildren.

      • Michelle

        The elderly is one thing, but when we start seeing the above diseases in a 10 year old…you have to wonder WHY

  96. - who says autism is genetically based? autism is more common is boys because certain chemicals mixed w/ testosterone is much more damaging.
    – the list of toxins is very long. let’s see research of every single adjuvant, and combination effects. maybe just use some common sense.
    – and no “damn kids” are endangering your little angel because herd immunity is a fallacy. the entire adult population is unvaxed (they wear off, if they ever take in the first place), and there are no epidemics. explain this.
    – wakefield’s study is good. of course big pharma is going to demonize him.

    • Genetically based—hello the boys are affected because of genetics.. Boys have a Y and an X chromosome so if the autism gene in on either chromosome—they get it!!!! Girls need to have the two chromosomes to affect them. Please read up on it.

  97. Michelle

    Who cares if you are a hippy mom who carried her baby in a sling! It’s got nothing to do with it!…You can be a rich yuppy who lives completely materialistically, but eat organic foods and live chemical free and not vaccinate your children!
    You seem extremely hypocritical when you say you are a hippy mom and eat organically etc, but then poison your children’s bodies with heavy metals and chemicals etc…. so, doesn’t organic mean eating foods which are chemical free? Why ruin that with injecting chemicals instead? That defeats the purpose! Dah! seems like you are very confused.
    It’s quite simple….Why are you trying to fix what isn’t broken? Babies are perfect until they are injected! I know! I immunized my first child who was perfect in every way before the poisons (which I did) and because of what it caused, chose not to vaccinate my others…the difference is very clear even as they become teenagers. The other interesting thing was that my Doctor later told me that he never Vaccinated his family of 4 children!!! I wonder why a doctor wouldn’t choose to do this to his own children, but is okay with getting paid for everyone else’s children he vaccinates!!! It comes down to Greed, like every other serious issue around the globe. I wish I knew more way back then…..but I was lucky enough to have treated my daughter Homeopathically as the symptoms arose. I was so amazed at the results, that I became a Homeopath while I was at it! So I also have a background in Medical Science / Physiology and anatomy / health and nutrition.
    It is your fear that causes you to vaccinate your children (not “your damn kids” as you spoke seemingly with anger). If you lead a healthy lifestyle, breastfeed your children, keep your food intake Alkaline, stay positive, fit & active, get plenty of sleep, laugh lots, your body can fight disease naturally! It takes an infant 3 years for it immune system to mature, so why destroy and inhibit it’s ability to fight disease naturally?

    • Well stated!…and for those looking for a highly reputable source of science based information…

  98. Hey, good luck with that MMR. When your kid ends up autistic or dead or severely maimed by a vaccine, don’t come crying around here, Miss Crunchy. I don’t know where you get your science, but it is the flawed science that is promulgated on all un informed parents to scare them into putting those heavy metals (which are stored in the body and are cumulative), no matter the amounts. Why the amount of mercury alone is more than the amount spilled on the floor that would necessitate calling in a HAZMAT team! Really, you can see how badly you have been brainwashed by the establishment.
    I had every childhood disease and did not suffer as much as you claim people suffer. You like to dwell on worse case scenarios. All my classmates had these same diseases and none of them went to the hospital or died. (measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, pertussis) and I had pneumonia too as well as a cousin who contracted polio. We are fine. I would rather take my chances with the real organism and build real immunity via the humoral AND cellular systems, than have my child suffer serious damage from a vaccine, vaccines that are notoriously flawed. And I have a son who lost communication with us and regressed t autism immediately following a vaccine. My daughter and my two grand daughters remain unvaccinated and very healthy.

  99. notovaccines

    I have been told in confidence,by a DOCTOR not to Vaccinate! Sadly, this came after the Vaccination of my first child who continues to suffer to this day because I caved to the pressures of teachers, peers, and ridiculous foolish women like the one who wrote this article, my stupid, stupid mistake!

  100. Amen. I wish there were more people who think like you do about this subject.

  101. Teresa Bazeley

    Terrible how people are offended by the author writing DAMN kids–ha! It is to get you to see the article and what better way to do it! Congratulations as YOU did it! Vaccinations prevent the diseases! Remember when kids died of pertussis, diptheria and many others cannot conceive because of Mumps caused impotence. Vaccine were a miracle. Then the day of the doctor who fabricated all his statistics to prove that vaccines caused AUTISM. Shame on him! People were already fearful and looking for answers. That doctor is famous in my eyes for FRAUD!! Please use this information wisely and do vaccinate your precious children!

