#MomDating: If That Mom Only Knew What I Was Thinking…

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Do you ever feel like like a total freak show when trying to pick up a new mom friend? It’s like you’re super comfortable – popular, even – in every other situation and then *BAM* a potential mom friend enters the scene and suddenly voices are yelling in your head because you’re Carrie at the prom and they’re all gonna laugh at you!



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What is it about trying to pick up friends at this point in our lives that makes things so freaking awkward? And then you finally build up the courage to open your mouth and *BAM* you sound like that creep at the bar you used to try so hard to ignore. Like, no dude, I don’t want your number – except you’re him and she’s you and where the hell is the closest bathroom to hide in?


Now if that super cool mama could only see inside your head, she’d know you were just crazy excited and not crazy creepy. For all the moms on the other side of all those awkward convos, here’s what’s going on in our heads:


1. I have the biggest mom crush on you. No, not that kind of crush. Like the kind we all have on Angelina or Jessica Alba. You’re awesome and I want to be your bestie. I mean after we get to know each other.


2. Let’s ditch the kids and get sushi. Like yesterday. Come on! No one will even know we’re gone. But for real, how’s next Tuesday after bedtime? Maybe we can connect on Facebook first.


3.I just want to come home with you.No seriously. I would kill for some adult conversation and I just know you have a bottle of white on ice for happy hour. But I’m kind of afraid to even give you my number.

4. Pick me, not her!That chick will be a horrible mom friend. Seriously? What does she have that I don’t? Besides your phone number and pics of your kids in her wallet, I guess.


5. Maybe if I just follow you to your car… Because that’s not creepy at all. Whatever, I’ve got this. Here I am. Following you to your car…omg, she sees me. ‘Uh, hey, I think you dropped this?’ Oh, wait, ha ha, that’s ours.’ OMG SMOOTH ARGH.


6. No, I don’t really like boxing and don’t want to take a boxing class with you but screw it. I’ll have a heart attack to be your friend. Let’s do this, Rocky.


7. Should I just ask for your digits? UGH,this is SOOOO awkward. Maybe if I give you MY number it will be less awkward. Nope. Are you even going to email? Why does this feel so much like freakin’ dating?


8. I wonder what your husband is like. No, I don’t want to date him. I SWEAR. But if he’s a dud, my husband will tear him apart and you and I will be ruined forever. If he’s awesome we can set up a dad playdate. Is that weird?



9. We won’t even need our husbands. We have each other. We’re like Thelma and Louise. Or, um, we will be once I get up the nerve to ask you for your email address…




And this is why we created Mom Meet Mom. Because if that awesome mom standing next to you in line could hear what you were thinking? She might just run screaming ;)



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