Meeting Moms Is Harder When You Spend All Day at the Office

I’m a working mom. Not that being a mom isn’t work in and of itself – whew! – but in addition to all the duties that come with the title of Mama, I also find myself obligated to put on the pearls, write up reports, and sit in on client meetings. I’m also luckier than a lot of working moms in that I mainly work from home and have a certain degree of flexibility built into my schedule. That said, I don’t have the freedom to meet up at the toddler gym at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday or schedule my daughter for afternoon tumbling classes. Meet moms on a weekday? Ha.

Getting to this point has been part of major life transition. When said daughter was born, I was a full-time freelance writer and editor and because she was early, I found myself in the role of working mother the day I was discharged from the hospital. Eventually, changes in my industry forced me to re-enter the world of regular employment and there went morning coffee with my crew from pre-natal fitness and the newborn group at the hospital… along with a whole bunch of relationships I thought were rock solid.

Which I’m thinking is not all that unusual. Working moms, especially working moms who go back to their jobs or new jobs after lengthy maternity leaves suddenly find themselves constrained to a schedule that leaves very little room for playdates. Especially, I’ve found, weekday playdates. I happen to get off work early, so I can still wrangle up a little toddler time with parents who are willing to meet up at 4 p.m. but plenty of mothers aren’t so fortunate. And weekend playdates are hard to schedule, because that’s typically when most moms are planning their family time with the workaday partners they don’t get to see Monday through Friday. Meet moms when you’re working around a work schedule? Forget about it!

So what’s a working mom to do? In my case, I specifically looked for the mom friends who were cool with pre-dinner playdates and weekend get-togethers. And when it came to good mom friends who couldn’t meet at the times that worked for me, I still try to be sympathetic. After all, they’re moms, too, and they may not have to put on the pearls, but they’re still plenty busy.

How can new and experienced working moms meet mom friends when scheduling playdates isn’t exactly easy? We’re working on it – stay tuned to find out more!