  102. My kids, my choice

    While I did read the post, I do disagree with it. That being said, I am glad that you took the time to research and make a choice that is best for your family. I do not condemn you for giving them vaccinations. Please grant me the same courtesy of not condemning me for doing my research and not giving mine those very same vaccinations.
    My kids are not damned and I will not resort to childish behavior and say that yours will be damned because of the choice you make for them.
    My children should be of no threat to yours if you firmly believe that vaccines work like they are touted to.
    However, if you want to resort to tossing in that super diseases are born from non-vaccinated children, that is like negating all the evidence proving that super bugs are the direct result of overuse of antibiotics.

  103. Everyone who keeps commenting about how vaccines are drugs and can not NOT have adverse side effects, please realize that yes though they are a drug they are not dangerous. Chemo, blood pressure meds, diabetes meds, ibuprofen (that we all give to our kids) among many over the counter DRUGS are drugs. But, you wouldn’t NOT give a child medication when they so obviously need it would you? Why, then are vaccines any different? Most of the anti-vaccine people commenting about the side effects of vaccines as their sole reason for not doing vaccines fail to realize that science and the medical field do not attempt to make any drug without side effects. There is no such thing, other than saline nasal spray which is just water. Science and the medical fields look at drugs based on if the benefits outweigh the risks. Whether you believe that vaccines cause Autism are not is irrelevant. For, the risks of any vaccines causing Autism do not outweigh the benefits of getting a vaccine. There is 1) no substantial evidence that vaccines cause Autism, there is also no substantial evidence that Autism is really hereditary. SO, basically you’re making your decision on evidence that has yet to be proven on either side. Here are the things I do know for a fact. More kids die annually from the flu virus than from the flu vaccine. Reason number one why I would rather risk the small percentage of vaccination risks in order to keep my child alive beyond the flu season. I do know that Autism is fairly new, considering just how old the introduction of vaccines are. Cause and effect would suggest that Autism would be just as old as vaccine practices and yet Autism is not even close to as old. I do know that I personally do not know anyone who have ever had ill effects of vaccines but that I do know a mother who lost her 4 year old son from H1N1 in 2012. Among many other parents who lost their children. I also do know that the real fear should be in the over use of antibiotics. That’s where this fear focus should be. People are taking antibiotics without knowing whether their illness is due to a virus or a bacteria. In many cases they are still taking antibiotics even when they know they are suffering from a virus. Antibiotics actually hinder the immune system when fighting a virus, antibiotics does not know good bacteria (bacteria naturally in your digestive system such as probiotics that are released during a viral infection to fight the infection) from bad bacteria (such as strep etc). So, it kills ALL bacteria but does NOT kill viruses. So, being on an antibiotic while ill with a virus means you just killed off the last of your bodies fighting defenses and not the virus, meaning you just allowed the virus to multiply inside your body without any obstacles… you just gave the virus free range over your body. But, vaccines? Not the thing we should be fearing. Even if the flu vaccine is not a direct match to the season’s flu virus it is still affective in prevention. Because, now listen very closely. THE PROTEINS OF ANY GIVEN FLU VIRUS, NO MATTER THE MUTATION STAY THE SAME.

    Also, to the woman who told the grandmother of an cancer stricken child that she should be more concerned with the kids who have been recently vaccinated from the flu is how can I put this nicely..? BEYOND WRONG. This would mean that even in a hospital setting that this child would be at risk? Because any nurse or doctor working in close proximity to cancer patients ESPECIALLY CHILDREN are required to be vaccinated. BUT, FOR REASONS TO NOT FURTHER THE CHILD’S RISK OF CATCHING AN ILLNESS, AS THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS WOULD NOT SURVIVE THE ATTACK. Also, your argument stated that they are dangerous to this child because they are live viruses in these shots? Wrong, the flu shot is a dead virus. Unless, the zombie flu virus apocalypse is upon us, I am confident in saying those virus can not suddenly come back to life and regenerate. The only flu vaccine that has any live viruses is the nasal mist. HOWEVER, it is a weakened flu virus…. so much so that the minute the virus enters the body, it can not sustain the temperatures and die. So, you’re wrong…. her grandchild is much more vulnerable around children who carry and host for the actual live non-weakened viruses vs. the children who carry the dead or weakened flu virus that will die the minute it reaches a temperature close to 98.6 degrees.

  104. keith Kelley

    Medical herd immunity –
    I keep asking this question and never get an answer-
    If herd immunity works then what actually happened through the 60′ 70′ 80′ (in Australia)when they thought most vaccines lasted a life time? (they don’t) Most vaccinated people would have only been covered for part of that period, resulting in a low rate of immunisation. Yet the authorities were touting that they had beaten most diseases though herd immunity.(?)
    Medical herd immunity doesn’t work!

