Must-Have Winter Gear for Babies and Toddlers

Baby, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean that we get to hole up indoors under a blanket until April. Make sure your little ones stay warm this winter with winter gear that not only looks good, but gets the job done. Here’s what you’ll need:

A great stroller bunting:

7 AM Enfant Bunting

For little ones still small enough to stroll, I love the Blanket 212 from 7 a.m. Enfant. It repels water, keeps kids warm with plushy fill and fleeze, grows with your toddler, and has a no-slip back.

A high-tech snowsuit:

baby snowsuit - winter gear for babies

Down rocks but I’m loving Columbia’s “Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Microtex.” Er, whatever that is. All I know is that it stays as warm inside as my daughter’s old down snowsuit with almost no bulk.

Super cute mittens:

bearhands infant mittensBearHands give your baby paws. Nuff said. For older kids who want to bury their hands in snow, try these!

A toastie toesies solution for babies:

Baby shoes? Do not stay on wiggly baby feet. Furry lined slippers on the other hand may just resist the kicks and wiggles of your little one. Wish they made these in my size!

And Uggs for your toddler:

The classic winter boot may be the subject of a whole lot of mockery but there’s no denying that they keep feet warmer than almost anything. Hate Uggs? Try these instead.

Hats that cover little ears:

A hat that doesn’t cover toddler or baby ears isn’t going to do you much good when the mercury plummets. This adorable wee hat from United Colors of Benetton will keeps heads and ears warm – and look too cute in the process.

Tights, tights, and more tights:

Tights, unisex? Sure! Under pants or as leggings, knit tights can keep boys and girls toasty on the coldest days and nights. I’m in love with these vintage-look tights from Dulce Liya! Babylegs are pretty awesome, too.

And of course, a jacket to top it off:

There are about eleventy billion styles of winter jackets for babies and toddlers out there – pick any you like, but look for deals on down and other features that mean a jacket doesn’t just look roasty-toasty.

What are your go-to brands for cold weather gear for babies and toddlers?

2 thoughts on “Must-Have Winter Gear for Babies and Toddlers

  1. I love LLBean snow suits, they have a grow feature where you undo a little stitching in the arms and legs and voila! A snowsuit guaranteed to last the whole winter, maybe two, depending on when the growth spurts strike.

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