Ringly: A Stylish Antidote to Your Phone Addiction

Addicted to your phone? I totally get it, which is kind of painful to admit considering that three years ago my phone mainly lived in my desk drawer doing a whole lot of nothing. Now it’s pretty much attached to my hip.

Part of that is because I use it to send pics of the kids to the mister during the day, but part of it is just my compulsion to check Facebook. Usually it starts innocently enough with a quick peek at email – and then 15 minutes have somehow gone by and my little guy is yanking on my skirt.


For me, out of sight is out of mind when it comes to the phone. If it’s in a bag or on my bedside table or in the aforementioned desk drawer I am much less likely to get sucked into social media. And that’s why I am SO obsessed with Ringly, the sexy new mom-friendly gadget that is making all the must-have lists. I mean, it’s not even out yet and I’m wishing I was wearing one right now.

Long story short: It’s smart ring and statement ring in one. Just my style, and maybe yours, too.

But even if you’re not a fan of chunky baubles, you’ll overlook the big, badass profile once you link this one up to your phone and it lights up or vibrates when you get a call, text, notification, or email or when you need to be reminded of an appoint (and what mom doesn’t, hello).

So date with the mister? No more phones on the table in case the sitter calls. Out with mom friends? Your phone can stay in your bag for once. Hanging with the little ones? Put the phone away for once and take some snapshots with the ultimate camera: your brain.

It almost sounds too good to be true but luckily, it’s real! And dads, you won’t need to feel left out for long. The cool people at Ringly are already working on dad-friendly designs so the whole family can finally put their phones away and start interacting with each other.

Ringly is available for pre-order for $145 in three gorgeous colors or $180 for my favorite, emerald, at ringly.com.


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