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Ever feel like motherhood is a competition? Who can be the most nurturing… natural… engaging… crafty…? Whose house is the cleanest… who’s the best dressed? Whose life looks blog-worthy? Are you vaccinating or not? Cloth diapering or not? Us moms make so many choices for our babies and then our kids that we’re bound to second guess ourselves some of the time – or even face outright criticism when moms meet up in supposedly welcoming groups and classes.

But not these moms! These local moms have decided that judgment is not doing anyone any good and are taking a different view of each other’s choices. Check it out:

Me? I am/was a breastfeeding, pumping sometimes babywearer; stroller pushing, store-bought babyfood using sometimes cloth diaperer; baby-led weaning vegetarian; vaccinating, coffee pounding, mostly conventionally-grown veggie eating co-sleeper whose toddler now sleeps in a crib in his own room. I feel like I’ve been on all sides of the divide. Tried making my own babyfood and found it tedious, plus my daughter rejected almost all of it. Was saved by baby led weaning the second time around. Used to enhance my breast milk with specialty formula that went into supplemental bottles. We’ve co-slept and cried it out, too. Our family motto should probably be “Never say never.”

I’ll admit, I was bawling the first – and second – time I watched this video. Seeing moms support each other, even when they parent differently, is a huge tear trigger for me!

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