On Mother’s Day, Know That You’re Amazing

No, seriously. You are.

Today, of all days when your family is hopefully celebrating you – and maybe hitting the mark or maybe doing everything wrong with the best of intentions – you may still be feeling like less. Less fit than before kids. Less crafty than that one Pinterest mom. Less accomplished than you felt before wiping someone else’s butt became a daily activity. Less confident in your mothering abilities because yesterday or the whole of last week didn’t measure up to your expectations.

So today of all days, step back. Stop looking at yourself through the eyes of someone who is afraid of not being good enough and just this once look at yourself through your children’s eyes.

What you see may surprise you…

Whether you do it all and then some or you’re the first to admit your life is a perpetually churning chaos machine, your kids think you’re amazing.

And so do we.

Happy Mother’s Day!


The Whole Mom Meet Mom Team!

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