A Little Shutterfly Giveaway for Right Now (with Big Ones Coming Soon!)

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Have you heard? We’re giving away a $50 Shutterfly gift card! And to do that, we’ve decided to create a little game to make the Mom Meet Mom experience fun for all of the mamas who are just as passionate as we are about helping moms connect! And the gift card? Is just the beginning.

The only catch… this and future giveaways in the same series will be just for what I want to call our Mom Meet Mom Referrer Squad.

The Referrer Squad is made up of mamas who take Mom Meet Mom seriously, sharing it with their friends, neighbors, daycare providers, pediatricians and, yes, the moms they meet at playground. To reward them, we put together a referral system that tracks how many new moms each of our users can sign up. You (and all our other members) have a unique referral code that people in your social circle can use to sign up for Mom Meet Mom – when they do, you’re automatically entered into each month’s giveaway!

Here’s what you do:

  • First, you have to be a current Mom Meet Mom member. If you’re not, that’s easy – just go to Mommeetmom.com and sign up for a free account!
  • Next, go to your referral page at Mommeetmom.com/referral (make sure you’re logged in). You’ll see your code and the option to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Finally, share your referral code everywhere and with everyone! Each new mama you recruit earns you another entry in each monthly giveaway so it pays to share.

(That part is going to be especially important when we get to our grand prize giveaway – trust me, you WON’T want to miss being a part of that drawing!)

Like I said, the kickoff giveaway prize is a $50 gift card redeemable at Shutterfly. We’ll draw and alert the winner on January 15th, so there’s still plenty of time to rack up those referrals. The best part? You don’t have start fresh each month. If you refer 10 moms in December and 10 moms in January, you’ll start off in February with 20 entries in that month’s giveaway. Sweet, right?

But actually the best part is probably that by introducing Mom Meet Mom to other mamas in your life, you’ll be helping make the site bigger, better, and a resource that every mom can use to find her new best friend. You can’t beat that!



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