Trending: #MommaGotSomeNewHairComingIn

Editor’s Note: Molly Joy (Mojo) Fabiano is a graphic designer, new mom, and even newer blogger over at Everyday Mojo. Get a monthly dose of Mojo here as she guest blogs for us at Mom Meet Mom or visit her site where she posts a few time a week about being a momma, new home owner, and freelance designer.

Come on, Mommas. There are enough of us to make it a trend. It’s happening to me and if it’s happening to you too, join me in my efforts to make this look all the rage…

We’re growing brand new spiky hair along our hairline and rather than investigating new hair products, haircuts, or hats that might halfway hide it, let’s proudly rock our new and oddly placed spikes instead. I mean, weren’t we considering bangs like a year ago anyway (until our best friend talked us out of it)?

And why couldn’t new-spiky-hair-growth be the next must-have look? When you think of it, trends are often kind of weird and not always the most obviously attractive thing right? Think acid washed jeans, overalls with one strap undone, or sneaker heels. Not cute = super cool.

Let’s start talking this look up around the neighbors or at our next Mom Meet Mom play date. Better yet, boast about your spikes around women who aren’t moms. “Oh, I paid a fortune for this at the salon,” tell them. Next thing you know, our babysitters will be emulating our new hair growth. Attempts at the look just might be seen in the clubs and on red carpets, but we’re the lucky ones who have these spikes occurring au naturale. Watch out fashion world, Momma’s got some new hair coming in.

6 thoughts on “Trending: #MommaGotSomeNewHairComingIn

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  2. Love your guest blogger!! not just because she is my sister. I would like to say that I have it too… mine is worse though, its in the “side burn” area. Maybe it just runs in our family?? UGH

    • Thanks for commenting sister. I guess I can blame (or thank if this trend takes off!) motherhood AND family genes for my spikes!

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