  105. Nina Castle

    Good article…oh except you forgot all these ingredients:
    Oh and the hundreds of studies that tie vaccines to autoimmunity. (no I’m not going to find them for you, try Green Med Info or pubmed or Google Scholar)….Oh and actually doing any real research yourself.
    You’ve basically just regurgitated what I can read in any media outlet and have read, over and over again.
    Try digging a little deeper. The truth is out there.

  106. The Anti-Vaccination Crowd Is a Threat to Public Health « Pejman Yousefzadeh

    […] doctors and, incredibly, a former Playmate, the movement has frightened new parents with claptrap about autism, Alzheimer’s, aluminum, and formaldehyde. The movement that was once a fringe freak […]

  107. Hey, It Might Be Time For A Whooping Cough Booster | The Lonely Conservative

    […] doctors and, incredibly, a former Playmate, the movement has frightened new parents with claptrap about autism, Alzheimer’s, aluminum, and formaldehyde. The movement that was once a fringe freak […]

  108. I love this article. I married into a family who is very “au natural” they do the chiropractor thing, they hardly have any health insurance because they don’t really believe in doctors, they use all the essential oils, and of course they are completely convinced that vaccinations are a huge conspiracy.

    On the other hand, I come from a very “modern medicine” family who frequently visits the doctors office, relies on many prescriptions for things such as ADD & general health issues, and of course we have all had ALL of our vaccinations (Yes, even HPV *shock!*) I also was not breastfed & took formula since I made my exit from the womb. And I have turned out FINE. I’m alive and very healthy! Now is there a “right” way and a “wrong” way? Generally not, but when it comes to vaccinating your children, please do it! People die every day and there is not enough evidence to support the opinion that “vaccinations are a conspiracy.”

  109. I was wondering if any of you have studies that compare autism in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children? I would really like to know…

    • There’s zero link between vaccinations & autism. There have been several studies (I’m too lazy to link to them for you but if you bother to Google you’ll find them) that have proven that autism & vaccines have no relationship.

      • Michelle

        If there are no links, how can you explain the drastic increase in autism cases from the 1950s until now…each time a new vaccine is “developed” the number of annual autism cases increases too.

        Autism did not exist that is documented before the 60s- “ironically”, there were only like 3 vaccines given at that time. Now kids get 30 something shots before they are 2!!!

        • And yet in many cases the antigen load of today’s vaccines is lower than those of the early years by a magnitude of thousands. I once heard someone say white blood cells can’t count – the number of shots, that is. Only antigens, and today’s load is lower, not higher.

  110. Meh…when a single anti vax but bag is able to provide actual evidence (backed up by data obtained in double blind studies) that vaccinations aren’t safe then I’ll believe your crazy ramblings.

  111. Dy-Anne W

    Could you please learn how to cite your sources properly and also to use reliable medical sources. I only counted 3 and the CDC doesn’t count. Using the CDC as a source is akin to using the Harry Potter Series to prove Magic is real.

    So If you could please gain access to some actual medical journals with peer reviewed and double blind studies and cite them properly then maybe we could have an honest conversation about both sides of this story.

  112. If I could give you one piece of advice for all your future articles I would highly recommend you keep your emotions out of your writing! I find your article and your attitude to be completely arrogant, offensive and downright hurtful towards parents who hold a different philosophy from you! I have spent hours, hundreds of hours reading credible sources regarding this subject from both views and I have remained open to hearing both sides of the debate, and I have spent years educating myself regarding this decision so who are you to tell parents of unvaccinated children that they do not love their children and that they are selfish because they make choices that oppose your choice?

    Have you walked in other parents steps? Have you been down the journey of other parents who have made a different decision from you? You are in absolutely no position to tell other parents that they are selfish and don’t love their children because they don’t hold your point of view. Your article lost all credibility for me the minute you brought your emotions and personal opinions into your writing, I instead found your piece to be one of the most hurtful and ignorant pieces I have ever read regarding this subject and I am not one of those people who takes offense at the littlest things.

    I vaccinated one of my children and he was never so sick in his life and on so many antibiotics as he was when we choose to vaccinate. I am not a sheeple and the decision I make regarding my children have usually been made after hours upon hours of making and informed and educated decision. The one conclusion I have found regarding this debate is damn if you do vaccinate and damn if you don’t, there is a plus and minus to each side and each parent needs to make that educated decision that is best for their child. No parent should ever have to be forced to make health decisions for their child or bullied from writers such as yourself into vaccinating!

