An Interview with ZipMilk (Which Can Find Breastfeeding Resources Near YOU)

Breastfeeding easy? HA.

An by ha I’m talking about the kind of laugh you let out because if you don’t laugh you’re going to cry.

Has anyone else been there? You know, where you read all of the trusty What to Expect books, buy the necessary (and sometimes so unnecessary) breastfeeding products, and plan out exactly how you will handle feeding your newborn.

Then POW – along comes baby and you watch all of your prep work and all those supplies amount to nothing. It’s Baby: 1, Boobs: 0 and everywhere you look you’re finding the same cookie cutter advice, which is killing you because you suddenly you feel like you must be the only new mom to ever have this particular kind of breastfeeding problem.

Oversupply, undersupply. Gas or is it just a newborn being a newborn? Too much foremilk – or not enough hindmilk?

It’s like suddenly you’re sitting on a raft in the middle of the ocean, minus paddle. Is anybody out there??? No really, somebody please help me!!! In the beginning you might have your awesome days and so you get a little cocky – that’s when the other shoe drops. Or maybe the bad breastfeeding days haven’t even been that bad but they’re just not getting better. Luckily, when that finally does happen a cool breastfeeding resource called ZipMilk could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

An expanding mom-centric project created by the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, ZipMilk is a site that provides listings for breastfeeding resources in your area. (Can I just say, Yes please.) Naturally, considering how many of our moms are expecting or have new babies we just had to get the 411 on this new site, so we called in Ellen Tolan, the State Breastfeeding Coordinator.

Alright Ellen… Why ZipMilk?

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is currently focused on increasing families’ access to timely breastfeeding support. ZipMilk is going to be an important resource when it comes to achieving this goal.

Who benefits from ZipMilk?

New moms (and dads, too) who are looking for breastfeeding advice, obviously. But it’s also a great resource for any health care provider who wants to link parents with knowledgeable lactation professionals. What’s great is that the results are going to be local and so easily accessible to people looking for breastfeeding help.

ZipMilk is a project initiated by the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition. Tell me, how did this come to be?

We saw a growing need for easy access to breastfeeding support. ZipMilk provides an abundance of resources that point users towards LOCAL board-certified lactation consultants, breastfeeding counselors and educators, breastfeeding support groups, and free community-based lactation resources including WIC programs.

How many states is ZipMilk currently serving?

In addition to Massachusetts, four states have come on board. The other states currently linked to ZipMilk are North Carolina, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Wisconsin, and we hope to add more to that list soon.

How can moms who don’t currently have access to ZipMilk help bring your service to their state?

We encourage moms to contact their local state breastfeeding coalition and encourage them to join ZipMilk even if it is not currently available in their state. They may still be able to get help by reaching out to experts or La Leche League groups by email.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future of ZipMilk?

Our ultimate goal is to have the entire country be part of Zipmilk, and we want to make that happen within 5-10 years.  We want to bring a unified positive breastfeeding experience for all US families.

nursing moms need help - breastfeeding helpSo there you have it, moms. What do you say we experienced breastfeeders help all the new moms out there by spreading the word about ZipMilk?  To learn more about ZipMilk or find breastfeeding resources near you, visit Or contact your local state breastfeeding coalition and suggest they join up!

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