The Next 50 Mom Meet Mom Members Will Automatically Win a Dolly’s Adventures Book!

Call your sisters, call your mothers, call your babysitters! You don’t want to miss this fun new member giveaway. Starting today, the next 50 moms and caregivers to sign up at Mom Meet Mom will receive a hardcopy Dolly’s Adventures Book. Mother/Daughter author team Lynne and Alison Grossman creatively address positive concepts like sun safety, healthy eating, patience, and being a good listener throughout this engaging series. And the adorable clothes and accessories bring each book to life, giving your child a chance to play out Dolly’s adventures with their own doll.

For a complete Dolly Adventures Book review by Mom Meet Mom Co-Founder, Christa Terry and daughter, P., click here.

To qualify for this giveaway, you must be a new member of Mom Meet Mom. To enter:

1. Create a profile with Mom Meet Mom and make sure you upload a profile picture

2. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the Dolly Adventures website with a unique redemption code.

3. If you are one of the first 50 new members to sign up once the promo goes live and follow the steps above, you will be shipped a hard copy book.

And if you miss the 50-member window, you can still download a digital copy of the book for free for a limited time using the same code. Good luck ladies!

“The Dolly Adventures” is a series of fun, beautifully illustrated, hardcover storybooks that promote positive interaction and learning between a child and her doll. These child-friendly experiences transcend into real-life situations that teach valuable lessons ranging from developing healthy eating habits to practicing sun safety, while promoting kind behavior and a positive attitude. To learn more, visit

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