Featured Single Mom Sensation, Kerri Zane

All you single moms put your hands up for this week’s featured mom, Kerri Zane.  For those of you who may not know Kerri, she is an Emmy award-winning twenty year executive TV producer, healthy living expert, single mom advisor, spokesperson, speaker, and Amazon best selling author. This single momma of two beautiful daughters lives in Long Beach California and can be spotted all over the country appearing on morning talk shows and keynoting major events. We were able to snag her for this exclusive interview.

Let’s get personal right off the bat. You were married two times. Tell us a bit about these marriages and help us understand why they didn’t work out.

Wow! You don’t pull any punches. Though I dated my first husband for 5 years we were married for a short time. My second husband I met and married within 6 months and we stayed together for 12 years. So, no rhyme or reason there. I would have to say that I believe I chose similar men, neither really a good fit for our personality types.

You have two beautiful daughters. How have you lead them through these experiences?

I am blessed with two amazing daughters who never went through the “terribles” at two or in their teens. I believe it is the unquestionable knowing that I love them unconditionally and that they can trust me implicitly for anything and everything that makes our bond so strong. I also think that on some level they like parenting me as much as I parent them. In many respects we treat each other as equals. They appreciate the confidence I have in them that they will make the right choices.


You’ve created quite a brand for yourself as a single mom powerhouse. What led you to choose this path and how has it been for you?

Experiencing divorce is a trauma. For me I felt very alone, afraid and unsure of myself on so many levels. I wanted to create a space and a place for other single moms going through the same experience to feel comforted by the fact that what they are going through is not uncommon and there is a support for them should they choose to reach out.

Based on your Amazon reviews it looks like your book has been a serious guiding tool for single moms everywhere. Heck, I loved your book and I’m a married mom! Why don’t you give our audience a brief overview of It Takes All 5 and your 5 Finger Philosophy.

My book, “It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One” is divided into three sections each containing 5 important concepts to master.  When put into practice they can help single moms heal their inside and outside.

The 5 finger philosophy is a guide to help women finally find not just ‘the one’ but ‘the REAL one’ for a happily even after “REAL”ationship.

Having worked with so many single moms, what would you say the number 1 challenge is for single moms across the board?

The most challenging issue for single moms is pulling herself back together, feeling whole and ready to re-enter the world of mating and dating with confidence.

We have many single mom users on Mom Meet Mom. Do you have any specific advice for these women as it relates to getting out there and getting social with other moms?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and build your village. There are no unimportant or silly questions and connecting with other moms is a wonderful way to make likeminded (and quite possibly lifelong) friends. It’s also important to understand their is no shame in asking for help. You don’t get extra gold stars for doing it all yourself, so don’t get all stressed about it. Share the load with other moms.

What has dating been like since your divorce?

I have a saying, “Dating is a journey, not a means to an end.” Single moms have had our kids and our white gown moment. Now it’s time to chill. There is no rush to get to the altar.  So rather than testing every guy you meet to see if he qualifies as “the real one,” enjoy the experience of learning something from every person you  meet. Even if its just that you don’t want to date someone like him again.

As a busy mompreneur, how do you set aside time for yourself and what do you do with that time?

I make a point of doing a 60 minute workout every single morning. Not only is it good for my body, but it is my form of meditation. It clears my head.

What’s your mom super power?

That’s funny, I never thought of having super powers. But I have to say I am a heck of a multi-tasker!

Aside from being an inspirational success for single moms everywhere, you are an educated lady. Talk to us a bit about your education and how it’s guided you to where you are now.

I received a BA in Sociology from UCLA and an MA in Spiritual Psychology from USM. My education has been invaluable in assisting single moms as they navigate undoubtedly one of THE most challenging times in their lives.

I noticed that you also have become a certified personal trainer and weight management consultant. How does health fit into your busy life?

For a while I thought I’d become a personal trainer, but the book and single mom advising took off. It’s an adjunct to my skills and I’m happy to share all I  know about nutrition and fitness with my clients.

You are running a pretty awesome webinar series. What will single moms out there gain from signing up?

Yes. I am so excited about my upcoming From STUCK to Success: How to Divorce The Drama & Become A Single Mom Super Star Project.  This webinar platform allows me to share with lots of moms, what I normally do for clients one on one. It’s geared for moms who might be Contemplating divorce, in the midst of a divorce, or still reeling from a divorce. Those feeling stigmatized by society for suddenly being single again or worried about how their kids are handling the divorce, or trying to figure out how to talk to them about dating after divorce

For anyone interested in learning more I encourage them to Join me for the FREE Call Wednesday, September 11 5pm Pacific | 8pm Eastern

Here’s the Opt-in link


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