An Exclusive Interview with Belly Ballot’s Lacey Moler

Deep down south in the heart of Texas, one mompreneur discovered a new way to make baby naming fun and inclusive. With three gorgeous children of her own, this week’s featured mom, Lacey Moler, decided to build a solution that moms and dads everywhere could benefit from. Welcome Belly Ballot – the newest trend in baby naming. Thanks to Lacey and her team, today thousands of parents are able to create their own “BellyBallots” every month, engaging loved ones from all over the globe in the fun process. We were able to snag Lacey – one of our favorite mompreneur friends – and feature her for an exclusive interview.

mom meet mom - belly ballotHow did you come up with the idea for Belly Ballot?

The idea came at my baby shower for my second baby. We had a list of names and a box (called the Belly Box) and we had our friends and family submit their favorite name. It was really fun and everyone at the shower loved the idea. From there, we thought it would be great to take it online and allow other parents to share the fun!

Give us the play-by-play. How does the site playout for expecting mothers?

Parents go on the site and search our extensive database of names. We are the only site that also gives pronunciation for every name we have. Each name has other fun information as well – including historical data and famous people with that name. Parents then select their top 5 boy and/or girl names for their ballot. They can easily share this ballot with friends and family through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. Their loved ones are able to vote anonymously on their favorite name! Parents get all the results and then can choose to announce their name publicly or privately.

Do mothers ever go with a name other than what was voted for?

Yes! Of course they can choose any name they want, but parents often choose what was voted for the most.

I read a couple nasty comments from naysayers who think it’s ridiculous that people would actually let others vote for their child’s name. How do you respond to people like this?

This process is definitely not for everyone, and we knew that going into the site. But, this type of engagement has been going on for years as new parents have asked friends and family their opinion on certain names or what is their favorite. This is just a more modern way of doing it! If parents choose to keep their naming process more private, that is great as well. It is all just for fun, and a great way to engage other family in the process.

What advice would you give to expecting mothers who are trying to come up with names?

My advice is that they should choose what they like, regardless of the trends, or what friends are naming their babies. It is your child for life, and that is the most important!

You’re a Texas momma with three adorable kiddos. What is it like raising a family down south?

Well, thank you! I love raising my kids in the south, especially having grown up here. I think it is pretty similar to other places, but the southern kindness and manners definitely shines through! I am hoping the kids are quickly picking up on their “please” and “thanks yous”.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My alone time usually consists of some kind of workout. Working out gives me energy and helps me have the stamina to make it through the day! I love to go on a long run with a friend, or take a Pure Barre class.

Who is your favorite celebrity mom and why?

I love Jessica Alba – I think she has done a great job balancing her role as a mother and being a mompreneur herself. And she is honest about having cellulite and a muffin top. I love that.

Do you have a mom super power?

Some days I do, some days I don’t. Some days I can multitask like a machine, others I have patience that I never knew before. And some times I feel totally deflated. But, as a mom we are super human no matter what.

 How do you balance your lifestyle as a mompreneur?

I try to take life one day at a time. Otherwise, things can seem so overwhelming. We are always going to have something that needs to be done. And I have to be ok with doing what I can and finishing the day on that!

Do you have any close mom friends?

Yes, several. I think there are all different kind of people in your life for different reasons. I think now, more than ever before, it is imperative to have close mom friends who you can trust, be yourself with, and rely on. It takes a village!!!

As a settled mom, what advice would you give to new moms out there who are looking to meet mom friends?

Be open to meeting anyone and everyone. I met one of my best friends in a toy shop when our second babies were only a few weeks old. As moms, we are all in the same boat and share the same struggles. Know you are not alone. And now there are amazing groups through Mom Meets Mom where you easily get involved with others!

To meet other cool local moms like Lacey, sign up for Mom Meet Mom! And if you’d like to be our next Featured Mom, email christa at mommeetmom dot com!

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