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 VIDEO: Co-Founder, Meg and her kiddos show their love for ReSqueeze

When my first daughter started on solid food, she had it easy, and so did I, in retrospect. I was able to make every single thing she ate from scratch! I felt like supermom, steaming sweet potatoes and blending peas. I made a great corn porridge and this sticky stewed prune goo that…let’s just say it got the job done.


These days I have two kids, and while I’ve made most of the baby’s meals, I must admit that both kids have seen a certain amount of convenience food creep into their diet. I still won’t take them to a certain fast food restaurant with a yellow sign, but there have been a lot of meals consisting primarily of snack foods. Cheese and crackers and sugar snap peas. Apple chips. Thousands of grilled cheese sandwiches. And, with an alarming frequency, a squeeze pouch full of some kind of puréed stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong, squeeze pouch foods are awesome – they remind me of Capri Suns and the strange properties that made pouch drinks seem more delicious than box drinks.


Here’s the thing: those pouches are as expensive as heck! Even if you buy them in bulk they run close to a dollar a pouch! And it just creates so much trash…I don’t know, the whole thing made me anxious.


Fast forward to a Thursday in May. I’d come to preschool pickup time early and one of the other moms was handing her toddler an adorable little pouch to snack from. I squatted down to ask, “hey little one, have you got a yummy snack?” Her mom answered, “ha, it’s just puréed vegetables, but she’ll eat anything from a pouch, so we got these reusable ones!”


Screenshot 2014-09-11 at 2




Suffice it to say I logged into Amazon as soon as I got home. That’s where I found Resqueeze – it was one of the only brands that didn’t require a special filling tool, and it said it was dishwasher-safe! And at $24 for an 8 pack, I’d only need to use them 4 times to make it worth the investment. Sold!


Two days later (thanks, Amazon Prime!), I received my box of pouches.


First things first: these things are completely adorable. So adorable, in fact, that the girls thought that they were toys, and played with them for nearly an hour!


Eventually, I was able to reclaim the new pouches from my kids, and I set about trying them out. I was impressed by the heavy-duty feel of the plastic – you can tell these were made to last. I like the cute design, too.


Of course, the real test is in filling, washing, and reusing them. I’m delighted to say that Resqueeze scores highly on all three. Filling them is super easy – make sure you’ve got a cap on the spout end, open up the ziploc-style end, and add whatever concoction you think your kids will eat. I found it easiest to use the pictures as a guideline; if you pour in food until it just reaches the little orange guy’s head, you should be able to close the bag without overflow.


Cleaning’s pretty easy, too. I just pop mine in the dishwasher – caps in the silverware basket, open up the ziploc side, then turn them spout side down and impale them on one of the top drawer prongs. Easy peasy.


And the kids like them (when I manage to fill them with something they are willing to eat). I like that they are freezer-safe, too. I often whip up a big batch of smoothie, fill up all the pouches, and put all but two in the freezer. Plus, it lets me make greener alternatives to kid favorites, like squeeze tube yogurt.


Of course, I know now that I need to be careful about what activity I give the littles while I fill pouches…


DSC_0424 (2)



P.S. It didn’t take long for me to get my co-founder, Meg (in above video)  hooked on these gems. And let’s just say Meg’s not exactly the Martha Stuart of the Mom Meet Mom co-founder team, so I consider this a true test. Lucky for her, ReSqueeze offers amazing recipes on their website for the not-so-culinary mamas out there. 



On to the giveaway…

Do resqueeze pouches sound awesome to you? Guess what! You and your best Mom Meet Mom friend can each win a pack of four – check out the entry details below.



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    I love contests! This looks like a fun product. I’ve been making more home-made food lately so I’d like to try this.

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    The Greensicle recipes looks great. My family would love it!

  7. Saver Sara

    My other comment timed out so I’m not sure it worked. I’d love to try the Greensicle recipes. My family would love it!

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  13. My daughter would love the Carissa Miss Summer Puree! She loves pear and I love that it has spinach :)

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  15. I would make the Berry Banana Smoothie for my son, he would love it!

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