Loving This: Famous Lactating Fountains

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You know, if there’s one thing there is surely not enough of in this world it is monuments to breastfeeding. Except there are actually quite a few… well, not monuments to breastfeeding exactly but art that depicts mamas nursing babies and even fountains that are actively lactating. You read that right. Lactating fountains, most of which are in Italy and pretty old. Here are just few to make you feel worldly and important if you’re currently a nursing mama or to brighten your day if you’re not.


At the at the foot of the Piazza del Duomo‘s Fountain of Saint Andrew (Fontana Sant’Andrea), name for the patron Saint of the Amalfi coast and the protector of seaman, you’ll find this lactating mermaid. The nips really make it, I think.

amalfian Fountain of Breasts
amalfian Fountain of Breasts
amalfian Fountain of Breasts
amalfian Fountain of Breasts
amalfian Fountain of Breasts


And here we have Our Lady of Perpetual Lactation, which can be found in Antigua, Guatemala’s Central Park. She looks a little tired, but we all know that lactating is hard work.


The aptly named Fontana Delle Tette was erected in 1559, at the time of the Republic of Venice, after a heavy drought. The coolest part? Whenever a new mayor came on board, it would supply the townspeople with free wine (one for red, one for white) for three days.



One of my faves is in the Neptune Fountain in Bologna’s Piazza Nettuno. Built in 1567, it could just be part of why Bologna is famous for its three t’s: tortellini, torri (towers), and – ahem – tette.


This lactating statue is enough to make even the milkiest mama question her supply! The Diana Efesina, a 16th-century many-breasted interpretation of Ephesian Artemis, was eventually deemed too pagan and so was moved to a more secluded spot in the gardens of Tivoli’s Villa d’Este.

matelica lactating fountains

Part of the Fontana Ottagonale in the Piazza Enrico Mattei in Matelica, this statue demonstrates that nursing mamas can do double duty. Lactating and catching a ride on a… goat? Moms can do it all!

Fontana Ottagonale


How cute is she? The Fontana della Spinacorona, commonly know as Fontana della Zizze, sits outside the church of Santa Caterina della Spina Corona in Naples. Legend has it that the Siren pressed her breasts to direct her milk onto the flames of the volcano Vesuvius to extinguish the fire – proving once again that breast milk is super useful.

lactating statues

Is this lactating statue making anyone else want to go to a La Leche League meeting? The Tugendbrunnen (Fountain of Virtues) in Nuremberg features representations of six virtues crowned by the figure of Justice.

lactating mermaid fountain

Here’s another mermaid mama, just lounging around making milk. Found in Bruges, Belgium, it is one of four sculptures created by husband and wife sculptors Stefaan De Puydt and Livia Canestraro.


fountains of lactating

This statue in the fantastical Wallenstein Garden in Prague. Lactation, spitting, peeing, and as a bonus, milk in the eye. What more could you possibly want?


lactating fountains 2 unknown

This lactating statue is clearly a little different. Take out all the mama and all you’re left with is milk!

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