Moms: The time to get social is right now.

Meet Up With Groups Of Moms For Playdates, Moms’ Nights Out And Much More With Our Newest Feature, Socials


Haven’t you ever wondered who all the moms are in your neighborhood? Like, why are ‘Jenny Lane’ and ‘Mary Lu’ out walking together every single morning at the exact moment you’re out walking alone? Why are’t you and that cool mom you just bumped into at the grocery store walking with them??? And seriously, don’t you ever want to just throw on those new leather leggings, dust off your wedges, splash on some Marc Jacobs perfume and escape from your mom cave for a much deserved moms’ night out on the town?


Yea, us too.


We’ve been mushing our mom brains together over here, trying to figure out why it’s just so damn hard to connect with groups of moms in the area. I mean seriously, what ever happened to the good ol’ days where your neighbor would straight up show up at your house on a Friday pushing a carriage with a martini in one hand and a block of cheese in the other. And I mean seriously, moms actually used to get together for baking parties, crochet parties and any other excuse to ‘appropriately’ (of their time) escape isolation and let their hair down with other moms who GET IT.




We want to bring that back. We want that back so bad.


So we did it. We’ve figured it out. What if at the click of a few buttons you could message all moms within a certain mile radius and invite them to rally for some good ol fashion mom social time – call it a playdate, breastfeeding support group, workout, night out (whatever you will)? What if there was a village and you could access that village instantly?

You can.

With Mom Meet Mom’s newest and coolest feature, you can finally connect with groups of moms in your area in the absolute simplest way. You log into your Mom Meet Mom account, visit the Socials tab and get started. We really did make the process quick and clean.


Mom Meetup


So get on in there and post your first Social, or if you still have questions we included some FAQ below.


I’m too shy to create a Social. Is this going to be awkward?


First and foremost, remember that we’re all here for the exact same reason – to meet mom friends. If you’re a shy mom, don’t worry, creating a Social actually takes the awkwardness away quite a bit. Why? Well for starters, you are immediately put in the connector position. Moms will view you as the local mom who is making things happen. And when you all get together, you will be the first mom they recognize because you were the social coordinator.


What if no one RSVPs to my Social? 


Blame it on the newness of the feature. You’re a hard rockin’ pioneer mama, helping us to make this new tool a success. It may take a few tries for someone to notice your social or for someone to be available to attend. Keep trying and if it’s not working out, give us a should and we’ll help you out.


I don’t know what type of Social local moms will want to go to.


Think of yourself first. Are you a runner? A foodie? An artist? If you can connect with other moms who also enjoy these things it’s a win win. Or, just keep it simple and meet at the park to start. We all know how to do that ;)


Is it safe?


We suggest you handle meeting people online similar to how you handle meeting new people in person. You can never be too safe. The internet is full of all kinds of people, most great, some not so great. Protect yourself and your family by making smart decisions about who you communicate with, who and where you meet, and what you share about yourself. Never. We strongly suggest you meet in a public place first and get to know your mom friends before inviting them to your home. See our Safety page for more safety tips. 


I have a business and want to get my events in front of local moms. Can I post a Social?


Absolutely. Behind the scenes we are creating a more customized experience for businesses like yours, but in the meantime, we invite you to take it for a test ride, or a few. And don’t hesitate to contact us. We love connecting with family-friendly businesses. Who knows, maybe we can partner on your next campaign!


That’s all for now! Enjoy!



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