Meeting Moms: Thinking Outside the Playpen

mom meet momLet me tell you about my friends, Miss B. and Ms. C. They couldn’t be more different.

I met Miss B. and her 4-year-old daughter at a local playground on a rare dry day in the middle of our rainy season. I struck up a conversation because Miss B. had that calm, easy manner about her that some ladies manage (but which always escapes me). It turned out that she had earned it after a period of some turmoil – Miss B. is a 40-something, black, divorced single mom, working full-time outside of the home to support her family after her husband split during their newly-adopted daughter’s infancy. She was mellow and easygoing because, after something like that, you kind of have to be.

I met Ms. C. and her 4-year-old son at an indoor playground during a much-more-common drizzly day, choosing to chat her up because her extremely earnest, kind, and fundamentally nervous manner made me wonder if she could use a friend. She admitted she could, and I got to know her better – a white, 20-something, married, stay-at-home mom.

Still, something struck me as potentially compatible about these superficially very dissimilar ladies. Both clearly espoused viewpoints leaning towards feminism, they had similar parenting styles, and both were prone to sassy backtalk. Plus their kids were similar, not only in age, but in being very precocious, verbal, curious little people. Frankly, I thought their kids would get on with each other better than either did with my daughter, who was barely two and going through a shy phase at the time.

So I played matchmaker to these two ladies, inviting both to a playdate, ducking out politely at my daughter’s naptime. And you know what? In spite of their differences – age, race, marital status, work status – their friendship really clicked.

Sometimes it can be hard to see past those superficial differences to find your perfect mom match. Heck, with different employment status, your schedules might never even allow you to bump into someone and have an opportunity to meet! You may not have your own personal matchmaker, but, fortunately, Mom Meet Mom is designed to help. Our matching algorithm focuses on helping you meet moms who are similar to you in the areas that matter to you the most – whether that means political affiliation, parenting style, religion, or the types of activities you prefer – so you can get the support you need from a mom friend with whom you really connect.

Maybe you’re an “old soul” and didn’t realize that you needed to look to older women to meet your perfect mom match. Maybe your commitment to homeschooling has made it hard for you to connect with working moms who share your strong educational background. Whatever your stumbling block, Mom Meet Mom can help you meet moms you will love!

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