This Just In: Mom Punches Shopper in the Face After Being Told to Calm Her Child….Say What?


Wait, what? That actually happened?!

Well, “allegedly” but the bruised gums and bloody lip don’t exactly lie in this charming photo.


Screenshot 2014-11-07 at 8.16.48 AM


In what appears to be a mommy daydream come to life at a Nordstrom Rack in Colma, California, a mom allegedly punched twenty-year-old Bree Hajek-Richardson square in the face after she was asked by Hajek-Richardson to calm her tantruming toddler.


According to Hajek-Richardson, “[The tantrum] wasn’t bothering me, but it was just the volume was a little bit loud. It was hurting my ears so I asked her very nicely to calm her child down a little bit, you know, the volume.”


At that point the quarrel began to take off (according to Hejek-Richardson),

“[She said] Don’t tell my child what to do and I said didn’t tell your child what to do I said just quiet them down a little bit.”


Hejek-Richardson then told the mother to go to Hell to which the furious mother responded, “I’ll see you there.”


And that this mama did. After that brief quarrel in the shopping line, the furious mom followed Hejek-Richardson to her car. Gloves were dropped and it appears Hejek-Richardson took a few to the mouth. Ouch.


In speaking with reporters, Hejek-Richardson admits this was not the first time she’s spoken out to moms about their loud children. Surprise, surprise.


Full story here…


Now is it just me or do you hear the abrupt cheers of moms everywhere?


Oh my gawwwsh! Someone finally did it! 


My guess? Somewhere in Colma, California one mama is sitting down next to her mom friends trying not to pee herself because she is the overnight celebrity phantom mom that, yes, actually punched a stranger in the face for being rude. And a quick read through the comments below any of the real coverage on this event will show you that a celebrity is exactly what she is being morphed into….


“She had it coming”

“I’ve always wanted to do that!”

“People should learn to keep their mouths shut! She got what she deserved.”


In all seriousness, what do you moms think? We’ve all been there. The baby or toddler freaks out in the store just in time for checkout and it’s impossible to calm them. In some cases we are met by sympathetic eyes, others throw us annoyed stares and there might be the occasional  winner who opens their trap. Is it OK for a stranger to speak up when a child is getting out of hand in a public place? Or do you think this phantom mama was in the right to flip out, follow her to the car and punch her in the face? And where was the kid when this was all going down???



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