Survey Reveals Single Moms Want OUT

To get out of the house, that is! But it’s not just about sex and romance for single moms. It’s about staying social. Guys, we’re afraid you’re not the answer this time. Or at least not the whole answer. A little lovin’ is great but turns out moms? Need moms.

And sorry guys, that doesn’t mean that just you are the answer (though we’ll admit you’re probably part of it).

A single mom survey we conducted along with and Kerri Zane Enterprises revealed that of 7,626 single mothers surveyed, 86% said that social time is very important to them. And a monthly ladies’ night isn’t going to cut it. In an ideal world, 76% of these single moms said they would go out for social time every week!

BUT here’s the real shocker: 43% of single moms said their last “girls night out” was over a year ago! (Not surprisingly, 90% of respondents said that dating is very important to them and yet 50% have not been out on a date in over a year.)

See for yourself:

Conclusion? Our single mom friends need a serious social break on a regular basis.

Are you a single mom? Do you feel like you get to be social on a regular basis? In an ideal world, what would your social life look like? Do you get to go out on dates regularly? Do you go out with your girlfriends and/or mom friends on a regular basis? Who watches the kiddos when you do? We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you!

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