7 Powerful Questions Every Mom Must Ask Herself

Over the years of being a parent, you will realize that a perfect parent is a myth. No matter how hard you try, there will be times you’ll make mistakes, and there will be instances that will make you feel like you’re not doing justice to your role. There are days you will feel powerless and will want to escape to someplace peaceful and quiet, away from all the hustle and complications of parenthood.

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Regardless of what happens and how you feel, always remember one fact – you are not a failure! You are on a journey of constant ups, downs and experiences that makes it your life’s most enriching experience! Avoid bogging yourself down with the minor bumps. Rather, look at the bigger picture, and the wonders parenthood bring with it. Here are seven self-introspecting and powerful questions that can be your guiding light at every step and decision that parenthood has in store:

1.Am I Dedicating Enough Time To My Family? – One of the most crucial questions that parents must ask themselves is whether they are getting to spend enough time with their family? Often in an attempt to excel on the professional front, people’s personal lives (including family) tend to take a backseat. Ensure you avoid doing that at all costs. Don’t sacrifice the quality time that you should give to your family for professional commitments. Strike the right balance between the two aspects of your life and avoid overpowering one with the other.

2.Am I A Role Model For My Child? – If you want to inculcate noble qualities in your child, you must exhibit them, yourself! Displaying insolent behavior at home or in public places, when you are trying to teach your child the art of patience and politeness will leave a very wrong impression on your child. Your child idolizes you and looks up to your for inspiration. Anything that you do will make him believe it to be acceptable behavior and conduct. Make sure you practice everything that you preach to your little one.

3.Am I Over Indulgent Or Over Critical? – While it is important for you to be a source of constant encouragement for your child, you must also avoid going overboard with your praises. Avoid being over lenient with your child and make sure you reprimand him for unacceptable behavior, such as creating a scene in a mall for a toy or fighting with a peer. At the same time, avoid being too strict with your kid and refrain from criticizing every action of his. For example, if your child doesn’t win a race, avoid using statements like – “You didn’t practice enough”. Instead, say – “Never mind, I know you will do a good job the next time if you practice harder”.

4.Am I Encouraging A Good Balance In My Child’s Life? – Your child needs a balance of various aspects of his life for holistic and wholesome development. Sure, you must lay importance on academics, but don’t undermine the significance of sports, art, music, drama and other stimulating activities. Introduce your child to his choice of sport very early in his life by enrolling him in sports training. Let your child explore his creative flair with drawing, coloring and other ways of creating marvels with his imagination. If your child displays keenness in music or drama, make sure he is a part of the music or drama club in his school. Children exposed to a variety of activities are more likely to be sociable that those who are mere bookworms.

5.Am I Pushing My Limits Too Far? – In your quest for being an ideal parent, you may tend to disregard your own needs. While parenthood does require you to make certain compromises on some levels, make sure that you don’t lose your individuality and spirit in the process. Doing this will only turn you negative and disgruntled. Take time out for yourself, to pursue your interests in reading, writing, crafting, etc. If you are weighed down by the pressure of family duties and professional deadlines, don’t shy away from reaching out for help when required.

6.Am I Receptive To My Child’s Needs? – You must have a whole lot of aspirations and dreams for your child, but don’t let them ever come in the way of your child’s interests. Make sure you regularly communicate with your child about his thoughts, interests, and concerns. Guide him at each step of growth and development, and make sure you never ridicule or stifle your child’s independent ideology. If he has aspirations of becoming the next Neil Armstrong, avoid laughing it off. Rather, build on his interests by encouraging him to read material on the subject and take him on regular trips to the planetarium or encourage star gazing.

7.Do I Believe In My Child? – It is extremely important that you trust your child and his capability to reach great heights. At the same time, don’t pressurize him if he doesn’t always emerge victorious. Trust that with proper guidance and support from your end, your child is capable of achieving many milestones in life. Keep up the trust in your child’s choices and decisions, but make sure to bring him onto the right path whenever he goes astray.

On your journey of being a parent, there will be many highs and lows. Your aim should be to take everything in its stride and enjoy each new day as it comes by applying the experiences of yesterday. Happy parenting to you!

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