Straight Talk Tips for Meeting Moms

Becoming a mom changes your life and the people in it. Sure, you will always have your best friends from home or college, but what if they don’t have children of their own or live far away? Some of my closest friends are still tearing it up at single bars, and many of them live at least 30 minutes from me.

With this reality at the forefront for many moms out there, the need to meet other moms suddenly becomes a priority. Lucky for me, I’ve had success by following the tactics below.

meet moms - mom meet momGet out of the house.

Whether you’re a working mom or stay-at-home mom, when it comes to managing your kids, it is almost always easier to stay around the house. But the longer you stay in, the more isolating it will become. Get dressed, pack the kiddos up and get out of the house!

Stay local.

Whether you venture to a park, go for a walk or hit the mall, try to keep it local. The farther you travel from your home, the less likely you’ll meet moms that live in your area. It’s much more difficult to manage new mom friendships with moms who live more than 20 minutes from you, especially when you factor in naps, food, and activity schedules.

Keep your head up.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own world and your kids, but try to stay aware of the people around you. I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked passed another mom who was so trapped in what she was doing that she was completely unaware of her surroundings. When you’re out and about keep your head up and eyes open for other moms.

Break the ice.

This is where it starts to sound a bit like the dating scene. Most people have trouble initiating conversation with complete strangers. Remember that all moms share an unspoken universal bond with other moms. You immediately have something in common and something to talk about. Take a deep breath and leverage that commonality:

  1. Lead with a Complement – “Your baby is adorable! How old?”

  2. Find out where she lives – “Do you live in the area?”

  3. Get her number or email- “You know what? I get coffee a few times a week with couple other moms in the area before work. If you are around, you should join us! Let me get your email address and I will let you know when/where we are meeting next.”

Do it again, and again.

How long did it take to secure a close group of girlfriends? Meeting moms that you get along with most certainly won’t happen overnight and the odds of you connecting with your best mom friend on the first try is extremely low.

So that’s it. Just stick to the steps above and you’ll be on your way to some pretty awesome mommy friendships. And in your downtime, don’t forget to sign up for Mom Meet Mom. The cool thing about the site is that everyone on it is looking for the same thing – mom friendships. This makes meeting new mom friends fun and simple.

Please feel free to shoot me some comments/questions! I would love to hear from other moms RE: how you approach moms in your area.

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