Screw Your To-Do List, Make a No-Do List

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We moms sure are busy! We’re busy with the house. Busy with the kids. If we’re lucky, we’re also busy with our own self-actualization and careers. Somewhere in all that busyness there may... READ MORE

6 of Our Favorite Celebrity Moms

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We absolutely love following celebrity moms as they embark on motherhood. From major political figures including the First Lady and the Duchess of Cambridge, to worldly traveler Angelina Jolie, laid back Halle Berry, hysterical Kelly Ripa and entrepreneurial Jessica Alba. We … Continued

Good Coloring Charts, What?

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Let me tell you a little story about the private kindergarten I went to. You were quiet. You recited your letters. You wrote in cursive. And you always colored inside the lines. I remember once getting into big trouble because … Continued

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