Mommy Weekend Review: Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa

Mommy burnout is way too common. What is mommy burnout? It’s what happen when being a SAHM is not a 24/7 vacation. When clocking in for eight hours each day as a working mom is not a “break”. Being a mom is exhausting – no matter how you do it – and the exhaustion never ends. It’s a kind of emotional exhaustion where you feel like you’ve given all you have in you and yet there is no end in sight. Think about how many mom jobs just keep resetting – there are always more dishes, more laundry loads… there’s more pumping… more endless strings of “WHY?” and more o the same walks around the block. It seems like it never ends because it really doesn’t.

Unless, that is, you build in time for self care. Me time is hard for us mamas because it’s just so hard not to respond when a small voice is hollering for mommy. Doesn’t matter if daddy has it all under control. You’re a mom and taking care of other people is what moms do best. That’s why I’m a big proponent of the mommy getaway. Forget mom’s night out – I’m all about mom’s weekend off! You can’t hear that small voice (who you must remember is in very good hands with daddy) when you’re a couple hundred miles away hanging with your girlfriends without a care in the world.

One of my personal favorite mommy getaway destinations is Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa in Saratoga Springs, NY. I recently headed there with two of my favorite moms for what turned out to be an amazingly refreshing weekend off from mothering. Yes, I know how bad that sounds that I might want a literal weekend off but I don’t care. Total self sacrifice should not be what defines motherhood.

Gideon Putnam Resort Spa review - Christa Terry mom vacation

It wasn’t an action packed mini vacation by any means. We relaxed in our room a lot more than we planned to, we hit the spa, we explored downtown Saratoga Springs, and the three of us generally enjoyed not having to oversee other people’s food, sleep, and bathroom schedules. One of the things I personally liked best about our time at the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa was that it was so inclusive.

The food at Putnam’s, the on-site restaurant, was so good that we ended up eating there multiple times – including the Sunday brunch, which was incredible in its scope and variety. And the fitness center, while not huge, was big enough that we could all work out together and well appointed enough that none of us felt particularly bad that it was just too cold to think of doing anything outdoors (though we saw tons of snowshoe-ers, skiers, and even runners).

Gideon Putnam Resort Spa review - spa weekend

When we weren’t working out or chatting over wine in our room (a BIG junior suite with a king bed and a sofa bed), we were at the historic Roosevelt Spa! It’s right on the state park grounds like the hotel, so a two-minute drive was all it took. If it had been summer, it would have been an amazing walk. We all had to try the spa’s signature treatment, which is a soak in the naturally effervescent Saratoga Springs mineral water. I followed that up with a full-body salt scrub, another soak, a chemical peel, and finally, a soothing facial. My aesthetician, Estelle, was amazing – she made sure that everything was customized for my skin.

Gideon Putnam Resort Spa review - spa weekend for moms

The products were amazing, and I ended up bringing home a mini bath spa kit for my daughter. She was thrilled! And as for me, my skin still feels softer which is pretty amazing considering how much snow I shoveled immediately upon my return. I bought a little sugar scrub to take home because I was worried about overspending, but I plan to figure out how to get some of the Éminence Organics skincare products Estelle used soon.

Gideon Putnam Resort Spa review - Christa Terry

Like I said, we did venture out on the town – albeit briefly. What’s nice is that the Gideon Putnam Resort has a shuttle not only to the spa but also into downtown Saratoga, which happens to be jumping with bars and restaurants and all the shopping you could want. One night, we ate at Forno Bistro before hitting up Kilwins for all kinds of chocolates to bring home for the kiddies. And naturally we had to grab some for ourselves, too, because what else are you going to pair with the whine-free wine you’re drinking with some of your best mom friends?

While as moms we don’t always agree on everything, one thing my two mom friends and I did agree on was that our little weekend getaway was going to make us better mothers when we returned. I think that’s because there is nothing that reminds you faster why you love your family so much than a little time apart!

What are your favorite mommy getaway destinations?

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