Expert Beauty Picks for Moms – Summer Edition

PHOTO: Brittany Fischer- Beauty Editor,

We know you probably don’t have time to scour the latest magazines to find out what the hottest new beauty products are, but we also know you’d probably like to give them a whirl. So, we consulted Brittany Fischer of (if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve GOT to check it out.) It’s our fave new site because it features week long sales of boutique beauty brands–from natural skincare to stunning lipsticks to luxurious bath products, they’ve got it all! Here are Brit’s top picks for a busy mom dealing with summer heat and humidity. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Sunscreen is a no brainer. Let me guess: you know you need it, but you can’t seem to find a good one that actually makes your skin lookbetter, am I right? In my experience, the drugstore sunscreens have a tenancy to break me out and/or leave me with a white cast that looks dreadful in photos. Yuck. Plus, I’d love to be able to keep a sun block in my bag that I can slather all over my face and also use on my little one in a pinch. That said, natural is the name of the game. My absolute favorite is this one by Lather. It’s so nice and lightweight–not greasy in the slightest! Plus, not only does it NOT break me out; it actually clears my skin up!

2. All the moms here at Gloss48 are obsessed with Vertere.

And when I say obsessed, I don’t mean it in the way that sales associates say it when you try on a top and they go, “Ohmygod-i’m-like-totally-OBSESSED.” I mean that they are seriously head-over-heels in love with this stuff and that they would actually go CRAZY if they had to be without it. Our co-founder Laura forgot it when she visited Australia and was barely able to enjoy her trip. Let me explain: if you are dealing with breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and aging all at once, this is your new jam. I’ve heard countless women say that it clears their skin overnight and that the results are dramatic and immediate. It’s God’s gift to mommies and their complexions, seriously.

3. You want your lips to be soft and supple with a little bit of pigment, but heavy, goopey glosses and lipsticks are so not in the cards for summertime. Haughty Cosmetics lipgloss is super light, smells and taste good, and doesn’t leave a big sticky kiss mark on your little angel. It’s the perfect summer lip product.


Stay tuned for more summer beauty tips for moms!


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