Valentine’s Day Crafts to Do with Your Kids

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As holidays go, Valentine’s Day is a nice post-Christmas celebration for families. If you exchange gifts they are typically small and inexpensive – hello, candy! – which is a relief after the budget-busting... READ MORE

How to Be Your Kid’s Financial Role Model

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They don’t teach personal finance in school, at least not until well after kids should know about money management. Therefore, you must take it upon yourself to show your kids the importance of... READ MORE

What I Actually LIKED About Labor & Delivery

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Fact: Birthing babies is downright uncomfortable. While there were some, er, simply fascinating orgasmic birth videos making the rounds a while back – and I watched all of them because wishful thinking –... READ MORE

Meet Jody – Hello Mamas Influencer and Blogger of Six Little Hearts!

Meet Jody – Mum of 6 and Blogger at Six Little Hearts. Jody joined our team as an Hello Mamas Influencer, and we love featuring her crazy mama life with six kiddies in Aus. So we decided to interview her … Continued

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