Get Your Kids Off The Couch With This Book: Come Back Dear Sun

“I will never let my child watch TV,” I said one day with so much pride and confidence.

#FAIL. Like, major, major, major #Fail.

If you’re like me, when I found out I was preggers with my first child, I almost immediately started rattling off false promises – so proud that I would be the most perfect mother in the entire universe. Welp, let’s just say nobody’s perfect, right?

In my home, this means when my 2.5 year old gets super tired and agitated, we invite his good friends to come out and play. Bring on Thomas the Train, Daniel Tiger, Elmo or Winnie the Poo (my personal fav). And while I don’t feel entirely guilty about my decision to welcome these friends into our home for brief visits on a somewhat regular basis, I have to admit, the technology overload in our society, in general, makes me sometimes want to escape to Never Never Land and live off the land and our imaginations.

The bottom line truth: Our children should be outside playing as much as possible. There is absolutely nothing better for them than to get lost and explore what’s on the other side of that front door.

Come to find out, one super awesome nanny out there had a similar feeling. But rather than talk or blog about it (cough), Julie Andrews, I mean Geena Bean, rolled up her sleeves and actually did something about it.

As a long-time nanny, Geena wanted to encourage free play outdoors while helping to develop the child’s curiosity and imagination, which by the way was the norm before the age of advanced technologies… and I guess before the time of Daniel Tiger, Thomas The Train and Poo Bear.

Cue the children’s book that teaches your child the value of outdoor play and downplays technology. Brilliant. 


When the sun disappears for a long time, curious Kaylee cannot wait to have the sunshine back. Her imaginative plan unfolds like only an eight-year-old can conceive, and the wonder and smiles begin. She and her six-year-old sister, Mattie, along with their two friends, Fran and Lilly, plan an adventurous sleepover in an attempt to coax the sun into shining again. In a very imaginative way, they talk to the moon only to discover that the moon is very tired due to working overtime during the sun’s absence. Kaylee and her friends embark on an energetic quest to learn why the sun has disappeared and where it has gone.

When you read on, you’ll soon find out that our dear sun peaced out on the kiddos when they wanted to lock themselves inside and plant their tushes in front of the TV. I don’t blamer her. I mean really, what’s a sun to do when no one appreciates her?

So if you’re like me and want to teach your children that there is more to life -WAY MORE than what lives in the black box mounted on your wall, or what’s trapped in mommy’s phone – this is the book for you and all your mom friends.


Geena will be giving away two books to Mom Meet Mom fans! You can enter by  liking Mom Meet Mom on Facebook and commenting on the book post!


You can also fetch it on Amazon here.

P.S. Geena – if you ever want a new nanny gig, there is always room for a Julie Andrews in our home. We’ll let you chase away our other house guests.  You know, the ones who live in that damn black box.



2 thoughts on “Get Your Kids Off The Couch With This Book: Come Back Dear Sun

  1. I absolutely love your review, Meg! I can’t stress enough how important it is to remind our children about all of the wonderful things which come from outdoor play and imagination! I remember when I was little, we would make up games, silly adventures outside, build forts, and never want to go back inside… even when it was time for dinner. I hope my children’s book will continue to encourage all of the wonderful things about childhood and creativity.
    Ha! I might just “fly” over to your household then!

  2. We are thrilled to feature the book! And wow, I could get lost in the memories from childhood. I lived outside with my brother and our neighborhood friends. The only way we knew it was time to come home was by the dimming of the sun and the shout or whistle from our homes, telling us dinner was ready. Great work with this book!

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