Giving Birth: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag?

A week ago one mama in our forum asked what to pack in a hospital bag. Within minutes a long list was compiled by moms who have been there, done that. I knew I’d have to share it with our pregnant Mom Meet Mom moms who are expecting new babies soon and are unsure what to bring with them to l&d.

what to pack in a hospital bag packing a hospital bag

Here’s just some of what the our awesome moms had to say about what to include when packing a hospital bag:

  1. Bathrobe

  2. Your own Pillow

  3. Makeup

  4. Hair Ties / Headbands

  5. Dry Shampoo (get the grease out fast!)

  6. Tinted Chapstick

  7. Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres (eliminate hospital smell)

  8. Take-home Outfit for the Baby

  9. Personal Fan

  10. Nursing Tank

  11. Cute Nursing PJs

  12. Yoga Pants

  13. iPod/Speakers

  14. Playing Cards

  15. Slippers

  16. Cell phone & Charger

  17. Camera & Charger/Batteries

  18. Toiletries

  19. Hubby Clothes

  20. Shower Flip Flops

  21. Cucumber Facial Towelettes

  22. Healing Balm for Itchy Feet (from epidural)

  23. Nursing Nightie

  24. Cash for Vending Machine

  25. Nice Smelling Soaps and Lotions

  26. Hard Candy

  27. Heating Pad for Back

  28. Computer/Ipad with Downloaded Movies

  29. Granny Panties

  30. Boppy Pillow

  31. Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Cranberry Juice – “Helps reduce fluid quickly!”

  32. Exercise Ball (call first to see if they have them)

  33. Pads with Wings

  34. Socks with Treading

  35. Books/Magazines

  36. Sweater or Hoodie (you can get chilly after childbirth)

  37. Binsi Skirt and Top for Labor

  38. Crocs for Hubby

  39. Small Bottle of Champagne to Toast the New Arrival

  40. Coconut Water

  41. Candy for Nurses – one mom said, “I was treated like royalty”

I’m not suggesting you pack all of these things in your hospital bag (that would be absurd), but there are definitely a few items I wish I had packed for my first delivery and made sure to bring along when our baby girl arrived last year. Think of it like a list of ideas, and pick and choose what works for you. One word of caution: don’t bring too much! You’ll probably be pretty busy/distracted with visitors, infant care classes and breastfeeding classes, and gazing into your new baby’s eyes.

Don’t see an item here that you think makes the hospital bag must-haves list for any mama-to-be? Please share in the comments section below!

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