Review & Giveaway: The Coolest Mobile Entertainer EVER from Combi

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Remember when you were in high school and you saw that car you always dreamed of owning? For me it was this beat up bright yellow jeep wrangler. In my foolish mind I pictured myself bombing through the sand in Maui with surfboards on the roof and my besties all hanging out the window, hair blowing in the wind. Reality set in eventually when my bro and father pulled into our snowy New England driveway with my new wheels they happened across on a Sunday adventure – a volvo station wagon. Sweet. 


So fast-forward to today and BAM my dream resurfaced, although this time it involved my one-year-old baby cruising the living room in quite possibly the coolest mobile entertainer in the world. Seriously? Oh hey there little stud….

Black AIO With Model


Dear Combi: Thank you for not going the station wagon route. 




These rockin wheels come in nothing but power colors – there is red for the showoff babes, purple for the sassy babes, blue for the beachbum babes, black for the hipster babes, pink with flowers for the hippie babes, and of course you even have one with flames for the straight-up bad babes. They even have a police car model. Red is my personal fav and if you’re the winner you can choose your dream color!






So if you want to snag these wheels for your wee one, head on over to our giveaway now! While you’re there you’ll see some other amazing products that top our list. Or if you can’t wait, head on over to Combi where you can buy one now!








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