Every Dad (and Mom) Should See This: Calls For Dad

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Did you know: Even though 75% of dads believe they are responsible for their children’s well-being, only 20% believe this is reflected in the media. Shocker, right? Not. The bumbling dad has pretty much kept the sitcom world afloat and cleaning product commercials going for decades. Tough stain? Dad probably made it. Daughter has lopsided braids? Dad again. But speaking from experience, that’s a whole lot of nonsense. All the dads I know can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and get it on the table without the least bit of bumbling. Do dads do things differently? Sure, sometimes, and I’m going to say maybe it’s time for us moms to let that go.

This video was created by Dove® Men+Care® to sell skin care products designed (apparently) just for dudes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a touching tribute to dads.

Seriously, give it a watch. I just plain lost it when you see the couple holding the ultrasound and hear the grownup son say “Dad?” but I’m also a total softy. I’m not saying it’ll make you cry but take a few minutes to play it and share it because the Calls for Dad video may just change the way the world look at dads.



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  1. Ita Maulani

    Generally father spent time for work. Just a little bit of time for the little guy. This often makes his child more familiar with his mother than father, especially if the mother does not work.
    How is the best? Dad needs to set aside a little time for his child. Of course, with better relationship quality. Not just meet, but the meeting between father and his son should have familiarity educate. I think it is very important.

    • Christa

      We went through a period where my daughter didn’t want her papa to hold her – maybe simply because she saw me more. On the other hand, my son sees his papa the same amount of time but adores him!

  2. From the day my daughter was born, she bonded with me more than her mother. Now, she lives with me full time. I tell her everyday that I love her and she does the same with me. The time we spend together is all quality time. My daughter is rarely just along for the ride.

  3. LOVE this ad so much. Made me cry.

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