6 Tips for Finding the Right Mom’s Group

One of the easiest ways to meet moms – especially as a first-time mom – is to find a mom’s group. That is, if you happen to have access to a mom’s group that’s local and easy to get to and has conveniently scheduled meetings and affordable dues and inviting mamas. Okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly easy for every mother to find a mom’s group.

First, not every mom has a mom’s group that’s local and convenient. Some mom’s groups charge pretty hefty dues. Others are exclusive or just plain uninviting. You meet moms and don’t click. Sometimes mom’s group only accept new members with kids of certain ages so if your baby isn’t under three months or a toddler, you’re out of luck.

We may be designing Mom Meet Mom to meet the needs of mamas who don’t have a welcoming local mom’s group to turn to for friendship, playdates, and support, but we understand that finding a mom’s group is pretty important to some mothers. For these moms, we have put together a list of seven tips for finding a mom’s group because after all, sometimes finding a network of moms who get it can save your sanity!

1. Some mom’s groups, in particular the better organized groups, advertise in local papers or on sites like Craigslist. But you may get faster access to an awesome mom’s group by calling your OB or midwife’s office to ask if they know of any local groups that meet weekly.

2. If you’re comfortable approaching other moms on the playground or the pediatrician waiting room, you may find an awesome mom’s group by simply asking moms you meet while running errands.

3. Focus on your interests. Nursing moms may enjoy meeting with other breastfeeding moms, while moms of preemies or babies with special needs can find specific support from mothers facing the same challenges.

4. Don’t feel bad if you give one mom’s group a try and don’t feel like you fit in. Commit to one or two meetings, but if socializing feels forced or awkward, don’t feel like you need to try, try again.

5. Remember that some mom’s group charge monthly or yearly dues – if you’re considering a group that does, make sure you know where your money is going before you commit.

6. Finally, think about starting your own mom’s group if there aren’t any in your area and you don’t feel comfortable in any of the existing groups. Mom Meet Mom can help you meet your first members!

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