    I have friends who vaccinate and friends who don’t vaccinate and I have really tried hard to not judge and respect others for the decisions they make because I know that the majority of parents just want to make the best decision they can regarding their children because they LOVE them so much. This parenting gig is hard and we are all just trying to make the best damn decision for our damn kids (as you say) that we can, there will always be others that make different choices from you. So rather than spewing disrespect for others decisions in your writing you would probably find more favor with those who oppose your views if you treated them with respect and dignity. Your article most likely finds favor with others who hold your view but I can say with certainty that your article most likely has done nothing to influence the population you were most likely trying to persuade. There is a way to write factual pieces of writing that hold your opinion without bullying or hurting others to change their mind! Just something to consider!

  113. Michelle

    I know this is a late comment here, but if vaccines were so safe, WHY is there funding set aside to compensate those victims of the vaccines that have horrible reactions and side effects, which include death.
    It is your choice to vaccinate or not, but your stories on kids that died from complications, while horribly sad, are eclipse (in my eyes anyway) buy the number of cases of vaccine related injury and death. Otherwise, BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars would not have been paid out in injury compensation.
    YES- kids can and do die from complications of different diseases, but the % that do is FAR LESS than the kids that have adverse reactions to vaccines.

    The decline in these sicknesses came about BEFORE vaccines were even developed, measles cases dropped by 90% once sewage, clean water and adequate crops were available to more people.

    Vaccines may be useful, but not all at once given to infants! Would you take 6 different drugs at the same time and expect to come out ahead? NO! But that is what happens to our children and then wonder what SIDS comes from (there is a direct correlation between the timing of SIDS cases and the majority of vaccines an infant gets)

    Keep those needles full of poison away from my kids…if the medical advances are that wonderful, they can be treated AFTERWARDS and develop a strong immunity. Vaccines are NOT immunization even though they try to call them that. Immunity comes from exposure and your body developing defenses. *end rant! :)

    • Do you have citations for any of this? For a causal relationship between SIDS and vaccines, for instance? Or that more children die each year from vaccine injuries than from diseases those vaccines prevent?

  114. keith Kelley

    i see an earlier comments about the anti-vaxxers ‘vested interest.’ One questioned ‘what vested interest.
    The other said Wakefield had a vested interest. Well some news for you! Wakefield is NOT an anti-vaxxer! He is pro vaccination. His paper only brought up a possible link to bowel problems and the MMR vaccine. After that a thorough railroading job was done on him . First via the media(initiated by a 2 bit journo) then throughout the medical world.
    A tip for M.D.’s Don’t openly question vaccines. They’ll take you out.

  115. keith Kelley

    There is always an error from both sides of the argument. That being MMR causes/doesn’t cause autism.
    it is neither. The autistic person already had the predisposition of autism. The MMR could have triggered it.(in my opinion, more likely than not)
    So the earlier comment that her children not only didn’t get autism from the vaccination, but thrived from it, meant there was simply no predisposition there.

  116. I think the writer of this article has had one vaccine too many which has severely impaired her cognitive reasoning skills! She even posts a link to a grossly malnourished, immunocompromised alcoholic who supposedly died SEVEN MONTHS?! after being exposed to a “measles” outbreak. Consider that wild type measles is highly contagious for only a WEEK after exposure and one will realize just how statistically improbable it is that this man died from wild measles outbreak.

    If it is true that his own 4yr old daughter was only recently vaccinated against measles, the SHE was most likely the cause of her dad’s measles exposure given vaccinated children SHED MEASLES VIRUS FOR WEEKS AFTER INNOCULATION! She in effect unwittingly killed her own father!

    The lesson here is that vaccinated children are more of a health hazard for the immunocompromised than non-vaccinated. How this is an argument in the pro-vax camp makes no logical sense!

  117. Michelle

    Over one million children died each year before these vaccines were created, and now the number is one quarter of that. Not too long ago the measles were considered to be nearly wiped out in the US, but these days outbreaks are on the rise. With celebrity endorsement and studies linking vaccines to other disorders, it’s no surprise that parents are choosing not to vaccinate. We would be naïve to deny the link between recent outbreaks and the rising number of children not being vaccinated. In order to eliminate outbreaks and reduce the risk of harm to others, the US should mandate vaccinations for all children without medical exemptions. It’s a matter of public safety.

