5 Winning Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads

While Valentine’s Day is typically all about the momma – with jewelry, roses, chocolates from your man and homemade cards and pasta necklaces from the kiddos – dads need love to! Your commitment to Valentine’s Day shenanigans may have dwindled since your kids came along, but that doesn’t mean the spark in your love life needs to go out. Your man may have swept you off your feet with his single dude swagga, but what’s more attractive than him now as a father?

This Valentine’s Day, make the dad of your children feel special by putting a little extra thought into his Valentine’s Day gift. And that’s where our our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Dad comes in. Here’s what you need:

The Accessory

Come on ladies… we all remember that scene in Pretty Woman when our girl Julia waited for Edward in their penthouse hotel suite wearing nothing but the tie she bought him on her shopping spree. Splurging on the perfect accessory for your Mr. – be it a Vineyard Vines tie, waterproof watch, handyman toolbelt, engraved gold chain and pendant, sexy aviators, or maybe a bottleneck slide for his guitar - will make him feel like you think he’s worth a million bucks.

The Experience

Sometimes gifts can get a little old. Let’s face it – if we want something bad enough, we can go to the store and buy it ourselves. Throw a curveball at your man this Valentine’s Day by treating him to the experience of a lifetime with you as his copilot. Some ideas: F1 car racing, salsa dancing, Super Bowl tickets or just tickets to the local game, a ski trip, a challenging mountain hike, or if you’re really the living-on-the-edge pair, something a little crazier like bungee jumping or skydiving. I’ll be nervous for you but I can dig it.

The Scent

This one’s for him and for you as well. Who doesn’t love a man who smells nice? Make the father of your kiddos feel like a stud with a splash of the newest male fragrance of the season. Or bring back memories of your dating days and refresh a bottle of his favorite magic potion. Make sure you do the rest of us a favor and give him a lesson on application if he needs it ;) And if cologne is not his thing, you can always get him a man candle!

The Taste

Throw some pillows on the floor for exclusive seating for two, crank up an ethnic station on Pandora, dim the lights and whip up an exotic meal he’ll never forget. Pair it with the perfect wine or special cocktail to take home the trophy wife of the year award. An if cooking is not your thing – it’s not mine, so I get it) – order takeout from your favorite restaurant or maybe an exotic one you haven’t tried yet. Aside from the obvious, very little makes a man happier than good food.

The Escape

Book your sitter now for a date night. It may sound cliche – everyone goes out on Valentine’s Day – but if anyone should feel like they’re back in high school again, blushing, blood rushing, it’s the couple with poop stains on their sleeves. That’s right, pretend you’re newly in love again and hit your favorite restaurant for a Valentine’s Day special. Or the V-Day crowd is really, really not your cup of tea, book the sitter for the following night. Tip: hit a restaurant that reminds you of your dating days to make it extra special.

Do you have other ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for dads? Help a fellow momma out and share in the comments!

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