Meet Moms: Insomnia Buddies

meet momsHello, my name is Julia, and I’m an insomniac.

No, really. It’s been like this my whole life. I run the gamut of insomnia symptoms. Trouble falling asleep? I’ve gotten to multiple *thousands* when counting sheep. Trouble staying asleep? The cat sneezed on the other side of the house. I’m gonna be up for an hour. Wake up too early? I’m lucky when I manage to wake up at 6 am, and once I’m up, I’m really, really up.

Now, to be fair, for a couple of years, this wasn’t a big deal, because my daughter was just as likely to be up as I was, but now that she is sleeping through the night on a regular basis (knock on wood), insomnia can be a real drag – especially since said daughter is just as much of a light sleeper as I am, so watching a movie or even turning on a light in another room so I can read a book are strictly off the table.

So what do I do to pass the hours when my brain just won’t let me rest? I talk to my online mom friends. Some of these are friends who stayed when my family moved, some are friends whom I’ve never met in person. They live in a variety of time zones, some are working moms, some stay-at-home moms. But they all share two important traits – a good sense of humor, and a willingness to commiserate online when circumstances make meeting in person impossible. They are great for bouts of insomnia, but also when the little lady catches a cold and we are stuck at home, or when I’m so wiped out from a bout of night terrors or teething that the thought of putting on real pants is enough to make me go teary-eyed.

And that’s one of the things that is great about Mom Meet Mom. Sure, we’ll help you meet moms in your area, but we can also match you with moms who live further away – you can meet moms who mesh with your personality, who you just wouldn’t find at your local playground or PTA meeting. And you don’t have to be an insomniac like me to enjoy the benefits of online friendships – imagine setting up playdates for family vacations, or having a group of friends in place *before* the big move.

Online friends are a great source of support for moms, and Mom Meet Mom is here to help you connect. So join up!

julia high - mom meet mom


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