  118. MagnificiantlyAwake

    I learned along time ago, that you cant change the mind of the arrogant, they’re easily coerced and easily manipulated for a reason.
    People like the idea there is a miracle cure to creating immunity without getting sick. People think of vaccinations as purely beneficial out of their own arrogance, blindly believing everything they’ve heard and discredit anything that contradicts what they’ve been told. despite how true it is.
    I understand the fear of what could potentially happen to you children as a result of coming in contact& contracting childhood illnesses. After all, the year before vaccinations were available 450 people died in the US from measles. & that’s pretty scary.
    We all are, as parents we want our children to live long, happy, and healthy lives. But when did parents stop caring about what goes into their children?
    Why arnt parents equally concerned about the ingredients in vaccinations and the complications that can arise from injecting these neurotoxins over time?
    Afterall, not only are you injecting the virus directly into their bloodstreams in attempts to build immunity, but it’s not just a change they will come in contact with neurotoxins, it is guaranteed they will be, you’ll be injecting it directly into them at small amounts.
    vaccinations are not thoroughly tested, or researched before going on the shelves. they arnt test for carcinogenic or mutagenic effects, and it’s long term effects are unknown(more like no one cares to know).

    unlike naturally obtained immunity, immunity gained from vaccinations are not 100% and wane over time. studies show even those up to date with their vaccinations and boosters are still at risk for contracting the disease if they come in contact with someone who has it, being vaccinated is no guarantee you’ll be protected.

    Vaccinated antibodies do not pass from mother to child transplacentally or through breastmilk, unlike naturally obtained antibodies which are.
    Meaning our immune systems natural ability to pass on antibodies to our offspring is being weakened.

    • Christa

      What makes you think that people aren’t concerned about those things or haven’t done their research and come to different conclusions based on the available science? That seems equally arrogant.

  119. vaccines mame and kill

    Vaccines are poison.. and you all need to wake up to thr truth of whats in them and quit going on what your told about them !
    if you mixed mercury aluminum phosphate formaldehyde ( they use in in corpse at for embalming) with dead viruses ” dead viruses” yeah no not dead because if that was the case then people wouldn’t get sick after the vaccine not to mention the use the previous year strand of virus. then inject this into your kid then you would be jailed for abuse and attempted murder.. OH but if a doctor does it then its ok.. so if you wouldn’t do that to your own kid why let them do it?
    working in two types of medical fields yes two types one around naturopathy and the other around conventional ive seen what helps and what doesn’t
    SO unless your a chemist with a lab at home to see for yourself what in these vaccines then quit being blind and going off what the doctors say thats in them
    Also unless your right along side the people making these poisons and seeing whats in them Shut your mouth about what you think you know.. why am i opening mine.. because i know and seen whats in them!!!!!

    • Christa

      “if you mixed mercury aluminum phosphate formaldehyde ( they use in in corpse at for embalming) with dead viruses ” dead viruses” yeah no not dead because if that was the case then people wouldn’t get sick after the vaccine not to mention the use the previous year strand of virus. then inject this into your kid then you would be jailed for abuse and attempted murder.”

      Not if you were a chemist who moonlighted as an RN – then you’d actually know what you were doing and be a-ok.

  120. I enjoyed reading your viewpoint on this controversial topic. I am a soon to be father and I have been unsure about whether or not to vaccinate my child. I did in depth research on the pros and cons of vaccination. There are tons of scientific statistics that point towards vaccination as the right way to go. I believe many parents who chose not to vaccinate are persuaded by biased websites, movie stars, and politicians. I have read hundreds of articles both for and against vaccination. The conclusion that I have drawn is that vaccinating your children is the right choice not just to protect your child, but to protect everyone around your child as well.

  121. My favorite part is when she cited the huge whooping cough outbreak in Cali in 2010 for which was later shown that 81% of the children involved HAD BEEN FULLY VACCINATED. In addition, they are mulling over more DTaP vaccine boosters in studies now considering this particular shot has been shown to have a super low efficacy rate (41% for toddlers and preschoolers and 24% for elementary kids) making it pretty fail. Worse, though, it now scientists believe it has created a super pertussis bacteria particularly resistant to the VACCINE, which is what was behind all those outbreaks to begin with…

  122. The use of vaccinations is nothing new to the public. Vaccinations began being practiced in the US in 1796 when Edward Jenner created the first vaccine against smallpox. Jenner successfully vaccinated an eight-year-old boy and since then the US has continued to use his method for the past two hundred years. (“Vaccines Pros and Cons”). All children capable of being vaccinated should be vaccinated in order to protect the livelihood of the community, future generations and to eradicate potential life threatening diseases. Major medical organizations state that vaccinations are indeed safe, some including: CDC, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Institute of Medicine (IOM), American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), UNICEF, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Pediatric Society, National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID), and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Vaccinations have completely eradicated polio and smallpox. If we continue to vaccinate our children and future generations we can eradicate all vaccine-preventable diseases.

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