August Roundup: The Who’s Who of Mommy Bloggers…

Each month we lasso in the hottest and soon-to-be hottest mommy bloggers and showcase them in groups of five for all you mamas out there who are looking for some good reads. This month’s lineup is pretty sick. Check it…

1. The Lil Mamas

What does a New York firebomb and an LA valley girl (well, not exactly) have in common? The Lil Mamas, that’s what. And their tagline just about says it all: Not You’re Mama’s Mama’s Blog. If you like things sugar-coated, this probably isn’t your spot to hang, but if you want the latest dirt on mommyhood, TOTALLY unfiltered, stop on by this up-and-coming mama blog. Enter at your own risk.

2. Home to Heather

Head on up to Calgary, Canada and check out this long-time blogger and mother of two Heather Eigler who takes her readers on a journey from “The Backyard” to “The Hive”, past “The Honey Pot” by “The Living Room” into “The Recipe Box” and on to “The Workbench”.  You are sure to get your fair share of creativity, taste, and style inspiration from this Canadian mommy blogger. Check it out here.

3. A Mommy in the City  

Pulled from the suburbs of Tampa and Atlanta, this mama discovered that along with her bundle of joy would come a new exciting life as a city mom. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Lauren headed to Manhattan. A Mommy in the City shares Lauren’s journey and the latest trends in motherhood, city and suburban living, travel and style. Head on over to get your taste of the big apple from this New York City mommy blogger.

4. Sassy Moms in the City 

For all of you sophisticated mamas out there who want in on some of the hottest trends in fashion, lifestyle, fitness and food, grab your stilettos and head on over to Sassy Moms in the City. Founded by Chicago mom Alison Ray (above), this mommy blog is tearing it up and taking us all along for quite the sassy ride. Check it out here. 

5. Embrace the Chaos

Doesn’t the name just say it all? I mean seriously. We all deal with chaos at one time or another, so who is ready to embrace it? Emma Waverman is, and she is determined to take us all along for the ride. Settled in the heart of Toronto, Canada, Emma is an experienced mom prepared to give us the dish on everything from sleep tips; the pinkification of toys; the most recent parenting study and why it is relevant (or not), and what your favourite (or despised) celebrity mom is up to. Check it out.

Do you know an amazing mommy blog that we haven’t covered yet? Send us a tip here.


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