Meet Meg, One of the Moms Behind Mom Meet Mom!

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Today, we wanted to introduce you to the now not-so-new member of the Mom Meet Mom co-founder team, Meg! She’s a Massachusetts mom with one super adorable little boy who just happens to have some pretty severe allergies. Scroll down to find out more about Meg and what it’s like coping with childhood allergies… plus how Meg finds support! (For those curious, you can find an interview with co-founder Julia here and an interview with co-founder Christa will be coming soon!)

childhood allergy support - mom meet momSo you live in a beach town?

Yes, my family lives in a small beach town called Hull. It’s a peninsula that shoots out about 20 miles south of Boston.  When we go into the city, we take a ferry boat. It’s a pretty great lifestyle. I can remember when I was working downtown, it was such a wonderful feeling to hop on the boat after a long day at work and watch the city (and all of the stresses of the day) get smaller as we took to the ocean to go home.

I understand your son, Jack has pretty serious allergies.

He sure does. Luckily we discovered Jack’s allergies when he was very young. He was 6-months-old at the time and boy was he colicky. He constantly broke out into rashes and barely slept at night. He actually slept in his carseat for several months. When we finally uncovered the underlying issue, everything made sense. I’ll never forget the allergist handing me an epi-pen. I completely went numb thinking to myself “this is actually happening to my family”. It’s definitely challenging managing severe allergies, but we feel very fortunate to have found out the way we did and to have such a strong medical and social support system around us.

What do you like to do for fun in your free time?

In the summer I love to be in the water, which I guess is a good thing living as close to the ocean as we do. My husband and I surf and paddleboard a lot and I swim laps in the ocean. We also enjoy taking Jack for hikes around the local parks and occasionally head up to New Hampshire to take on some bigger trails. In the fall and winter I take to the ice two days a week with a local women/moms hockey league. As a New Hampshire native, I grew up playing ice hockey and played in college, so when I discovered this local league it was an absolute miracle. It’s a blast.

Do you and your husband manage to get any alone time?

Thankfully, yes! My husband and I are very serious about setting aside alone time for just us. We have a regular sitter that comes over to watch Jack for date nights/days. Whether we hit the local pub, a movie or just go surfing together during the day, we cherish this time together so much.

Who is your closest mom friend?

I would have to say Allison is my closest mom friend. She lives with her daughter, Coral, a minute down the road from me, which makes playdates effortless and often last minute.. What’s great about Allison is that, aside from being a fun, easy-to-hang-with mom friend, she also really understands and respects Jack’s allergies. She is careful to clean up before we come over for playdates and even bakes egg and nut free treats for Jack, which is an absolute blessing because I am a horrible cook.

Coral and Jack are a few months apart which makes everything so much easier. They are obsessed with one another. It’s funny, before Coral falls asleep at night she says goodnight to her parents and then to all of her stuffed animals. Right before her eyes close, you’ll hear one last shout out, “night Jack….” It’s possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen/heard.

I was so fortunate to meet Allison. I couldn’t ask for a better mom friend and playdate pal for Jack.

How do you manage your different groups of friends now that you’re a mom?

I have a very close group of girlfriends from college, my old high school squad (no I wasn’t a cheerleader), and a few close mom friends. I put a great deal of effort into each group of friends because I think they are important for different reasons. My friends from high school and college remind me of who I was and who I am, and my mom friends remind me that now as a mom, I am that much more.

What’s great about bringing mom friends into the mix, is that it pretty much eliminates dirty diaper, gushy baby talk with non mom friends (many of which are still living up the single lifestyle). Let’s face it, if you’re not living in the mommysphere, these conversations get pretty old, pretty fast. Having mom friends allows me to indulge in these annoying conversations without feeling guilty/stupid!

Talk to me about how Mama Meetcha came to be and how it led you to Mom Meet Mom?

After having Jack, I wanted to meet other moms pretty much right away. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was no easy task. After many awkward attempts, I shifted my focus to solving the problem at hand. I decided to turn my stay-at-home mom career into a work-from-home mompreneur adventure and launch mama meetcha – an online geolocation and personality matching app. Sounds familiar, right?

It took about six months for me to discover that I wasn’t alone in my quest to help moms meet moms in the area. I stumbled across Mom Meet Mom while running a random SEO analysis. I simply couldn’t believe it. Immediately I tracked down Christa and scheduled a call. A few emails later and a month of a trial working period, Christa, Julia and I decided to merge forces. We buried mama meetcha and are now all 100% focussed on Mom Meet Mom. It’s been about a month and I am loving the partnership.

What advice would you give other moms out there who are struggling to build mom friendships?

Be patient. Think of how long it took for you to build a strong group of close non mom friends. Whether you met them initially in grammar school, high school, college, at work, or in the neighborhood, building and retaining friendships over time, takes time. The thing about new moms is that everything changes at the drop of a hat, so we naturally expect our new posse of mom friends to suddenly appear. Be patient. You will meet moms you hate, you will meet moms you love but they hate you, and you will go through phases where it seems there are no moms you will ever connect with. This is all natural. As long as you continue to keep your head up, be yourself, and get on Mom Meet Mom (that’s right, be proactive), the right moms will come around.

What’s your super mom power?

So you know how some moms automatically slip into baby talk with their kids? I slide right into song. I sometimes wonder if Jack thinks he is living in an episode of Glee or Mary Poppins because I sing to him constantly… like all the time. It’s actually turned into a habit that even my husband is falling victim to….. “buttery toast, buttery toast. Everybody loves their buttery toast!!” I really hope Jack isn’t let down when he figures out that this is far from the norm :)



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