GIVEAWAY: World Traveler Board Books by Jaya Halepete Iyer

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We’ve often asked ourselves why it’s so hard to find t-shirts for little girls that DON’T feature a kitty, a flower, or a princess. Not that there’s anything wrong with kitties, flowers, and (though some may disagree) princesses, but where are the shirts for the girls who like fire trucks, dinosaurs, baseball, diggers, or astronauts?

Mom and entrepreneur Jaya Halepete Iyer asked herself the same question – and when she didn’t find an answer, she decided to do something about it. Now she’s running a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the money she needs to make her Svaha line of clothing a reality. With our help, she’ll be able to develop, manufacture, and deliver cool designs like these to all the girls out there who are tired of princesses.

STEM t-shirts for girls boys

When we asked Jaya why she created her t-shirt line, this is what she had to say:

My daughter, who is three years old, wants to grow up and be an astronaut. She has wanted to be an astronaut ever since she could say the word. The reason she wants to be an astronaut is because she wants to blast off into space and see the rings of Saturn up close! It is not a passing thought; she’s been on it for over a year now.

As a parent, I have done my bit to encourage her dreams. I’ve taken her to the National Air and Space Museum so she could see a real space shuttle, read her stories about real astronauts (such as Sally Ride and Kalpana Chawla), and shown her pictures of the moons of Saturn. And then came the ask for a T-shirt with an astronaut on it! Guess what? I could not find a single girl’s T-shirt with an astronaut on it. She also wanted a T-shirt with Saturn on it. I couldn’t find that, either. I ended up buying a boy’s t-shirt for her.This prompted me to look for other themes that I saw my daughter asking me for … and there was nothing.I figured I’d fill the gap. And so, Svaha, Inc. was born!

STEM t-shirts for girls boys 2

She still has quite a ways to go and not that much time left in her campaign but with our help, she can reach her goal! That’s why we’re partnering with Jaya for a giveaway – we want to get more people to her Kickstarter page. Hopefully once you get there and see how great her shirts are, you’ll want to help fund her project!

Today’s giveaway is for a set of FIVE of the cutest board books we’ve ever seen. Perfect for those cosmopolitan world travelin’ toddlers or for families who want to introduce their little ones to all the beauty our world has to offer. We love them for the art, which is beautiful, and because they are such a cool way to introduce little ones to other parts of the globe.

board book giveaway

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. We’ll choose a winner a week from today and announce the lucky mama on 3/27! Good luck!

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