Summer Looks We Love for Itty Bitty Boys

Way back when I found out I was having a boy, I burst into tears because… baby boy clothes were so boring. Little girls? it can seem like they have all the fun with high fashion looks you can start them in practically from birth.But baby boys almost seem doomed to a life (and sometimes a lifetime) of character t-shirts and sweatpants just by virtual of their chromosomes.

But never fear! Cute little boy clothes are out there and we’ve found a bunch of summer looks that are anything but little boy lame. Once you’re finally past the onesies and jammers phase – which seems to last forever – there are options. Really sweet options, actually, if you look beyond Mommy’s Super Hunk prints and all that jazz. Here are some of my favorite looks for little guy just in time for summer:

The Tropical Traveler

M. and I are going to have a blast once we make it through the "onesies phase!"

Don’t you want to just take this dude down to Miami immediately? So cute. But also comfy and wearable and perfect for playing in that crazy mixed season between spring and summer where it’s sometimes crazy hot and sometimes crazy cool.

The Prep

Omg how cute if he~ And perfect little boy outift!

This is the kind of outfit that will drive old ladies on the street out of their minds because they can’t handle the cuteness. The one thing I’d change? Those shoes – they do not look playground-friendly.

The Infinite Cutie

Set of 2 HIPSTER Toddler Scarf Little Boy Baby by RichGirlRagsCo, $22.00

Dressing up a plain white t-shirt is super easy when you add a soft stretchy jersey infinity scarf. Reserve this look for older little boys, though, because babies and even young toddlers can get tangled.

The Perfect Print

Til de små drenge. Der stadig ukritisk lader mig bestemme.

How about an amazing sweatshirt for those chilly June nights paired with too sweet shorts. A great print? This sweatshirt has got it, with no cartoon characters in sight. Can’t find what you want? Time to break out the freezer paper and fabric paint!


#boy #fashion #urban

Baby TOMS are going to make everything cuter. As do those shades, seriously. It’s such a simply, playground-friendly look but still SO cool.

The Classic

I've spotted this @BodenClothing Baby Boarders

Mini Boden keeps it classic without getting boring thanks to fun colors, prints that aren’t Disney Pixar commodities, and sturdy construction. Not every baby boy has to be a hipster, after all.

The Prep pt. 2

Fly Little Guy; boys fashion blog. Spring look! Carters, h&m, Sperry

Popped collar? Check. Boat shoes? Check. Rolled skinny jeans? Check and check. Love it.

The Creative

This little guy is so cute! Love his style! #swag #cute

Bold print on the legs? Why not! You may remember seeing something similar on muscle men in the 80s but believe me when I said this look is back. Pair it with baby Converse and something fun to keep the sun out of his eyes or a polished, comfy look.

The Little Little

Adorable Brady is our #lookieboo of the Day!

Finally, his tiny pants are going to stay put! TOO DANG CUTE, am I right?

Happy summer to all the boy moms! And don’t forget the sunscreen!

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