Obama Sold Me with His Celebrity Mom Healthcare Ad – Clever…

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Just a couple of weeks before the Obamacare enrollment deadline is due to close (3/31), a new video (actually a few new videos) magically appeared on YouTube featuring two moms of celebrities. And two pretty damn likable ones, to say the least. The videos came with a hashtag, #YourMomCares and the intention was to target all of us moms out there. Mission accomplished!

While watching the video clip, I couldn’t help but think: Wow, these moms are pretty awesome… I would totally hang with them…I hope one day I have the freedom to drop everything and roadie my son around should he happen to need a lift on his music tourWhat I would give to find a mom friend who I’m so close with, we swap phones when we want to track our children.

It’s just one of those things, isn’t it? You know, the ol’, I’ll buy it because the celebrity bought it. Or is it?

Do I love the ad because these women are associated with celebrities? Or do I love it because I simply love these particular women? (Sharron and Patsy, are you on Mom Meet Mom? Send me your profiles, and we’ll schedule a moms’ night out asap. Here’s mine.)

Check out how the new healthcare ad pulls you in….

Yes, I can picture Jonah Hill dramatically slapped on the windshield of his mom’s car. I actually find myself asking myself if there was a movie featuring him with that exact scene in it. And what mom doesn’t want to someday reflect on memories with her son as if he were her best friend – the child who loved you so much, he wanted nothing more than to hang with you on tour?

Seriously, I’m hooked – and this is an ad for healthcare, for goodness sake.

I don’t care if you love or can’t stand Obama, you have to admit his team nailed it with this video campaign, which closes with a mom-to-mom plee.. “Every child should be insured” And there’s me immediately picturing that child as my own – the kid with severe allergies – who might have one day been denied insurance due to his condition. Well played.

This video followed one with other celeb moms, including those of Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keyes…..

So the government and Hollywood are playing a little game with our heads, moms. Is it working? What did you think of these Obamacare ads? Love them? Hate them?





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