Run Like a Girl, Always

If I thought long and hard enough about it, I could probably muster up a handful of ads that have stopped me in my tracks and triggered an emotional reaction – be it joy, pride, hope or tears.

When I watched the #Likeagirl ad produced by Always, I was moved, to say the least. As a woman who grew up an athlete and now a mom of a feisty 6-month-old girl,  I am sure this will be an ad, and more importantly a message, I will remember for a lifetime.

Talk about one of those, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, type of scenarios, huh?

Be it the young boy who uses the catch phrase and thinks nothing of it, until his sister becomes associated. Or the teenage young woman who accepts the phrase until she discovers it relates to her. Or the mother and father who watch all of the responses – reflecting on using the phrase themselves at one point or another – and then see the young girl at the end confused… The young girl who represents their daughter.

Thank you so much, Always brand, for doing things differently with this marketing campaign. When my daughter reaches the age where pads and tampons become a thing, you better believe we will pick your brand off the shelf. And when she asks why? I will tell her why and share this ad.


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