Review & Giveaway: The Ergo Wrap + Swaddle

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All the mamas at Mom Meet Mom are obsessed with baby wearing and what better baby way to show you our love than to give one mom a chance to experience baby wearing in style? Oh you want a bonus? Why not. We’ll throw in a swaddle thanks to the baby wearing brand we love, Ergo Baby. Below you will find the deets and if you love what you see and want to win the goods (and more cool prizes), head on over to our Winter Giveaway to enter! 


The Ergo Wrap + Swaddler 

Maybe you’re about to have your first child, and you’ve heard people singing the praises of babywearing. Maybe you’re a few months in and you miss being able to use two hands at once. Maybe you’re expecting your second and beginning to realize that it’s going to be hard to keep your 3-year-old from running into traffic if you have to provide adequate neck support for a newborn with only your hands. Regardless of the reason, if you’re looking for a soft carrier as a means of breaking into the world of babywearing, the Ergobaby wrap is a great way to start. With fabric that stretches without getting stretched out, it’s easy to tie the wrap on in the morning and leave it on all day, even when baby is in and out of the wrap with diaper changes, tummy time, and cuddles with your coparent. The wrap comes in three gender- and wardrobe-neutral colors, and because it’s styled as a wrap rather than a more structured carrier, it’s easy for both men and women to use – no need to reposition straps or buckles between wearers!



Combined with the Ergo swaddler, you’re going to have the best-rested baby in your neighborhood! You might notice that Ergo swaddlers have a funny shape compared to others you may have seen. That’s because Ergo swaddlers – like all Ergo products – are designed with ergonomics in mind. In the case, the swaddled is specially designed to keep your little one’s legs in the pediatrician-approved “frog leg” position. This helps prevent hip displaysia and dislocations! Plus, little pockets for hands and feet keep even busy Houdinis secure and comfortable.


Want to give babywearing a try? Enter to win the wrap and swaddled here!







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