I’m Handing Out a Baby Name Award – No Contenders Necessary

Baby names… it’s funny isn’t it?

I mean just a few months ago I had a baby girl and named her Elle Juliana. That’s right, Elle, not Ellen or Elenore, just Elle. You see our last name has three syllables, which lends itself nicely to single syllable first names. My son is Jack. Well, John actually, but Jack for short. Isn’t naming a child such a funny thing? I mean, really when you think about it, the entire process is quite imaginative.

How about those baby name fads that come and go like waves – hitting one generation after another? You know, the cool name that is soooo unique when you had it, until a few years later when you bump into another mom at your kid’s soccer game whose kid has the exact same name as your kid, and suddenly you feel like you’re at prom caught in the same dress as someone else.

Alright folks, WHO WORE IT BETTER? Looks like you and your new best mom friend had the same crush on that hottie one hit wonder actor that happened to capture your heart just around the same time you scored a positive pregnancy stick. You remember, the one you named your kid after?

And lets not forget all of the strong-willed people out there who wait until they see their babies before naming them. I think that’s probably the smartest way to do it. Because really, how do you know if your kid will actually look like a Bob or a Cindy?Or even a Harlowe or a Justus? Most of us are just too damn impatient to wait, and many of us put all of our pride and joy behind the process of finding the PERFECT name.

So when I heard the name Winter for the first time, I thought, wowzer, now that is the queen of the prom kind of name. I mean seriously? How AMAZING is the name Winter? So I had to find out the child’s middle name…

”It’s Winter Jane,” Mama Kim replies.

Of course that’s her middle name. Now I’m picturing her as an adorable snow white princess walking down the red carpet because there is absolutely no chance this kid won’t be a celebrity.

“And the Academy Award, once again, goes to Miss Winter Jane!”

Huge name love over here. Huge.

So that’s that. No voting, no nothing. I’m using my editorial power over here and handing out the baby name award to Winter (and her mama), no contenders necessary. Rock on for your baby name choice, mama Kim. If she hates it when she’s older, give her my number and I’ll set her straight.

Are there any other moms out there with cool baby names to share? What did you name your little ones? Was it after an actor or an actress? An exotic island? Your ex boyfriend? A motorcycle? Give me the goods! Maybe you’ll just inspire someone.


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