Hilarious Doorbell Notes from Moms Who Know It’s Never Good to Wake a Sleeping Baby

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Never wake a sleeping baby? Tell that to the UPS guy, the Comcast salesmen, and the people who want to give you a copy of Watchtower. Sometimes you just have to wonder who decided that doorbells should come standard with every home, anyway. It wasn’t a mom, that’s for sure! We know that nothing can send a peaceful noontime naptime packing faster than the ding dong of a doorbell. Which explains why the moms who wrote these funny doorbell notes didn’t pull any punches:

Doorbell-Note funny hilarious moms

Doorbell-Note funny hilarious




Doorbell-Notes-81-so funny


Doorbell-Notes-funny moms

funny doorbell notes from mom

funny doorbell notes from moms

funny mom doorbell notes



mom-doorbell-02- funny

moms notes on doorbell funny lol

moms notes on doorbell

Have YOU ever left a note telling people not to ring the doorbell OR ELSE?



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