How to Escape a Sleeping Baby

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That’s it! The moment is finally here! Baby is quiet, sound asleep, and we can finally leave the room and get on with our day. Only one problem… baby is asleep on top... READ MORE

What’s New Will Never Come Again

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The relationship I have with my daughter today won’t last. It’s temporary. The bond we have will be there forever, but what we share now, in this moment, wasn’t built for permanence. I... READ MORE

6 of Our Favorite Celebrity Moms

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We absolutely love following celebrity moms as they embark on motherhood. From major political figures including the First Lady and the Duchess of Cambridge, to worldly traveler Angelina Jolie, laid back Halle Berry, hysterical Kelly Ripa and entrepreneurial Jessica Alba. We … Continued

Seven Pieces of Advice for New Parents You’ll Probably Never Read in a Magazine

Whoever first said don’t sweat the small stuff obviously didn’t spend a lot of time around new parents. New parents sweat ALL the stuff. They read a lot, too, buying magazines and books and bookmarking blogs to find out how … Continued

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