Dear Insensitive Peanut-Obsessed Momma, Get Off Your High Horse

You really do love your peanuts don’t you? You love them so much that you can’t help but roll your eyes and go off on a rant when you’re told to refrain from sending your child to school with PB&J because Sally Sue and Billy Bob could die if they’re exposed to peanuts. That must be really hard on you.

~One insensitive mom…

And who do these allergy kids think they are, wanting to hang out with the “normal kids”… your “normal kids”? How ridiculous. I mean what’s the big deal… a few hives, a cough, or in the worst case a trip to the ER? Maybe they have to pop some Benadryl or give themselves a dose of their trusty Epi-pen. I mean seriously, how many kids actually die from these “allergies” anyways?

Then when your kid’s classroom has snack day, it’s almost impossible for you to stick to the peanut free policy. This was you right?

“So i was in trader joes looking at stuff and everything that you could think of to bring in (you know animal cracker type shiz) was peanut free but had the disclaimer ‘may have been used on equipment that had peanuts’. So, wtf does this mean?  use it? don’t use it?  i just got it anyway, because i did it last year but the teacher never said anything ha. Anyway i don’t know what his new teacher will say. i just feel like, do i have to do handstands finding food if there are NO kids in his actual class with allergies??”

So “no kids” in your son’s classroom actually have allergies? Oh wait, it looks like you clarify this in the comments section of your post…

“Well it’s an across the board ‘no peanut’ rule, so i don’t know if anyone in his class specifically has it (he just started wednesday!). which is my overall point:  the general hysteria of allergies seems to span far and wide, when in reality it may just be a few children this impacts (and of course the school would  know who!)….”

Momma, it’s quite sad and unfortunate that you’re so ignorant you can’t take a step back and see things for what they are – changing. And you resist this change because you are, let’s see, lazy and selfish. That’s right. God forbid you put yourself in the shoes of the child who has to think about every single ingredient in every food item daily. Or how about the child who is too young to understand ingredients? What about his mom who wakes up daily and asks the good Lord to keep her child safe because, yes, food allergies can kill and they do. How many children need to die for this to become real for you?

Do you realize that 15 million Americans and over 17 million Europeans have a food allergy? Or that 1 in every 13 children under the age of 18 has a food allergy (roughly 2 in every classroom)? Do you know that every 3 minutes a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room? Or that childhood food allergies cost nearly $25 billion every year. Oh, that’s right, you probably don’t read about this stuff because you are too busy with your own problems to care about significant changes in the health of our children and future grandchildren.

“i just got it anyway, because i did it last year but the teacher never said anything ha.”

HA? Who exactly are you tricking here? The school system or the child with a severe allergy who might just trust that mothers like you are mature and compassionate enough to not knowingly put their life at risk? You sound pretty impressed with your ability to ‘trick the system’. What a class act.

Another insensitive Mom…

Remember when it was cool to smoke on airplanes? It was the norm, right? That was not too long ago and then state-by-state we decided it wasn’t the brightest move to let people smoke in confined public places because smoking causes cancer and why should innocent bystanders be exposed to carcinogens? I bet you wouldn’t feel so comfortable walking that precious child of yours onto an airplane clambaked with cigarette smoke, right? No, not your sweet child. How could anyone ever put your child in danger? Good thing a few intelligent people pushed back on the smoking population to keep her safe. But food allergies, they’re different, right? I’m sure if your child had them, you would keep your mouth shut, slap her on the bum and let her go to school without a worry. Or maybe you would homeschool her, sure.

It’s time to wake up and realize that it is our maternal duty to protect the current and future generations of children. And with their being a good chance that we (as in we, the elder population) are the cause of these growing allergy cases, it is our responsibility as a society to acknowledge and address the issue so that our children will be safe – especially in their schools – and yes, even if they are not our own children.

Insensitive, peanut-obsessed momma, I wish you and your children good health. I also hope that one day you will have the strength to parent your children with compassion and lead them by example to understand that their peers’ lives are as equally important as their own. I hope you can someday let go and teach them that peanut butter and jelly are material things – things that really mean nothing in the big picture.



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