Brands we love: Phil & Teds Escape Carrier (Review and GIVEAWAY)

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I think I may be the only mom I know with a bizarre aversion to stroller ownership. Something about their hulking mass, taking up space in hallways and trunks of cars – we drive a sedan, and, until recently, lived in tiny condos, so space has been a real issue. I also loathe the notion of negotiating “stroller parking,” unloading and reloading children just so I can be allowed into a zoo exhibit, trying to remember where I left the darn thing at a kid concert.

Still, I recognize the value of a stroller – kids take a while to learn to walk, and even longer to learn to walk far. So while I was (and remain) committed to a stroller-free lifestyle, leaving the house any time in the last 4 years has meant figuring out a way to carry a kid. We’ve turned to slings, wraps, and other styles of carrier to serve as our happy medium – decidedly less bulky than a stroller, but way easier than carrying your children in your arms all day long.


In my 4 years of semi-professional kid carrying, I’ve come up with a list of key features that my preferred sling/wrap/structured carrier should have, and I’m proud to say that Phil & Teds is partnering with us to offer one lucky winner the Escape™ carrier, which meets all of my qualifications *and* includes a padded changing mat to boot!

  • Lightweight – at a mere 6.6 pounds, there’s a good chance that this pack is lighter than your newborn.
  • Long shelf life – you can use the Escape™ as soon as your child can sit up on her own, and keep using it until she hits the 40 pound weight limit!
  • Doesn’t smoosh your chest – especially while breastfeeding, I found structured front carriers super uncomfortable because of the pressure they put on my chest. This pack lets you carry your kid on your back, so no chest smooshing *and* you get to use your hands for other stuff.
  • All-weather – I live in the Pacific Northwest, which means that out of each year, for six months it drizzles, for three months it is blazingly sunny and very dry, and for three months it vacillates wildly between those two states with bonus windstorms. The Escape™ comes standard with a sun hood and removable rain/wind cover, so you and your kiddo can get out all year.
  • Safe and comfy for the kid – last, but definitely not least, it should be comfortable and fun for your child. This carrier has footrests, which help improve circulation, an adjustable neck rest, and extra padding and breatheability.

Like I said, it meets all of my requirements, but also has some neat extra features. There’s the aforementioned padded changing mat, a spot designed to accommodate a water bladder, a zip away day pack that you can let someone else carry, extra storage space…it’s basically a tiny Cadillac in backpack form!

Whether at the supermarket or on a mountain trail, you’re going to love the Escape™!

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  1. Tiffany Kay

    I have wanted one of these since forever!! Now that over FINALLY lost the last of my baby weight (100lbs almost two years later) I plan to tear this spring, summer and fall up with my little man!! This would be simply amazing to get out and enjoy the beautiful East coast that we live in and I know our Lab would be so thrilled that we could finally get back out on the trailed and mountains as a family again!!! Fingers crossed and boots tied that I win this one for our family so we can enjoy the outdoors, what a perfect Mother’s Day gift!!!
    Love Mom meet Mom
    Thank you
    Tiffany Kay

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