No Matches? Tips for Using Mom Meet Mom to Connect Online

Here’s a little hypothetical scenario:

Uh oh! You’ve filled in your profile but it looks like there aren’t any matches in your area. Yet. Believe it when we say that we’re doing everything we can to spread the word about Mom Meet Mom so that every mom, everywhere, gets tons of matches.

But for now, if you’re corner of the map doesn’t have many moms signed up or none of them are on your unique wavelength, check out our search capabilities. With our advanced filters, you can proactively search for moms based on whatever criteria are important to you.

Social network Mom Meet Mom is also a great place to create the ultimate virtual support network. How? That’s where our forum comes in!

meet moms - social networking sites for momsIt’s an awesome place to meet moms from all over for friendship, advice, support, or a good old fashioned rant-fest.

Why connect with other moms online through Mom Meet Mom? While many people are still pretty skeptical when it comes to online friends being “real” friends, the people you meet virtually can actually enhance your life – and mothering experience – in lots of different ways.

Your posse of online moms (once you create a posse, that is) will be there to do all the things a mom’s group can do… share your enthusiasm, calm your worries, commiserate with your struggles, give you mothering tips, and even listen to your rants. Best of all, it can feel like there’s always at least one online friend ready to cheer you on, offer advice, or give you a virtual hug. Your mom posse is like an instant support network – just log on.

The key to making the kind of online friends that are as special to you as your local besties is being a good online friend yourself. There may be different levels of friendship, but we suggest treating online relationships with the same care and thoughtfulness you give to people you meet in person. That means respecting other moms’ feelings and choices, listening as much as you talk (well… type), and treating your friends’ concerns as important. Plus, laughing together and celebrating the good things with one another. And making each other feel good.

So not that different from sitting across from a girlfriend at Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon, if you think about it.

Right now, we say no matches? No worries. Mom Meet Mom is building a community of amazing moms that makes it easy to find friendship, help, hope, and support – even when you’re the only one in your zip code using the site.

That said, did you know you can actually help us make your (and other moms’) experience on the site better by telling your pediatrician, your OB, your midwife, and your friends about Mom Meet Mom? They’ll tell the moms they know about the site, and you’ll start getting matches in no time!



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  1. Rachel W.

    Aww sad, I’m having this problem, and I am looking for the “include non-local matches” box to check. I can’t find it anywhere! Please help!

    • You caught an oops, Rachel! We wrote that back when our system was slightly different. Now we have advanced search capabilities and a totally awesome forum so moms who don’t see matches right away can still connect!

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